Chapter 771 (Vol 3) – Demonic Beast In The Cultivation World!
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* Boom! *


"Be careful! It's more furious and out of control!"

Explosions, screams and roars spread across the vast plain, crossing an area of mountains and a desert in the distance.

A small group of cultivators were facing a beast in the form of a strange tiger, with small horns protruding from its head and long, badly formed claws. Its fur had turned dark gray, very black as if filled with dirt, while spittle flowed endlessly from its snout. Its dark tail was constantly wagging, even using it to attack.

But what was most striking about this ferocious tiger was that it gave off a dark, black aura. Even its eyes were dark, as if the animal's intelligence no longer existed.

* Fwoosh! *

A spear suddenly appeared in front of the tiger, causing the black aura to be expelled with more force before waving one of its front paws, shattering the powerful spear with ease.

"Holy crap! This beast is stronger than it looks!"

A man in his 30s spat out a mouthful of blood when he felt the impact of force on his cultivation essence. However, he recovered easily as he took a medicinal pill and immediately took out another spear from his storage ring.

"Ha! That's what you get for showing off and wanting to take the lead! Clearly this beast isn't like ordinary spirit beasts, it's like it's in a rampant and insane state!"

A mature and very attractive woman in her 30s also mocked the previous man. A strange scroll appeared in her hands, she poured out her cultivation essence and activated it.

"Chains of God!" The woman shouted majestically as the next moment several chains burst out of the scroll and headed towards the ferocious beast, trapping it instantly.

"See? I told you you were showing off in advance~" The woman sneered once again with a smile.

"Hmph! I was unlucky only!" The man snorted coldly, before throwing his spear again, wanting to quickly kill the ferocious beast.

"You two stop behaving like kids already! Hurry up and kill this strange beast first!"

An older man in his 50s finally spoke in an authoritative and annoyed tone. A terrifying impulse surged out of his body, briefly frightening both people.

"Yes, first elder!"

They both quickly replied and rushed to kill the ferocious beast, feeling that it was very different from the other spirit beasts in being very difficult to kill as it didn't care about defending itself or dodging attacks, as if it only had the thought of killing them at any cost.

"First elder, are you sure that with the core of this beast I will be able to quickly increase my cultivation base to Nascent Soul?"

A young man of about 16 asked with a tone of slight arrogance and superiority looking at the ferocious beast. He then turned to look at the 50-year-old man who had spoken earlier.

"Yes, young master. I am very confident that the core of this strange beast will be very powerful and unique, which will be of much help to your cultivation." The middle-aged man nodded calmly and even with a bit of respect.

"Great! That way I won't lose to Wen Ming!"

The young man clenched his fist as he watched his two other elders fight and slay the creature. The image of another young man crossed his mind and a hatred flashed in his heart, feeling jealous and envious at the thought of the cultivation speed of that guy of the same age who had already surpassed him!

"It will surely be so, young master. This spirit beast is very strange, I've never seen it before, but I'm sure its core will be even more valuable and powerful." The first elder stroked his beard with an expression full of wisdom and pride at the sight of this ferocious beast. Although he did not recognize this spirit beast, he guessed that it might be a mutated beast, one with much greater value in its inner core.

The first elder also nodded at what his young master said. Thinking about the cultivation level of the rival clan's young master, he couldn't help but think about helping in any way he could to help his young master become stronger. The gap between their cultivation had widened greatly, so they had to try harder to cultivate this young family master so that the level of strength and power between their enemies would still remain even.

As the young family master and successor, he has to have a powerful cultivation base and firmly fight against the enemy clan!


Suddenly, the middle-aged man frowned as he felt some presences approaching. They were now in the middle of a fight, so it would be considered that they might want to snatch their loot if they finally approached. He looked to the side and his spirit sense reached out, covering the people who had approached.

"A young boy and two girls?" The middle-aged man frowned more as he watched three lone kids approach where they stood.

"Would they be from some important family?"

Although he couldn't see the cultivation of that young man who only seemed to have an otherworldly perfect countenance, the cultivation level of both girls caught his attention, not being able to help but wonder if they belonged to some family by having such cultivation levels at their ages.

"Mmnn... that brat..." The first elder couldn't help but deepen his frown much more when he noticed the young man's attire, recalling some information he had received earlier.

"First elder, what's wrong?" The young man next to him caught his attention and quickly followed his gaze, finding these strangers.

