VOL ONE/CHAPTER SIXTEEN: First Misson For the Saintess Gems
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I was breathing extremely hard and my mind was in a turmoil. Just by being near this man brought an ache in my chest that just won't disappear. "Get your mind back in the fight. What has gotten into you?" Duke Amane asked me as once again he knocks me off balance with his sword. I again dragged myself to my feet using my sword to get up off the ground. He wants to know what's going on with me? That's something I don't even understand myself. What is this feeling that's been growing ever since he walked into my life? I only just met the guy and he's already in every part of my mind, I lift my sword and could feel all my emotions rising deep inside.

Without really trying to my magic power enveloped around my sword's blade just as he approaches me again. I looked at the sword in shock, I never knew I could do that. "Seems you have a few hidden talents, but what use is that power of yours when you're so distracted?" He asked coming towards me and without warning swinging his sword at full speed and strength. I knew that I lost before the blade was pointing at my neck, I couldn't move an inch, but my eyes had been drawn to the sword pointed at me. He then takes a step back to re-sheathed his sword, "I don't know what has gotten into you, but I'm really disappointed in today's training. Please leave and come back when you can get your head on straight." Duke Amane says as Brista enters the arena.

She looks at me curiously, "a lover's spat?" She asked. I turned away and leave the arena, I assumed I already had my head on perfectly fine. But after that fight I realized that both my teacher and Duke Amane were right. Something besides my magic power was stressing me out. Thinking back on it I didn't feel this way until after that time...when Duke Amane made it clear on what he thought of me. I clench my fists as I make my way to the large opening of the cave, as soon as I enter an alarm starts going off. 

I was already at the screen when Brista and Duke Amane joined me. Sol and Rae were sitting on top of a device as Dr. Missy reveals the danger. "This here is a Tripo Dragon. It's medium in size and has the ability to consume anything in its path. So far it killed forty civilians in the city of Covern. This is a level two mission meaning possible injury. If the beast is not destroyed it will continue taking lives of many. " She was explaining. Brista's eyes gleamed, "our very first mission as Saintess, I can't wait to destroy this asshole!" She roars pumping her fist into the air while heading towards the portal.

I turned to make my way there as well but was stopped by Duke Amane, "you should stay behind, if something bad happened because you couldn't concentrate on the battle then what?" He asked. He definitely had a point, but the fact that I would have to sit and watch them fight without me was like a kick in the stomach. I clenched my fist to keep myself from saying anything I would regret, I looked away. "Fine." I mutter. Duke Amane turns away nd the look on his face shows his disappointment, whatever is going on with her it must quickly be dealt with before she goes to battle. 

Brista hugs me and then follows quickly after Duke Amane, I on the other hand felt completely helpless. To think I would let something like this distract me from what really matters. Sol jumped on top my shoulder, "does this have something to do with you hearing our conversation earlier?" She asked. I flinched, it seems she knew I was there, "you should give up on him, as a Saintess who protects the Divine Saintess, your mind should be clear of any distractions." I knew she had a point, but for some reason it only made me angrier, "why?" I asked feeling my throat burn with emotion. 

"Why can't I love him?" I asked. The question surprised me more than it surprised Sol. Love? I....love...him? I see. So that's what this feeling was. I could feel my hear thumping in my chest. I must have fallen at first sight and haven't realized the feeling. Of course knowing this doesn't mean it will make it easy, because of my weight not even he would look at me. Since that's the case I should give up on such a love, right? I felt my heart falling to pieces thinking about it. I unsheathed my sword and let the magic surround the blade once more, all these feelings I will use magic to show him, I'll fight and prove that I am a worthy woman who loves him! 

I took off out the cave, I won't sit back and do nothing! That was never me, I never backed down from a fight and I never let something like feelings keep me from anything. "Looks like she's feeling better." Sir Han says as he came up to stand next to Sol. "...." Sol had a feeling that the words she told Junim went through one ear out the other. But damn she hate that guy. He was clearly a dangerous man, but it was clear he was also very good man and she would one day have to let Junim choose a life that made her happy.....ah...whatever! She jumps down, no way is she letting that guy near her, he reeks of blood!`