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I finally was able  to get a good look at the man who was looking for me. I suck in a breath as  I studied him, he was the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. Men in Japan couldn't even come close to this man's good looks. He was at least six-four and all muscles. He had a square-chisled feature with silver-colored eyes and he looked a bit older perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties. The hard to see wrinkles by his eyes gave it away, though I guess it didn't really matter since he was the kind of man women around eighteen and older would chase to the ends of the Earth. Even I was practically drooling a pool over here. I straighten immediately when his cool grey eyes suddenly looked in my direction, did our eyes just meet? I swallow, I definitely think I should be on guard here, especially since he came because of the King's orders.


Duke Amane's Perspective


So this is the girl the King summoned? Just as he thought she held a massive amount of mana. Even though it was weak, it was no denying the fact that this girl was powerful. And so was that beast lying on the ground. He learned many things in war and that was being able to sense a powerful being and he was looking at two of them right now. Who on Earth was she? Judging from what he just saw, it's obvious that she's being trained for something. Normally he would ignore most things, but something tells him that he should be more curious here. "So you're here because of the King. Unfortunately, I can't let you take her." Gara says.

Duke Amane realised they had misunderstood his intentions, "whatever you're thinking that is not the case. I don't work for the King, I'm here simply because she piqued my intrest." He says. He was a man people cowered from, and given many nicknames. They even assumed he was a man of few words, that was their problem. It was fine to let them believe these things. It's true that he would cut down anyone if they dare go against him or happen to be an enemy of his. But he was not a man who lacked the ability to speak what he thought. And he knew when to keep his temper in check....most times. 


Junim's Persepective


Why would a guy like this be interested in her? He walked towards me and withdrew his sword then tossed it to the ground only to then pick up the wooden sword. "I couldn't help but notice that you're a fast learner. I do see a problem in your technique though. May I?" He asked nodding at the wooden sword in my hand. The night was almost among us, but I was really curious so I readied my weapon. "First of all, Gara is not a professional swordsman, so her technique is a bit flawed and only or someone with her physique. Understand this, I don't plan on holdong back so be prepared." He says as he lunges in my direction without so much as a warning. I immediately was able to block him with my own sword, though he did push me back a bit.

It was like fighting omeone who wanted to kill me, nothing like what Gara was doing. As he kept coming at me with full strength and accurate strikes I eventually lost track and he's sword was now pointing right at me while my sword was on the ground. "You have skill, I give you that. But if you cannot come to par with me then you will die." He says. I fell to my knees in exhaustion, to think I would have died if that was real. "Duke Amane, what  is your reason for helping?" Gara asked. "Like I said, she piqued my interest. Let me in on what's going on and I will provide my skills to help perfect this girl's abilities." He says. 

"It's Junim." I corrected as I stood back to my feet. He turned to me and held out a hand for me to shake, "Junim, you can call me Amane.' He says. I shook his hand, his grip was strong and covered mine easily, "I'm in your care, Amane." I tell him. Becoming a Saintess had not been one of my plans, but if it meant I will be able to protect myself while I was in this world then there should be no harm, right?