V.3-Ch.50: Ye Yuyan arrives!
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Among demons, there are three paths, Evil form, Slaughter Qi, and Authority. Demons are restricted like humans to their paths and have been experimenting since time immemorial to craft these paths.

Not much is known about demons except that they existed far before humanity did and are far more developed in their paths of power. Unlike humanity demons could not cultivate the paths of power separately, rather they advance together all at once letting them reach new levels.

The first level for a demon is Awakening and has a strength equivalent to a rank 1 expert. After advancing their evil form, authority and slaughter Qi they can evolve into a tempter. From a tempter, they become Fiends like Illathar. After Fiends, there are the lords, princes, and dukes of hell.

In each of these levels, there are low, mid, and high quality. If a demon evolves into a low-quality tempter from an awakened demon, they will have no prospects of advancement.

But if they are mid quality, they have a decent chance of advancing. This was why Illathar was so determined to find other paths of advance because he had low prospects, anyway. This is all to say all these levels of a demon are nothing compared to the pinnacle of demons, Primal Emanations!

Each Primal held a complete law and system that could rival the Venerable Bearers of humanity. They are undisputably, the Venerables of the demon race!

Belphegor sat atop the throne coldly looking down on everyone as swirling green slaughter qi filled the room with a malevolent presence and the eyes on the walls swished across it leaving trails of dark green qi.

Maven and Song Yue's bodies laid pinned on the ground as the suppressive power on their bodies grew every second. Only Alister could reluctantly remain upright as the dark silhouette grew closer to him.

The shadows dissipated from the silhouette's body making him more visible until he turned into a grey-haired with a long beard reaching his knees. He wore red robes with a vivid demon on his back that danced as if coming to life.

"Supreme Elder Qi Hong..." Alister said as cupped his fists giving him a junior's salute.

The Blood Sect has three factions, The Human, Demon, and Immortal factions. Each faction had a Lord who was the symbol of their factions, and below that is the Supreme Elder. After that, there are Elders, Titled warriors, Untitled warriors, and Disciples.

Each of the titles conforms to the ranking system, disciples are normally rank 1, untitled warriors are rank 2, all the way to supreme elders who are quasi rank 5!

"So this is the Demon Lord..." Alister muttered to himself as he looked at the man in the throne with fear.

"You've done well in leading them here. Sir Belphegor will reward you well." Qi Hong praised Alister with a sinister smile, his gaze flitted past Maven and Song Yue to gaze their reactions.

"What?!?" Maven said with shock filled eyes as he took a hesitant step back.

"You damn traitor!" Song Yue rebuked Alister in a cold tone, her eyes filled with cold malice as she slowly reached toward her grimoire on the side of her dress.

"Enough!" Belphegor roared and suddenly a burst of green Qi surrounded Song Yue.

Before she could even react her grimoire flew out of her hand as the green qi carried it away. Maven tried to take another step back but the green qi condensed at his feet. He tried to move his leg back but suddenly the green qi restricted his motion and he couldn't move at all!

"Stop this nonsense. Alister come here." Belphegor intoned with his garbled demonic voice. Alister gritted his teeth and took steps forward with Qi Hong following him closely.

They stopped in front of the throne and suddenly Belphegor reached out with his green and oily palm. Alister didn't move back as the giant palm wrapped around his head.

The gigantic palm covered Alister's entire head and suddenly a green light flashed from inside the palm. This was the same technique that Gulan used, it's a special demonic skill that could scan one's memories!


In the outskirts of the blood city, a red wind whizzed across the desert picking bits of sand with its every motion. The wind left red trails across the air making the scorpions scurry into the ground out of fear.

The red wind made all life in the desert hide in fear as even spiritual plants shot into the sand hiding amidst their roots. The red wind funneled toward a single location as it circled around the area gathering more sand.

At the center of this red tornado, space distorted rapidly folding and twisting into esoteric shapes. The spatial distortions left the space in the area slowly cracking open as if something were coming through.

Suddenly the red winds seethed and a crimson energy shot toward the center of the spatial distortions and instantly space ripped open! The crack in the world sucked in the crimson energies into the infinite void leaving no trace of the tornado.

All the collected sediment and sand fell to the ground all at once and a black beam shot out of the spatial distortions. Amidst the falling red sand that glimmered from the sun, appeared a black-robed figure.

In their hands was a pink bamboo umbrella that covered their face. The sediment settled onto the ground at that moment and the figure sealed the umbrella revealing his face.

He was a handsome and dark robed man with dark and cold eyes that could devour all light. Looking at him too long could threaten to devour your soul!

This young man is Ye Yuyan after he completed his cultivation in the black sea. He consolidated his foundation before he went to the blood sect.

The black sea and blood sect were both hidden in an alternate world. In this plane there is one main world that is earth, this world is the center of all smaller worlds.

The demon world and other worlds are next to this plane but the distance between them is astronomical! But here the world of the black sea and blood set are right next to one another.

Only Venerable class cultivator could a world of this caliber. It was a world similar to Heaven's Realm and other far-off worlds.

The moment Ye Yuyan appeared, two lights zoomed from the horizon. One was white, and the other was a crimson beam. The two beams blasted towards Ye Yuyan at supersonic speeds and appeared before him in an instant.

The two lights coalesced into two figures, from the red light came a black-haired young man who radiated intense vitality. A red river swirled across his red robes centering on a vague boyish figure on his back.

From the white light came a white-haired old man, who looked as though he was one step away from the grave. He wore all white robes and on his back was a holy man with his hands raised into two mudras that radiated peace and serenity.

They both went down into a deep and reverential bow and said simultaneously to Ye Yuyan: "Sage, the Immortal faction welcomes you!", "Sage, the Human faction welcomes you!"

"Sir, we have a matter we must inform you of..." The white-haired man tried to say but he was cut off by Ye Yuyan.

"Belphegor has usurped the demon throne? Am I right?" Ye Yuyan chuckled as he spoke, shocking the white-haired man.

"How did you know?" The black haired man asked quizzically as he scanned Ye Yuyan face for an answer.

"I know that demon well, now bring me to the palace." Ye Yuyan coldly said and suddenly he swished his robes. Suddenly a red light burst from inside the spatial crack filling it with energy as the crack repaired itself.

"This level of spatial command..." The black haired man couldn't help but say as he marveled at Ye Yuyan's power.

The two faction heads turned into beams of light and shot off into the horizon towards a shining red beacon. Ye Yuyan smirked and clenched his fists, a vein popped out on his forehead as a lotus flickered into existence on his forehead.

On the four colored lotus, the cerulean leaf shone and flew off his forehead materializing into a single cerulean lotus leaf. The silhouette turned into streams of electricity and flew off wrapping around Ye Yuyan's body like a cloak.

Thunder crackled across his body and at his feet formed lightning runes, his entire body filled with electrical energy. In his right eye, a thunder mark flashed filling his right eye with the crackling of thunder.

Ye Yuyan stepped on the air propelling himself forward and transforming into an arc of lightning. He shot past the horizon arcing across the sky in the form of a lightning bolt, his domineering power cut past the air as he zoomed behind the faction heads toward the blood palace.