Chapter 767 (Vol 3) – I Am The Rumored Supreme Ancestor Of Your Sect, The Master Of Your Master!
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Ling Tian saw their faces and understood what was going on.

Throwing a quick scan at all the storage rings he took while searching for interesting materials or objects, Ling Tian waved his hand and pulled them closer to Lang Qingzu and Xuan Li.

"They probably took your things and put them in their own storage rings. These are all the rings they had, so your things should be in there." Ling Tian waved his hand and these rings fell onto the small hands of both girls, filling up quickly.

Lang Qingzu and Xuan Li were stunned briefly before nodding and quickly searching through all the storage rings. It should be noted that most cultivators would protect their things, hence their storage rings, so they would place formations to block the spirit senses of others, preventing them from seeing inside and taking their things. To break them, it would take skillful formation masters or a very powerful spirit sense, enough to not break the restriction and avoid ruining the storage ring.

Of course, Ling Tian easily removed the restrictions on these storage rings. With his powerful spirit sense, it was a piece of cake, as if it was a simple old sheet of paper. Therefore, Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu had no trouble checking these storage rings.

"Hehe! I found it!"

After several seconds, Lang Qingzu smiled broadly and took out a mysterious and striking token from one of the storage rings.

"Big brother! Look at the token that was specially given to me by my Master!"

Lang Qingzu turned to Ling Tian and raised the token in her hands, smiling proudly as if this was the most precious object in the whole world. This token seemed to be made of crystal, as if it was a pure spiritual essence crystal, similar to spiritual crystals. Its outline was bounded and well delineated, with exquisite finishes and details. Small butterflies were well drawn on its surface. A striking symbol was in the middle, as if it was some kind of special pattern.

Lang Qingzu lightly cut her finger at once and a small drop of blood fell on the token.

Ling Tian raised his eyebrows with interest, looking intently at what was happening.

Almost immediately, the crystal token lit up as Lang Qingzu's drop of blood was absorbed into the center of the token, where the mysterious pattern was located.

* Fwoosh! *

Instantly, many small butterflies of different colors gradually appeared in front of Lang Qingzu, flying merrily as if putting on a show before turning into particles of spiritual energy and subsequently forming into small letters and words, magically appearing in the air!

These words displayed Lang Qingzu's full name, emphasizing in one sentence "Disciple", while in highlighted letters appeared the name of the "Beyond Above The Heaven Sect", as well as Zhen Bingluo's name as her "Master". A confirmation of genuine identity!

"Isn't it great?" Lang Qingzu chuckled happily, as if showing Ling Tian how great it was to have this when she thought he didn't have any other than that strange talisman.

"It's very cool." Ling Tian laughed in amusement at Lang Qingzu's behavior, reminding him a lot of Lan Yin and Qing Sha, as well as Zhao Yu and Gu Yan when they were little and became very cunning and smart. Ling Tian also did not forget Gao Xue, Gao Yue and Zhen Bingluo; these three girls were a bomb when they were very young, causing him a headache to see how mischievous and cunning they were too, even more than those boys.

"I found it too!"

As if not to be left behind as well, Xuan Li also found her personal token and showed it, getting a drop of blood and dropping it on her. Ling Tian took a quick glance and saw that it was somewhat different from Lang Qingzu's token, but it was still made of the same material as if it was a kind of pure crystal, plus however, it didn't have the butterfly finishes on its surface. It seemed that Lang Qingzu's was a special case.

Quickly, Xuan Li's full name appeared in the air in front of her, as well as the official identity belonging to the sect, being official disciples.

Ling Tian nodded with a smile. He was surprised to see that those brats had made this kind of special token; although in many places in the Immortal World it was normal for this kind of token even between families, in this cultivation world it was somewhat rare for them to create this kind of external recognition.

"Senior, here." Xuan Li quickly took the storage rings and handed them to Ling Tian. She was grateful that he had let them search for their belongings, so she didn't delay. She didn't even take the mountains of spiritual crystals she saw, she just focused on her things.

