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Just as Duke Amane promised a few days later he brought back a wizard, though the guy looked like he could barely hold himself together. "This here is Evon. He's a trained Wizard that use to work under a well-known mage. Just as told, Evon." Duke Amane slaps Evon on the back all the while pushing him a bit towards the cottage. Sir Evon turns to the cottage and began casting magic here and there. "Are you sure this is a good idea? How will we be able to go undetected?" Gara asked, she sounded a bit concerned. "Don't worry about it, he specializes in all types of magic. Though he's not a powerful mage he is still well-known like his earlier master." Duke Amane answers.

"I hope you're right." Gara says." Just as she said those words the cottage was suddenly turned into a larger building. Saintess Corporation appears on the front, "I thought that it could use a name." Duke Amane explains. "Come on let's go inside." He leads us in after Sir Evon who was still building as he go. It was almost as if a blueprint was edged in his brain. After a while a hideout was created and it kind of reminded me of where I'm from originally. Inside the building was a portal, stepping through led us to an large underground cave where there were many unknown people. 

We were completely in shock, "who on earth are these people?" I asked looking around. "I hired them, they are the team behind the scene and kept to complete secrecy. If any of them dare to open their mouths then they are to be punished severly." he explains. I couldn't believe he came up with all this in a few days. Sol hops off my shoulder and makes her way over to a large magical globe, "what is this for?" She asked. Duke Amane walks over as well, "that there is a magical database. Everything you want to know will pop up here. There's even an alert system that will warn of danger anywhere in the world. We even have portals that will lead anywhere on the map." He explains. 

Brista's eyes were pratically shining, "this is so awesome! I'm so glad I met you guys." She excalims. Even though she was a beauty her personality was not what I expected honestly. Though I have to admit this was pretty awesome, "you really put alot of thought into this didn't you?" Gara asked him as she noticed Yik and Yak getting excited over something. "It was last minute...looks like they found something interesting." He says as he walked over to the other side of the underground cave. We followed and noticed an all white room that looked completely normal to me.

"So what is this?" I asked with a frown. Duke Amane grins as Yik and Yak enters the all white room which was suddenly a forest all around us. "Woah, what the hell just happened?" Gara asked looking around. Duke Amane chuckled as he pushed something on the wall and the room became white once more. "This is a magical training room, it has many real life simulations to help train the Saintess' abilities." He says as we stepped out of the room. He explained to as all the rooms available, there even seemed to be a treasury. I had to admit I never thought that in all my life  I would be sitting here playing hero and this gorgeous man would be the one training us.

"Now that everything is explained, next we will take the portal back to Jiranx palace. The king has been searching for you. I think it's better to let him know that I will be taking you in." Amane says suddenly. The idea of going back to that place so that Morez character could continue looking down on me was not something I was ready for. But he was right, I need to go back, after all they are the ones who summoned me here. We took a portal that magically transported us right in the middle of the palace throne room where King Gladius sat upon his throne. His shocked facial expression was immediately masked by a man born to be king.

"What is the meaning of this?" King Gladius asked his eyes looked dead at me before he looked over to Amane. "Long story short, I will be taking Miss Junim as my apprentice." Amane says. King Gladius sighs, "do as you please." He says. It was obvious that he was dead set to believe that I was not a Saintess anyways and there was no way I wanted to prove him wrong. I was already holding a grudge with them for just tossing me to the side as a mere nobody just because of my appearance. Morez walked in at that moment, "you!" He says as soon as he laid eyes on me and walked in our direction.

Duke Amane grabs my arm and bows his head to the king, "I believe this is where we depart." he whispers by my ear. The feel of his breath against my skin was the only thing I could remember as another portal appeared and we stepped through it. I could feel the dizzyness as we appeared right back at Saintess Corp. He let go suddenly, "you alright?" He asked with concern. I nod, "good, we train in 2 hours." He says before walking away and leaving me there to collect myself. How cold of him.