Chapter 762 (Vol 3) – Grudge Against The Beyond Above The Heaven Sect?
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The terrifying aura spread in the place, stopping the cultivators who were leaving instantly.

Terror once again consumed them inside, making them despair. Why did these guys have to attract the monstrous young expert's attention again? Couldn't they fight quietly or wait until they were all gone? They had to drag them all away!

The 50+ old man fell to his knees and quickly face down, almost as if he was prostrating himself before Ling Tian. The others beside him were no exception and also fell to the ground, being crushed by his powerful aura, whether they were young or old, women or men, Ling Tian made no exceptions. It was easy to figure out that these guys looked like they belonged to an organization, clan or family from the similar attire they wore.


One of the two women, the older one, was stunned, not knowing what was going on. Her pupils had completely contracted looking at this terrifying star that could easily kill great experts just by waving his hands!

The younger woman looked on in equal fear, but when she looked at this young man's back, a feeling of peace and even excitement began to rise in her heart. She felt that there was finally someone who dared to take a step to protect them!

Ling Tian had teleported to this place and released some of his aura, enough to completely prostrate and suppress these guys. His face had no happy or sad expression, looking indifferently at the 50 year old man who was futilely struggling to resist, but couldn't even lift a finger.

"Senior! What is the meaning of this? We haven't offended you!"

The 50-year-old groaned painfully as he tried to strengthen his voice, thinking terrifyingly why this monstrous young expert would suddenly attack them. They had done nothing to upset him, so why were they in this situation now?

Some cultivators stood still at this instant. Seeing the monstrous young expert make a move, they didn't dare to keep moving, much less escape. If they moved, they might end up in the same situation as the old man and his fellows.

"Boy! I only respect you because of your face and because you're a great genius to have such a level of cultivation, but don't be so arrogant!"

Finally, the old man had had enough and fury filled his heart. Since when had he ever been treated like this by a man younger than him? Clearly a small boy!

At first he had called this young man a senior only out of respect and dignity that should be given to the strong. But if one was talking about identities and status, then he was not inferior to this boy! His origin and identity was something that this kid could not afford to offend even if he was given a hundred guts points!

However, Ling Tian simply looked at him indifferently. He did not even take into account the change in tone and words, treating it as if it was just air.

Then, Ling Tian stopped paying attention to him and turned around, completely looking at the two women lying on the ground on their butts without daring to get up. These two women were clearly very young, one looked like she was about 15 or 16 years old, a little younger than Xuanyuan Ling and Nalan Ziqing, while the other looked to be about 12 or 13 years old, much younger, with childish features still on her face.

But upon a closer look, both women's bodies were very thin and had inconspicuous slight wounds under their somewhat disheveled and torn garments. Despite this, they could not hide their attraction and beauty. Although they were not dazzling beauties that would paralyze everyone's heart upon seeing it, they were still beautiful and pretty above average.

Needless to say once they finished growing and developing. They would cause uproar among men.

Ling Tian's simple gaze sent shivers down both women's spines, swallowing hard and unable to look directly into his eyes. This monstrous young expert seemed to care nothing for the lives of others, easily harvesting them as if they were unimportant chickens and dogs. The very thought that they might die without realizing it sent shivers down their spines, especially the older girl.

"D-does senior have any requests...?"

The older girl hesitated with a trembling voice, asking Ling Tian when she saw that he didn't respond. She even stood in front of her junior sister, trying to protect her even though she knew it was useless. She didn't know if this young man wanted to do anything to them. All she could do was see what this man wanted while she tried to at least secure her sister's life.

Although Ling Tian's terrifying aura was not upon the two of them, they still felt largely suffocated, unable to breathe properly.

"You... you are disciples of the Beyond Above The Heaven Sect?"

Ling Tian's voice was heard after several seconds, echoing in the place. Although it was a low-pitched voice, it easily entered the ears of everyone in the place, causing them to pay attention and sharpen their ears much more.

"Eh?" The older girl was stunned and she eventually looked into his eyes.

The eyes of this monstrous young expert were cold and indifferent, as if depending on her answer, he would kill them!

"Y-yes! W-what's wrong with it?"

Unexpectedly, the smaller girl fearfully faced Ling Tian. Her tone of voice fluctuated with fear and dread, but she still responded firmly, even showing a hint of pride belonging to this sect.


The older sister quickly rebuked this junior sister of hers in a low voice, quickly alternating her gaze between her and the monstrous young expert.

"Hoh?" Ling Tian raised his eyebrows with interest, the aura turned colder with a sense of killing intent towards both women. Then, his voice became colder and asked, "So you two belong to that little sect? Do you know that you are far from home now?"

A faint cold smile adorned Ling Tian's face as he increased his aura towards the two women. The trail of killing intent rose several times, causing both girls to have difficulty even breathing, not to mention that they couldn't even get to their feet or stand upright, only being on their knees and butts.

The aura in the surroundings converged, leaving the 50-year-old and his fellows to finally breathe. A sense of relief filled their bodies to see that this monster had no intention of attacking them, no one wanted to die needlessly.

Both women paled as they listened to Ling Tian, feeling even more fear as they sensed the killing intent in his aura. Could it be that this guy had a grudge against their sect? If so, then it would make sense! They were no longer in the sect's territory, and what's more, they were completely away from home, with no one to back them up, let alone support each other.

The onlookers took on cold airs as they watched this scene. Ling Tian's voice was not restricted to them alone, but expanded fiercely, letting everyone know that he had some unfinished business with this sect.

The Beyond Above The Heaven Sect, a powerful sect that had emerged with terrifying momentum in the past few centuries!

This sect was located in the North State, a place where the great world powerhouses were easily found!

And although this sect was so small that it could barely match up to the same level as the third-tier sects in terms of members and time, it was still so famous that many began to flatter and worship it, wanting to enter under its gates and making it as famous as the world's first-tier holy lands!

Its disciples could be low cultivators, with mediocre talents and trash, being even much worse than those second and third level sects in terms of strength. But what made it famous were all its leaders and elders. Recognized superpowers of the first level all over the world, experts at the top of the Great Ascension state!

These were 10 great experts in total, equaling in terms of strength and numbers the world's first powerful sects compared only to the superpowers!