VOL ONE/CHAPTER TWELVE: Monster Hunting/ Saved by a Beauty
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A few days passed as my training as a Saintess continued. Today I will be taking what I learned into the world by monster hunting. According to Amane this was a way for me to enhance my abilities in combat and magic. Lately he's been coming to see me alot. Not that I was complaining, having another human around makes it easier for me and I feel normal. Also he was eye candy, I'd be a weird person if I didn't appreciate a good-looking guy like him. Today we traveled to Gobard Forest, apparently known for it's low ranked monsters. Right now we were positioned right dab in the middle where the monsters were likely to venture the most. "Today you will be taking down only level one Beasts using combat that you learned aa few days ago." Amane was saying as he began to set up what he called a trap.

"Question, why only level one beast? It's clear that I have already reached level four in combat and Magic." I asked admiring his ass secretly. He straightens and looks back at me, I immediately avert my gaze. "Instead of questioning the process you should roll with it. Starting at the bottom is always the best method to enhance one's ability." He says. I got to admit that he had a point, "alright, I guess it makes sense. But why did I have to leave Sol behind?" I aksed. "Having a distraction can lead to death. That Minka beast would only be in the way." He answers. I really hate when he's blunt, it's a trait I learned he had rather quickly. The sounds of a nearby beast drew our attentions, "looks like we are about to begin, stay sharp and....don't die." He says. 

Great, now he's in the mood to crack jokes. I ready myself as a beast with a bearlike appearance appeared before us. It seemed to be distracted by the trap as it drew close to it, I approached the distracted beast and made my first strike. I cleanly sliced it's head straight off with no problems. "Perhaps starting at the bootom is a little to easy for you." He says with a frown. I turn to him and smile confidently not realizing that there was another beast that looked just like the one I cut had come up behind me. "Don't get distracted!" Amane yells as the bear nearly made contact with my head, without fain I dodged out of the way and rolled to the side. 

I turn to face it and realized this one was way bigger than the one I just killed, and it was also a strange azure color, "Watch out!" Someone yells. It was a voice I didn't recognize as an arrow covered in fire barely misses me and strikes the beast about to lunge foreward to attack. I quickly look in the direction where the voice came from, a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes stood nearby with a bow drawn. I suddenely felt like a troll as I gazed at the beauty before me, she was like a goddess casted under the rays of the sun that made it's way through the creases of the trees. The beast was killed and by this girl who came out of nowhere.


Strange Girl


The sound of the Ora Beast had drawn her deeper into the forest, that is when she noticed another girl fighting the creature. Without really thinking it through she used her magic to save her and now here they were facing each other. What should she say? Perhaps something cool? She did save her after all, this is like when a hero kills a villain and always has something cool to say afterwards. She was frantic and suddenly blushes from her own thoughts. "Uh, thank you for saving me." The small cute and fluffy girl looked at her and smiles brightly. She instanly felt warm from such a sweet smile, "it's no problem, I was just passing by." She says with a wave of her hands.

"Are you also beast hunting?" The girl asked her. "Yes, my familiar says it's the best way to enhance ones abilitied." She says. "That's also why I'm here. I'm Junim." The girl sticks her hand out for her to shake. It's been a while since she was able to talk to a girl close to her age. She shakes her hand happily, "Brista." She answers.