Chapter 768 (Vol 3) – The Legendary Grandmaster & Supreme Ancestor Is Very Young!
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"I am the Master of little Bingluo, in short, Master of your Master, as well as Master of your other Elders!"

* Boom! *

Instantly, shock on a terrifyingly unusual and unprecedented level fiercely struck both girls' minds, leaving them dumbfounded and speechless.

The rumored supreme ancestor of the sect? As well as also the Master of their honored and respected Master?

"The junior pays her respects to the sect's great supreme ancestor!"

"Th-the junior pays her respects to the sect's great supreme ancestor too!"

Without wasting any time, Xuan Li prostrated herself and stuck her forehead to the ground without hesitation, followed by Lang Qingzu. Although they were young cultivators who were barely several years old in the sect, they knew very well that the rumor of the supreme ancestor was true!

The legendary and grand master of the sect!

On the outside, it was rumored that there was a terrifying existence, which was the legendary supreme ancestor of the sect, the existence that founded the sect since its beginning and was an acquaintance of their masters, having a great relationship of strong friendship and nothing more. Even this rumor that spread like wildfire was weakening with time, thinking that it was only an unfounded rumor to add another mysterious layer to the sect and make it more terrifying than before.

But as real disciples, they all knew that the rumored and legendary supreme ancestor was real even if they had never seen him with their own eyes!

And not only that, their own Masters themselves had confessed to them that this person was their Master and not a friend or acquaintance as everyone thought, and not just Master of one, but of all of them, something that outsiders and strangers did not know, much less the outside world! This rumored ancestor, the grand master of them all, was the one who cared for and raised their respective Masters, so he was also very important to them because without this person their Masters would not exist and consequently they would not be there either. This is information that only true disciples like them knew!

Only the true ancestor could unhesitatingly claim not only to be the Master of their Master but also of the other elders, and, coupled with the Shadow Talisman belonging to Elder Lu Wuhu, the two of them were most certain that this young man as their Masters and elders, could be their rumored supreme ancestor!

Even Lang Qingzu knew about this. Her beloved and adored Master, Zhen Bingluo, had told her and her big martial sisters many times about the existence of their Grandmaster, the Master who took care of her and her other martial brothers and sisters in the past, even requesting them all to respect him as they respect her, showing the place of the Grandmaster in her heart.

They also knew that the cause why most of their Masters suddenly disappeared was because they had found clues to the Grandmaster's whereabouts, and from that moment was also the time when the sect began to gradually fall when there was no real power to defend it. Their Masters had also told them that one day they could leave the world to go to meet the Grandmaster, but they did not think it would be so fast.

If it were false, then false it would be and they would have to verify it with their Master, but if for some reason it turned out to be true and they did not respect it, it would be a very serious disrespect, not only for him as their Grand Master, but also for their Master whom they loved and respected so much. Therefore, they did not hesitate to show their greetings again with more respect and reverence. Neither of them wanted to make a bad impression for the first time to their Grandmaster and Supreme Elder.

It's just that, the Supreme Ancestor of the sect, the Grandmaster who was often talked about and speculated about many times, was a very young man like their Masters…

Ling Tian was slightly surprised that both girls seemed to know who he was, thinking that they would not believe him or think otherwise, but quickly nodded quietly. Zhen Bingluo had most likely told them about him many times, not to mention that everyone in the sect seemed to know about his existence as the supreme ancestor.

"These are excellent quality medicinal pills that will help you recover completely. Take your time to heal your wounds while I go ahead and collect the spiritual grasses."

Ling Tian lightly waved his hand and took out two vials filled with medicinal pills and sent them to Lang Qingzu and Xuan Li respectively according to their cultivation levels before turning around and continuing walking towards the divine garden, leaving both girls speechless.

Time passed quickly and much of the garden had already been harvested, with Ling Tian taking the lion's share of high-level spiritual grasses. This proved that this garden was huge with many, many spiritual grasses.

Of course, Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu were also very carefully taking the spiritual grasses that Ling Tian had left behind. They had fully recovered after a while having refined the medicinal pills Ling Tian had given them, being amazed at the quality of their effects. They also changed their clothes having recovered their belongings, even wearing their beautiful white robes with various soft colors each one adjusting to their styles and preference, clothes that also showed their affiliation to the sect. Recovering their peak states quickly, both hurried to help Ling Tian even though he had told them to take their time, but neither of them wanted to look bad and make a bad impression, so their hands trembled at first as they picked these flowers, showing the effort and nervousness they had when they wanted to perfectly harvest these spiritual grasses even though they had done it several times before in the sect.

However, both girls' eyes looked at Ling Tian every moment, with their minds filling with many questions and curiosity at the sight of him. Although this young man like their Masters is the rumored Supreme Ancestor, he is very young! The two of them, as well as everyone in the sect thought that their great and legendary supreme ancestor would be an old man over 70 years old, an old man, but very wise and with a sense of demeanor of an invincible master who has seen the world.

But now it turns out that their legendary grandmaster and supreme ancestor is very young!

Moreover, now that the fear and nervousness had disappeared, they began to pay more attention to Ling Tian. Looking at him more closely, this man is too handsome! A face of absolute handsomeness and perfection, attracting their hearts easily with that soft and calm gaze, deep and beautiful eyes like the galaxy of stars, with that charming smile that made everything else in the world insignificant.

Their heartbeats fluttered, unable to erase Ling Tian's smile while at the same time they could not take their eyes off him all the time, watching him carefully harvesting the spiritual grasses with a delicacy, moving leisurely, smiling utterly softly, losing themselves in his charm...

Xuan Li shook her head quickly, trying to calm her heartbeat as she felt for the first time her heart fluttering furiously. She knew better not to disrespect her grandmaster, much less her master! This man is the legendary ancestor of the sect, a powerhouse like all her masters!

Although there was still the slight doubt as to whether this man really was her true grandmaster, Xuan Li thought with her heart and did not feel strangeness, but on the contrary, as if her heart was telling her that this was true. Her special sense when sensing many dangers did not react with Ling Tian, which proved that he was not a man with hidden intentions.

While Xuan Li was denying her feelings, Lang Qingzu was looking at Ling Tian with an overly happy and adorable smile. It turns out that she did have a grandmaster as her beloved female master had told her! Moreover, this grandmaster is very handsome and powerful, she feels as if he is a wonderful big brother who would protect her! Just like a few moments ago when he saved them from those evil old men!

"Zu'er! Hurry up and let's not delay the grandmaster!" Xuan Li noticed Lang Qingzu's expression and quickly whispered as she forced her to hurry up. However, her eyes kept sneaking glances at Ling Tian from time to time.

"Yes, big sister!" Lang Qingzu blinked in a daze for a moment before she smiled at Xuan Li and hurriedly put away the spirit grass that had been in her small hands for a long time in a jade jar. But she still kept watching Ling Tian with much curiosity and adoration with her bright little eyes, holding a big happy smile full of relief at the thought that her and her big sister's bad luck was over.

Xuan Li noticed her behavior and smiled helplessly. She didn't want to put more pressure on Lang Qingzu, knowing that she now saw the grandmaster as a big brother and a great savior, so she didn't want to break her childish illusions and thoughts. In addition, she herself also could not stop watching Ling Tian, with many thoughts in her mind and wondering why this grandmaster was in this place, as well as whether her female master were fine as well as the other elders. Would the sect, her fellow disciples and sister disciples be all right? What had happened after she and Lang Qingzu had left the sect?

Xuan Li had many questions in her heart.