VOL ONE/CHAPTER SEVEN: The Return of the “Bloody Black Dragon”
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Back in Jiranx Kingdom


Morez rushes to the King's study and burst through the door, "Your Highness, the scout knights are returning. It seems Captain Strong has been severely wounded!" He shouts. King Gladius looks up from his paperwork, "Morez, as usual bursting into my study without being invited." He says as he inks the next paper and neatly sits it on top of already inked pile of paper. "My King, there's no time for that. If "he" learns of this. He's sure to come here and destroy the place." Morez says in a whisper. King Gladius freezes in mid inking, "we can't have that can we." He stands and follows Morez to where they held the Captain.

Knights bowed as he came upon the medic room and enters, sure enough Captain Strong looked heavily injured. "This is not good, what the hell did this to him?" King Gladius asked. After seeing it with his own eyes he couldn't believe it. Captain Strong lived up to his name, being one of his strongest knights besides the royal knights. Not as powerful as 'that' guy. But still. "I don't know, but it seems whatever it was got past the barrier in the forest, Your highness." Matheus enters the medic. "Matheus, glad to see you're okay." King Gladius says as Matheus bows over his hand deeply before straightening.

"Can't say the same for the other knights, all were wiped out completely. Captain here was pretty damned lucky. By the way has word of this got out?" Matheus asked. King Gladius stiffens at this, "let's hope not. If "he" sees this "he'll" most likely go on a rampage." King Gladius says. Captain Amaius Strong, well known throughout the entire regent as a level-headed man. Though no one could say the same about his brother, Amane Strong, who was a man of few words. They usually call him the "Bloody Black Dragon." The name was quite fitting if he do say so himself.

Even though he was the King, that man alone was the devil. King Gladius shivers just thinking about him, that is a person he rather not run into right now. But it seems the Gods had other plans because as the thought crossed his mind the sound of horns began to blow. He groans and makes his way back to his throne room, those being blown only meant one thing. He opens the doors to his throne room and was greeted by black armored knights, the Dreaded Shadow knights that worked under the King have returned. The person who led them was the person he had hoped would never show his face unless needed to, Duke Amane Strong. 

There he was in all of his glory, his presence alone was enough to make a grown man cry. King Gladius forces a smile to his lips, well it's best to greet his cousin instead of dreading his anger. "Duke Amane, you returned from your mission." He says. Amane's icy blue eyes shot in his direction, it was like a chill that ran down his spine. He then nods before his gaze moves to behind him, "Morez." He says. "Where's my brother?" He asked looking around.  King Gladius really hated being King at these types of moments, cause everything is always up to him. "Look Amane, don't get angry but your brother has been wounded." He tells him.

At first there was no reaction, but that was only because his face had darkened to a very black expression. It was all it took for him to understand how pissed Amane had become. "Now calm down, the last thing I need is for you to bring my entire palace down." King Gladius does his best to coax him. "Who did it?" He asked his tone so cold that he was sure that he could see frost. "It was a monster in Jugarr Forest, it breached the barrier, but it's long gone by now." King Gladius explains. Duke Amane clenches his fist, "fine, take me to him." He says, everyone finally let out a sigh of relief. "This way." He says.