VOL ONE/CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Ruby Saintess Has appeared
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   "So let me get this straight, there are more than one Saintess roaming the world?" I asked completely shocked. Honestly I believed I was going to be the only one, but listening to Brista's Minka, I just learned that this was not the case. Beast hunting had to be put on hold after this discovery, now here we were back at the cottage sitting at the round table inside. Sol and Rae stood side by side, their appearance uncanning, well besides the fact that they were both different colors. Also they had different jewels embedded into their foreheads, while Sol had a diamond Rae had a ruby as red as his fur. "This has never happened in the last millineium. Even the Divine Saintess from three hundred years ago didn't have this strange occurence." Amane says with a furrow in his eyebrows.

Brista stares at him and turns to me while pointing in Amane's direction, "who is this gorgeous speciman sitting here?" She asked boldly. Amane nods in her direction but says not a word, it's almost like seeing a whole new person, "he is Duke Amane, the brother of a well known Knight and the cousin of the King." Gara answered. I turned to look at him, I mean I knew he was important considering his title. But I had no clue that he was that impressive. He glanced over at me and shrugs before looking away again. Seriously this guy, I've been going around calling such a huge figure by his first name and all he can do is shrug? Brista notices and smiles this all-knowing smile, but says nothing. Honestly I wasn't sure what was going on in her mind, but whatever it was I'm sure she misunderstood something.

"So, is it possible that besides Brista and I that there may be more like us?" I asked. I didn't want to be suddenly surprised in the future. "I'm not sure. I'm actually as surprised as you are. I believed I was the only Minka left in the world. After I was cursed and magically stuffed into that book many years passed and word got out that all Minkas were wiped from the world." Sol answers. Rae nods, "same. I really believed I was the only one." He says. Another thing that had gotten my attention was the fact that I could hear Rae as well and Brista could hear Sol. I also thought that this would not be the case. Not only that Amane and Gara could also speak  and hear them, but Sol explained that they let only those in the circle hear them. It's like a switch that is flipped in people's brain. I found this bit of information interesting.

"Since you found each other, I believe it's way better to stick together as a team." Gara says The two Minkas agreed, it was better for different abilities to stick together since it's likely possible to meet stronger enemies for just one person to handle. The two of us looked at each other and then nod, I didn't mind having a partner. "We should get a better hideout. Also a wizard is also in need." Rae says. Amane thought of something, "actually, I may know a person. They can create a hideout out of thin air if need be." He says. Gara nods, "then it's obvious what we should do next." She begins. Brista suddenly shoots out of her seat catching all of us off gaurd, "wait, shouldn't we have like a name for our team?" She asked. "Well, I don't see why not. Any ideas?" Gara asked. 

"Well I couldn't help notice how we are both Saintesses, and not only that we seem to represent gems. So perhaps it should relate close to that?" Brista says questiongly. I kind of of see where she was going with this, "shouldn't you just call yourselves The Saintesses or something?" Rae asked. It's apparent that he thought this idea was useless. Brista rolls her eyes, "no way that's so lame. Maybe we should call ourselves Saintess Gems?" She pointed out proudly. I shrug, to think that she already had a name in her mind. I wonder if this has been building before she met me and Sol? "I think it fits. Now that you have a group name, shall we continue to what's important?" Rae says. Brisat pouts as she sits, "I thought it was pretty important." She mumbles. 

"Our next step is to pack whatever we can and head to this person the Duke spoke of." Gara says. Amane stood, "theres's no need for that. I'll bring the wizard here tomorrow. This cottage itself will become a whole new hideout." He says."Seriously?" Brista beams excitedly, "that sounds so cool." Amane nods and leaves  the cottage, we follow him over the plains to the portal, "I will return with the wizard in a few days. Once the hideout is created, you two should be ready to train by that time. I also have better magicians, not that those two are terrible at magic." Amane says referring to Yik and Yak. He glanced in my direction, nods his head and steps through the portal. Brista then came to stand beside me, "did you see the way he looked at you?" She asked with a smug smile.

I knew then that she did have the wrong thought in her mind. But even so my heart definitely did a little dance when he looked at me. I need to stay calm. Not only was he way too old for me, but a man like Duke Amane was way out of my league. Why on Earth would he dare look at an oversized teenager such as myself?