Lang Qingzu surprisingly did the same, taking only her belongings.

"It's fine! You can keep them. If you see something that catches your eye you can take it!" But Ling Tian just waved his hand carefree, smiling softly at them.

"But, senior..."

Xuan Li was stunned before she began to hesitate. She didn't dare to take these rings for herself. These held many powerful treasures and cultivation resources!

"Are you sure, big brother?"

Unexpectedly, Lang Qingzu asked with big smiles upon seeing Ling Tian. The trace of caution and nervousness disappeared from her heart once she really knew that this big brother belonged to her sect as well thanks to Xuan Li.

"Of course. I won't take them away." Ling Tian casually patted Lang Qingzu's little head before stopping. This little girl reminded him about his female disciples, so he couldn't help but do the same as with his female disciples.

Lang Qingzu froze for a moment before smiling brightly even though Ling Tian withdrew his hand. She felt for a moment that she had a very great big brother.

"Very well... once you finish searching all the storage rings I hope you can help me collect all these spiritual flowers and plants." Ling Tian looked at Lang Qingzu's reaction and let out a sigh in his heart. He didn't want to seem desperate with this girl, so he immediately asked, "You girls know how to collect and harvest spiritual grasses, don't you?"


"Yeah! Big brother!"

Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu quickly nodded. Their masters and senior sisters had taught them how to take care of and harvest the spiritual grasses, after all, there were many cultivation areas and fields in the sect, so they took turns to take care of and water the plants.

"Good! I'll leave you the easier spiritual flowers and I'll take the more complicated spiritual grasses, okay?"

Ling Tian looked at them with a smile before calmly walking back to the divine garden. Although this garden was said to be small, it contained many spiritual flowers and grasses, exceeding dozens of thousands of square meters easily, so it was huge. The spiritual flowers and plants were scattered throughout this entire area, with many of them together and some of them isolated, with no others nearby for more than tens of meters.

Needless to say, this place seemed like a little paradise in the heavens. A small sect could go on to become a top-tier sect in this south state, not to mention the top-tier state sects. Such abundant cultivation resources would drive everyone crazy.

Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu silently watched Ling Tian walk away, their minds dazed. They had really survived and were saved by this unknown senior of their sect? And this divine garden that had been fought over by many powerful and expert cultivators was now in their hands? Was this even real?

"Ah! I don't know what big brother's name is!"

Suddenly, Lang Qingzu was startled and said with great curiosity. She didn't know this big brother's name!

Xuan Li nodded. So far all they knew was that this young man in his early twenties, but much older than them, belonged or at least was close to their sect.

"S-senior!" Xuan Li hesitated at first but in the end her voice was firm.

"What's wrong?" Ling Tian stopped and turned to look at both girls.

"What's your name, big brother?!" Lang Qingzu was more direct, asking with a smile with a carefree tone but full of curiosity.

"If it's possible, we'd like to know the identity of the senior..." Xuan Li said respectfully as she looked directly at Ling Tian and added, "Will it be that you are a close friend or acquaintance of Elder Lu Wuhu?"

The Shadow Talisman is Lu Wuhu's personal artifact. As far as Xuan Li knew and had been told, Elder Lu Wuhu never took it off his waist and always had it with him wherever he went, so it is strange to see this artifact on someone else. She had seen this Mystery Talisman at close quarters once, so she could recognize it right away and see through it, knowing it was not a fake.

They just didn't know who this person really was, and how come he could have one of Elder Lu Wuhu's very personal belongings with him. Moreover, this expert was also referring to their Master, Zhen Bingluo, as if she was a little girl!

Ling Tian looked at them for a few seconds, smiled softly and finally spoke, "My name is Ling Tian and, to be honest, I am the rumored supreme ancestor of your sect... I am the Master of little Bingluo, in short, Master of your Master, as well as Master of your other Elders!"