Chapter 763 (Vol 3) – Courage & Bravery Facing Adversity!
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Although the total power of the entire Beyond Above The Heaven Sect hardly rivaled the common third level sects, it was still very famous for the identities and statuses of its leaders. There was even a rumor that there was a potency that was more terrifying than its elders, being the legendary supreme ancestor who lived in the darkness without anyone being able to see him. But no one had seen him until now, making it just a rumor.

It was even said that this sect had good relations with the second and third sect in the world, as well as the famous fifth sect. Their disciples and elders got along respectfully and even made exchanges among themselves, so the level and status of the Beyond Above The Heaven Sect rose to an unprecedented height. The only thing it lacked was time and members to become a truly world-class sect and officially enter the ranking of the holy lands.

Unfortunately, just as the fame and growth of the sect spread across the world in the blink of an eye, the downfall of this sect also spread to all corners of the world when news spread that the great experts of this sect had disappeared, finally abandoning this sect without explanation and leaving other experts in charge. However, these experts were less powerful, unable to adequately handle the terrifying weight of this sect and conflicts began to appear within the sect, with the layers and seniorities changing in the domain rapidly and many of their disciples being expelled for not having enough talent to cultivate.

A clear example was these two women. Although they didn't know how they could have arrived at this place in such a short time, being so far away from the North State, they were undoubtedly the living example that the famous Beyond Above The Heaven Sect had fallen.

Therefore, those existences that were envious and jealous of this sect began to appear and mercilessly attack all the cultivators once they found out that they were members of this sect, killing them on the spot or torturing them according to their preferences. Since their masters were gone, there was no one to back them up or protect them.

This monstrous young expert seemed to be one of them, thrilled to have found disciples of this sect in such a remote place.

The cold and killing aura only became more terrifying with time, sending shivers down the spines in everyone in the place.

Ling Tian's gaze filled with coldness and killing intent lingered on these two little girls who couldn't even wiggle their fingers, much less escape.

A pity and sympathy filled the hearts of several cultivators as they saw the cruel fate of these women and shook their heads. In a way they sighed in relief that they had nothing to do with this sect even though they once had the aspiration of wanting to enter under its gates.

No one stepped forward to help these two girls.

The 50-year-old old man felt gloating to see that these two stupid girls were suffering, thinking that the bonds and karma of belonging to such a pathetic little sect had caught up with them here. If this monstrous young expert had grudges with this sect and could be thrilled to kill these two girls, he felt that this boy owed him a huge favor for the simple fact that they were both his slaves!

Such a terrifying powerhouse so young will undoubtedly be world famous in the future, so having a close and even friendly relationship with him will be of many benefits. He could even attract him to his family and have a cooperation between the two of them, benefiting even more.

An excited smile appeared on the 50-year-old man's old face!

"So what?! We are disciples of the Beyond Above The Heaven Sect!"

Unexpectedly, the younger girl spoke again firmly and without hesitation, although her face was pale and showed hints of fear, her tone even carried that touch of pride and satisfaction of belonging to this sect, surprisingly admitting that they considered themselves disciples at this moment.

The people around in the distance breathed coldly, but could not help but sincerely praise this little girl in their hearts. Not just anyone would be so fierce and steadfast even while standing at death's door. Most would rather lie, lose face or dignity, and even betray their origins in order to live a little longer.

But they quickly returned to sympathy and pity. The fate of this little girl and her sister were doomed.

"Are you sure? Think very carefully!" Ling Tian's gaze turned colder, exuding even more killing intent.

"Zu'er!" The older sister forcefully rebuked her junior sister, even trying to attempt to want to cover her mouth so that she wouldn't say more. If they angered this terrifying monster even more, she couldn't guarantee their lives. She didn't want to see this little sister she loved dearly die.

"What is there to be afraid of, big sister Li? I, Lang Qingzu, even though I am still very small and my cultivation is low, I will not back down and will not go back on my words! I will not betray the sect that gave me a home, let alone my big sisters and my Master!"

The youngest girl, Lang Qingzu, showed a firm and proud bearing, being somewhat laughable at first glance due to her still childish appearance.

Lang Qingzu grasped her senior sister's hand with both hands and expounded her feelings, expressing to her that she did not fear death at this moment. They knew that this monster would probably let them go if they denied belonging to this sect, but she did not hesitate. If this is fate, then so be it! But she will not betray and will not regret belonging to this sect!

"Zu'er..." Xuan Li, the older girl, looked at Lang Qingzu in awe. She had always admired the courage and bravery of this girl who was smaller than her, feeling that Lang Qingzu was always more amazing and stronger than her despite being the eldest.

Lang Qingzu was right, just because of the fact that Beyond Above The Heaven Sect was their true and only home, Xuan Li could not turn a blind eye and deny it. Needless to say also about the great benevolence and affection of her adored and respected Master!

Love and affection is not repaid with betrayal and dishonor!

"You are right!"

Taking a deep breath and calming the turbulence in her terrified heart, Xuan Li let go of her worries. She grasped Lang Qingzu's small hand tightly, nodding to her with a confident smile that she was with her and so they would go on, always together even in the face of death!

Then, Xuan Li remembered what her master had told them, making them remember it very clearly: even if death seems obvious, never lower your heads and face adversity with courage and steadfastness! That way, your Dao Heart will never falter or break under pressure! Therefore, your Dao Heart will prevail for eternity!

Lang Qingzu's expression brightened, slightly regaining its color. Although she had displayed a firm and confident demeanor, her little heart was terrified, completely frightened. Being an almost 13-year-old girl, facing this kind of situation was beyond her cognition. Let alone gazing fleetingly at this terrifying monster that could kill powerful beings just by waving his hands. She was barely a cultivation level at the Chi Gathering Peak Stage! She hadn't even built her foundation to officially become the legendary cultivator who had truly entered the path of immortality!

Ling Tian slightly narrowed his eyes as he saw the noticeable change in the expression of these two girls. The faint and almost dull glow in their eyes suddenly fiercely lit up, like two powerful torches in the darkness beginning to illuminate everything. The corner of his mouth lifted imperceptibly in satisfaction.

Xuan Li squeezed Lang Qingzu's small hand tightly and courageously. Her body was still trembling in fear of death, but her courage and bravery completely overcame her fear, finally facing Ling Tian and looking him in the eye. If this was truly the end for them, then they would gladly face it head on!

With her frightened heart and her whole body trembling like a little white lamb before the ferocious wolf, Lang Qingzu also raised her gaze and looked strangely firmly at Ling Tian, for the first time showing a slight hint of maturity on her childish face.

Xuan Li took a deep breath, her fingers intertwined with Lang Qingzu's small fingers before giving her a final look of affection and love and subsequently looking straight at Ling Tian.

"That's right! I, Xuan Li, am also a proud member of the great Beyond Above The Heaven Sect! Just as we are also disciples under the guidance of our great and honorable master, the immortal heavenly fairy, Zhen Bingluo!"