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Two Hours Later


"Just as practiced, use your fire ability as a shield. Remember the hotter it gets the more likely to make a magma shield. You can't create rock unless you are able to boil over a hundred degrees." Sir Han says, he was one of the mages with a close affiliation to fire. Which is why he trains Brista. "Junim focus, you're ability is light. If you continue to do it that way you'll get nowhere!" Lady Green was the other mage, she knows more about my magic which is why I was stuck with her. I frown as again I tried to create even a little bit of light magic but it keeps flopping. I might not be able to use the magic given to me. Lady Green sighs, "take a break, maybe a walk outside the cave. You need to find a way to bring forth your magic. Perhaps you're distracted by something?" She waves me off. 

I walked out the room and sat down on a nearby bench, if I don' get this then there is no reason to even let me become a Saintess. Everyone thinks that I am distracted by something, "having a rough day?" The voice was the one I wanted to hear. I look up to find Duke Amane hovering over me, he then sits on the bench beside me. "I guess you can say that. I can't seem to use the magic given to me." I tell him. It was quiet for a bit, "wait a minute. This whole time you believed the magic was given to you?" He asked with an appaled expression. I wonder why he looked so surprised. Sol slinked out the room then, "that explains everything." Sol says hopping onto my lap. I was a bit confused, "what do you mean?" I asked. I was sure that Sol told me that I was recieving her powers, right?

"It's true I gave you my powers, but Junim, you already had your own as well when I decided to choose you." Sol explains. Duke Amane nods in agreement, he had felt that the day he first saw her. A girl who harbors more mana than a powerful mage. He glanced at her and could see the light aura pouring from the inside wrapping about her figure. It was dim as if not completely mature, but it was not hard to miss. "That's it. That's what was bothering me." I said as I stood. It made perfect sense now. I wanted to have my own magic. The idea that I was given this power is what was keeping me from using it. That had to be the distraction. "Thank you fro telling me." I tell them before heading back into the room.

Sol stayed behind, "let me ask you something? How can you tell that she is powerful?" Sol asked Duke Amane. Duke Amane stands, "years of experience. knowing ones strength is always best when going against an enemy. I picked up a few tricks on the battlefield." He explains. Sol looked at him and said nothing else, it's clear that this man was dangerous. She was happy that he was on their side. But a man like him should probably stay away from her mistress, because he was a man that could hurt her without even trying. "Even though you find Junim interesting. It is only interest in her possible background, right?" Sol asked while he was turning to leave. Duke Amane paused to look back at her, "there would be no other reason I'd be interested in a child, right?" He asked before walking away.

Junim stood there, she had heard the words he had spoken. Of course she already knew that he would not be interested in a brat like her. But why did his words hurt her more than she'd thought they would? Junim turned away and entered the room. Perhaps it was because she was rejected and these days it was something she was getting used to. "You're back, have you sorted through your feelings?" Lady Green asked. I had no time to think about it, right now it was best to learn how to use my magic as soon as possible. After a few minutes of magic training I managed to bring forth my light magic, "well I'll be damned, you created the perfect light shield." Lady Green says.  She walks up to take a good look at it, "perfect, there's no mistakes and it looks like it will shock a person if touched. How on Earth did you do it so quickly? At first you were struggling, but now it's as if you hadn't struggled at all." Lady Green points out.

Both mages soon realized as I continued to master my light magic that they may be dealing with a genius. Even I was beginning to understand that most might not be able to cast their magic so easily and still not be exhausted. "Alright that's it for magic class. Make your way to the arena. Duke Amane is waiting for you two." Sir Han says.