VOL ONE/CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Defeat the Tripo Dragon
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Covern City


"Damn, tough bastard. There's no stopping it in it's tracks." Duke Amane and Brista had threw whatever magic they could at the large Tripo Dragon. No matter what they did the beast continued through the city engulfing anything in its path. Luckily they were able to remove any humans from its path. "It's skin is as though it's made out of some kind of armor, there's no way our magic will penetrate it." Brista says as she constantly shot fire arrows at the beast. "What kind of dragon is this? It looks like a giant worm with wings?!" Junim appears in the city's square. 

Brista runs over to her and gives a big hug, "I'm so glad you came!" She says and the look on Duke Amane's face was full of relief instead of anger. I rub the back of my neck trying to avoid eye contact, "I'm sorry, I know I disappointed you earlier, but I learned from my mistake." I tell him. He walked over and patted my head with a slight smile, "as long as you came, it doesn't matter. Let's bring this beast down, the three of us." He says. I nod as we turned to the Tripo dragon that continued to head in one direction.

Duke Aman seemed to be looking around for some kind of plan, his eyes lit up after a moment, "I have a plan." He says. I follow his gaze and noticed a large canyon in the distance, "I see." I say. He turned to Brista who was still shooting arrows at the beast, "Brista, I need you to get the beast to follow you that way." He says pointing in the direction of the canyon. Brista nods and runs around the beast to the front, "Hey you big ugly lug, yeah you!" She screams at it. At first I was worried that it would just suck her up, but to my surprise it actually stopped.

So it can understand human language? The beast suddenly roars loudly, Brista dashes to the left, the beast flaps it's wings enough to lift a bit off the ground and turn its body. It was a hell of a sight to see. The beast begins to follow Brista towards the canyon, "When we get to the canyon, we will need your light magic to blind him." He says to me. The beast was getting close sucking down trees as it goes, "Brista! Out of the way!" I tell just in time for her to move and for me to bring out my light magic as bright as I can. The beast roars as it it falls into the canyon. They stood and watched as the beast sunk into the lava, it's roars like screams that at some point made me feel sad.

Duke Amane must have noticed as he pat my head silently, and the three of us turned to notice people suddenly coming to crowd us. "Who are they." People were whispering. They begin to cheer, "Whoever they are, they saved us." The feeling of accomplishment washed over me, a person who never thought that I would be appreciated at all in my life. I was always bullied and people only saw me as that fat girl or even worse. To actually be looked upon as a heroine instead, that feeling...I didn't want to let go of it.

 The trip back to Saintess Corp was a short one, we were immediately put to training once we got back. Only because the battle could have been better, we weren't flashy enough is what Lady Green kept saying, though Sir Han thinks we were okay and crafty to come up with a decent plan to kill the beast. Duke Amane was not reprimanded since speaking to royalty any kind of way gets a person killed, though that never stops Gara from saying whatever she pleases to him. 

After training I made my way to the magic simulator, it was something I did when I had nothing else to do, I could work more on using magic. I notice Duke Amane was already there, he turned towards me as soon as I entered. My heart was doing all types of flips in my chest, even though I decided to give up on him. I have to remind myself that he was way too old for me and that there was no point in thinking that a man this good looking would fall for a overwight teen. I calm myself down, just treat him like a teacher. "Duke, why have you come?" I asked. He frowns, he didn't look pleased all of a sudden, "Amane." He says.

I tilt my head as if confused, "what?" I asked. He crossed his arms, "why are you calling me Duke. It's Amane, remember?" He asked. I shake my head, "I can't, not now since I know that you are related to the King." I say as I pressed the switch beside the door. The room became a dark forest, I pretended that I did not see the look on his face when I refused to call him by name only. Duke Amane could feel something wrong with Junim from where he stood, it was almost as if she was building a wall and it was hard to penetrate. What caused such a change in her? When they first met, she seemed more open but now he can tell she was hiding something. It was starting to feel fustrating since he noticed this from the moment she came to fight along side them in Covern City.