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The inside of the building was nothing like the outside, as soon as I entered, the building's interior shifted and transformed entirely. "What the hell?" I exclaimed in surprise. The man with the green eyes was not a man at all but a half crocodile? Am I imagining things? "Don't just stand there gawking, follow me." Sol says continuing forward. She leads me to the back and around a corner where there was a glowing portal at the right wall. Without so much as a warning she steps through it, I really was beginning to wish I didn't agree to this suddenly. But I still followed in after her, after all it became too late for me since I was now curious to what I will see next.

The portal transported us to somewhere outside, there was grassy plain up ahead that didn't make sense to me. This means I was no longer in the building we were just in but a whole different place all together. How cool! I lean over and puked my guts out, but the aftermath of it all is not so great. "That won't be the first time we'll have to teleport, so don't worry you will get used to it." Sol says as she continues ahead. She never did say who we were meeting, I have a feeling that we still have a long ways to go. The journey was actually shorter than I thought, the place we were heading to was actually just over the grassy plains. There was a small cottage that sat just beyond it, "Gara! You here?" Sol calls out. 

Gara? A woman the size of a tank came out of the small cottage, even her expression reminded me of a general about to give orders. "Sol, that you?" The woman's voice did not match her appearance at all, it was tiny, like a child's. Sol jumps onto my shoulder, "It's been a long time, Gara. I came with my new master. She will stay here for a while to train." Sol says. Gara looks over at me, "this girl? She barely has any mana. Why would you choose such a weak thing?" Gara asked coming over and leaning closer to me. They were speaking about me as though I wasn't here. I could feel an angry tick forming, but I kept my annoyance in check, "we will speak of that another time. Can you do it is the question?" 

Gara crosses her arms and steps aside for them to enter her small cottage. Like the building from earlier it was bigger inside rather than out. "You can leave her with me, I'll be sure to teach her everything about magic and combat." Gara says as she claps her hands. The sound echoed through the cottage, after awhile the sound of pitter pattering caught my attention. Were those the sounds of small feet that I'm hearing? Two small human forms skid in the kitchen, they were at least three feet tall. I probably would have thought they were children given if they didn't have facial hair. "These two are twins, Yik and Yak. They are exceptional when it comes to magic, the basics of magic is a must. I on the other hand will focus on teaching you combat and how to wield just about any weapon." Gara was saying.

"Hold on. Why is it so crucial for me to learn?" I asked. Gara looks over at Sol who was preoccupied with...cat matters, [was cleaning herself with her tongue]. "I see, so she didn't explain everything to you. First of all, Kamaria has a total of twenty-four kingdoms. This is Uvoc Kingdom, many magical creatures live in this kingdom, I'm known as a giant. But of course that's going off topic. Sol here is a very special beast known as a Minka beast, she can pass her abilities to whomever gives her a name, which was you. I'm not sure what's so special about you but Sol seems determined for you to learn how to use the abilities she's given you. All Saintesses gain these abilities from a Minka beast. But in terms you are not considered the Divine Saintess since there are only one such person in the world. Especially because a Divine Saintess naturally has their power given to them by the Gods." Gara goes on and on until I knew everything about who Sol was and what I have become.

Even after all I went through coming to this world I ended up becoming a Saintess of some sort. "So if there is only one Divine Saintess, why would I be given a Saintess abilities?" I asked. "Your given the ability to fight until you can discover the Divine Saintess, once she's found she is then to be protected by the fake Saintesses. No one knows about this prophecy, it is only natural since there are holes in the past from the last Devine Saintess." Sol says. "Alright that's enough of that. Tomorrow we begin training. A nice meal and some sleep will make a great Saintess." Gara says sweeping them towards the left where a hall lined with many doors sat. I feel like I should quit.