VOL ONE/CHAPTER TEN: Training for A Saintess
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Back at Jiranx Palace


"Are you telling me you let her leave?" King Gladius asked Morez who was now bowing before him. Morez flinched, that damned girl has some nerve running off like that without any permission. Now he was here explaining to the King how it was out of his hand, where the hell did she run off to? "It was not like that, Your Majesty. She was already too far away for me to stop her." He tells him. King Gladius rubs the bridge of his nose, "send the royal scouts to look for her. Even if it's our fault for having her summoned here we can not let her run about. Anything can happen." He says.

Duke Amane stood nearby and heard it all. So a girl who was summoned by the King? Explains why she just came from the palace and why he never seen her around before. "Duke Amane?" Princess Ginger appears beside him suddenly, He bows his head and turns to leave, it's best to do so before he's noticed by that Morez fella. Ginger curiously watched after him as he made his way out to the stables where his horse was positioned. It's a good thing he could track horse prints, finding where that carriage went is pretty easy for him. 

Normally he was not this curious, but that girl had an abnormal amount of mana, it's weak but it was there. "Hiyah!" He called as the horse gallops outside the palace gates. 


Back to Junim


The next day I was immediately put to training, learning first how to wield a sword then  learning the basics of magic."You catch on pretty fast. I see now why you were chosen." Gara says as I finally was able to sit down. Three hours, it took me three hours to learn how to weild a sword properly, but it took me six hours to be able to throw out a simple magic spell. According to Gara that was extremely fast and that it's possible that I might be a genius. "Why do you look so fustrated?" Sol asked me once she hopped onto my lap. "It's not that I'm fustrated. I'm just a bit disappointed that it took me that long." I admit. Sol seemed to be thinking to herself, it was times like these that I realize thst she can keep me from hearing her inner voice when she didn't want me to hear it. "Come on, we're not done for the day just yet." Gara says tossing me the wooden sword. I catch it and stand, Gara was small for a giant, though she was at least eight feet tall. Her size was not easy to go against, but she taught me how to hold my stance correctly. This way it would be hard for anyone Gara's size or even bigger to overpower me. 

"Great, your stance is even hard for me to overpower, now remember that you want to use not only strength in your swings but they have to be accurate. If you swing in hopes that it will strike then it's possible to be taken down by someone who has amazing sword skills, accuracy is key. Also being able to dodge your opponents strikes. If you're able to read my moves as accurately as possible then there will be less blood shed." Gara throws her wooden sword to the ground, "try attacking me." I nod and took my stance to attack. One swift swipe to the right side of her head, she dodged to the left. Another quick swipe to the left side of her head, she dodged to the right. And as soon as I lunged forward she was able to stop my attack by quickly knocking the sword right out of my hand.

I was completely taken aback by the accuracy in which that was done. Gara bends over and picks up my sword and hands it to me, "that was really cool." I say retrieving my sword from her hand. "It will take practice and skill. We'll do this all night if we have to. This time I will have my sword. This way you also know how to defend if  you both are on equal footing. Strike!' Gara calls out. It took us until the sun went down for me to get everything she taught me as accurate as possible. At the end of the day I managed to knock her sword out of her hand with ease. When I did this there was a sound of applause. It caught the three of us off gaurd, especially since no one else should be here. 

Gara whips around her face thunderous, but she immediately went meek when she saw the face. I glanced around her curiously but could only make out half of his face since Gara was in the way. "What the hell is this guy doing here." Gara mutters. "Gara, I came here for a girl." The man's voice was deep enough to make me even more curious, he sounded extremely sexy. Gara continued to stand in front of me, "what girl are you looking for? I'm sure you are looking in the wrong place." She says. It was silent for a while, "I'm sure I'm in the right place. The girl behind you. Seems the King is looking for her." He says. I stiffen, does this mean he was one of the King's men?