"How beautiful!" His surprised voice came out of his mouth when he noticed one of the two girls who looked to be about his own age. A lustful gleam appeared in his eyes as he saw her directly, smiling arrogantly and licking her lips.

Even his gaze couldn't help but scan the other younger girl, watching her several times before finally focusing on the young woman his own age. He didn't even glance a second time at the younger man, as if not putting him in his eyes and even feeling jealous and envious having seen his face.


The next moment, Xuan Li felt some shivering and disgust. She frowned as she noticed the unscrupulous gaze of this guy who was apparently the same age as her. Xuan Li couldn't help but shrink back a little behind Ling Tian, sensing the security in him.

"Eww! A bad guy!" Lang Qingzu frowned in annoyance when she noticed that young man, feeling his evil and disgusting gaze. Despite being small, she had received plenty of such looks before, even from old men as well, so she couldn't help but frown and stick her tongue out angrily at him before moving closer to Ling Tian and squeezing his hand.

"Demonic beast..."

However, Ling Tian's gaze focused on this creature, frowning as he saw this demonic beast for the first time in this cultivation world. He also did not forget to gently pat both girls' heads, conveying reassurance as he sensed their behaviors.

Although he felt the middle-aged man's spirit sense scanning them unscrupulously, he did not take it into his mind. Both Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu were protected by his spirit sense, so any sneak attack was useless. But his main attention was still on this demonic beast.

This spiritual beast was clearly a demonic beast!

A demonic beast that supposedly hadn't appeared in this cultivation world since ancient times!

What the appearance of this demonic beast meant?!

The world was really starting to change!

Ling Tian kept thinking more and more, realizing that indeed, the changes brought about by destroying the blockage formation in the world would be quite big. This demonic beast was only described in the records of ancient times, even describing that there was a chaotic era where countless demonic beasts appeared like a tidal wave, wanting to destroy the entire cultivation world.

These demonic beasts are not like spiritual beasts. Reasoning and intelligence in them does not exist, there is only destruction and nothing else. Their behaviors are only destruction and violence, attacking every living thing they encounter and even attacking their own kind.

It was even said that these beasts were contaminated by some energy, but no one had confirmed it.

Of course, this was nothing new to Ling Tian. He already knew perfectly well each of these demonic beasts and how it was that they appeared or were infected by a demonic energy. They had even appeared in the small world, destroying everything in their path, not to mention the last lost and dead world he had been in before reaching the Supreme state.

"Demonic beast? What is it? It's worse than a ferocious spiritual beast?"

Lang Qingzu blinked in confusion and she couldn't help but ask.

"You could say." Ling Tian nodded after a few seconds, thinking of the simplest and easiest answer to explain, "It is a beast that has lost its intelligence and reasoning, so it will attack anyone it sees. Its strength is very terrifying while it only cares about destroying everything in its path, as if it were just a killing machine with no intelligence."

"So those people are fighting it to grab its inner core? It must be very powerful and different from spiritual beasts..." Xuan Li narrowed her eyes as she thought about what these people were doing.

"Their core is useless." Ling Tian shook his head, surprising Xuan Li as he continued to add, "Even if they kill it, it will be in vain. Its core is contaminated and would only be counterproductive to one's cultivation, even to the point of being killed by the demonic energy itself if they are careless."

Xuan Li and Lang Qingzu's little faces paled as they listened to Ling Tian. Hearing that the inner core of such a demonic beast could kill one sent shivers down both of their spines.

The inner cores of spirit beasts could be very helpful in greatly increasing one's cultivation, even needed to refine pills, supplement formations or create spiritual weapons. But the cores of these demonic beasts are useless; even Great Ascension state experts would find it difficult and nearly impossible to refine their impurities.


Suddenly, the demonic beast's grunts and roars became more erratic and faint as the seconds passed. Its body was covered in dark blood, finally falling to the ground before it became lifeless, left with only two cultivators in front of it.

"Let's go."

Ling Tian cast a casual glance one last time before leaving the place. Such a demonic beast surprised him for a moment, but nothing more. He was not interested in the corpse of such a demonic beast and even less interested in what they would do with it or if they wanted to take its core.

"Fellow beauties, wait a moment!"

Suddenly, a young voice reached out as the next moment, the 16 year old boy crossed in front of the three of them in midair.