V.3-Ch.60: Reunion
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Thunder pealed from the lightning pool as lightning bolts danced and sparkled across the pool, completely engulfing Ye Yuyan in fantastical lights.

Ye Yuyan closed his eyes as he focused his perception into the red lotus. The fourth and first leaves shone together with a cyan and cerulean light fusing together into radiant Qi.
Inside Ye Yuyan’s acupoints, the thundercrystals formed a circuit and conducted a devouring force. The lightning pool seethed as a devouring force pulled it into Ye Yuyan’s body. Behind him, a blue silhouette rapidly flashed as two blood red pupils suddenly flashed open.
Ye Yuyan gripped his fists as the lightning streamed into his flesh and flooded his visceral organs and with a monstrous boom he roared: “BEGONE!”
The Verulyim king stood calmly with his aspect emanating from his back. When suddenly he felt a powerful fluctuation within the lightning pool.
“What?!?” He exclaimed with shock as a blue silhouette appeared within the Lightning pool.
“Arrrgghhh!” The blue silhouette roared obediently as lightning burst from its body turning into an electrifying mane. A stream of lightning jutted from the head and curved into a sharp horn.
The beast raised its head gathering the lightning Qi all around it towards its horn. With a sudden and swift swish of its horn, the beast brought down heavenly judgment. The gigantic horn cut down onto the lightning pool suddenly ripping it apart into two.
With lightning pool parted, Ye Yuyan and the Verulyim king stared each other down with nothing obstructing their stand down.
“Ha!” Ye Yuyan suddenly exhaled, stirring the Qilin silhouette behind him into action. The beast’s red eyes flashed as Ye Yuyan shoot across the shadow plains directly in front of the king in an instant.
The Verulyim king’s pupils suddenly constricted as Ye Yuyan tightened his fist and punched out in an instant. Electricity zoomed through Ye Yuyan meridians speeding up his muscles activation, and suddenly his fist struck into the king’s abdomen.
“Puuuaahh!” The king gasped suddenly as Ye Yuyan’s punch connected. The vigorous vibrations transmitted throughout his body and Ye Yuyan’s fist as the king suddenly went flying back.
He shot through the plains for hundreds of meters. Ye Yuyan’s body crackled with electricity as he suddenly flashed again in pursuit of the king.
“Father!” Emily yelled with a trembling and fearful voice, suddenly her body emanated a golden sword force and she turned into a golden beam and streaked across the plains toward Ye Yuyan.
As Emily approached Ye Yuyan, Maven reached for his sword sheathe and instantly unsheathed his Moonlight sword. The thin long-sword glimmered with lunar Qi as Maven raised his sword and sliced across space.
From the sharp sword slice, burst out an indomitable beam of Lunar Qi. The massive beam cut across the ground toward Emily when Emily suddenly stopped her body and rose a golden barrier.
At the moment, the Lunar sword beam dissected the ground in front of her slashing into her barrier and forcing her into retreat. She took three steps back and turned to look at Maven with wide eyes filled with shock.
“Do not interfere.” Maven coldly intoned as he sheathed his sword again.
Su Yan moved over to Emily and stood between her and Maven. Maven coldly eyed him and said: “Same goes for you, Su Yan.”
Su Yan shook his head and looked to the flashes of lightning in the distance and said: “I am more than aware, this is a fight I cannot take part in...”
Ye Yuyan turned into a flash of lightning, instantly appeared in front of the Verulyim King. When suddenly the king suddenly lurched and lightning appeared on his body.
The lightning crackled intensely as the king opened his palm; the lightning jumped across his body and filled his palm with electrical fluctuations. The current congealed in his palm taking the form of a hiltless long sword with strange nomological inscriptions
The intense energies lit up the plains in blue light and the skies rumbled as the king’s sword came down.
A river of lightning struck out as his sword faded into it, the stream tore apart the ground as it slashed across Ye Yuyan.
Ye Yuyan’s pupils constricted as he raised his arms into a cross guard and suddenly released his internal energies.
“Thundercrystal Physique, Activate!” He roared as the thundercrystals in his acupoints wildly expanded.
Across his whole body, hundreds of acupoints released radiant Qi that wrapped around his form. The radiant Qi fused into his skin giving him the glimmering glow of a crystal.
The sea of lightning crashed into his cross-guard, the streams of electricity spewed into the thundercrystals overwhelming them with energy. The intense nomological power exploded from the thunder crystal crushing Ye Yuyan’s cross guard.
Ye Yuyan growled: “Arrrghhh!” as he stepped forward with his cross-guard up. His bare skin took the brunt of the lightning sea’s energies.
When he suddenly roared and undid his cross-guard with his sudden movement, the lightning sea parted in two directions and crashed into the shadow plains. The lightning sheared the ground as the plasmic powers rippled across the plains.
“Ha!” Ye Yuyan exhaled a deep breath and released his thundercrystal physique. Across his body, the acupoints sealed up and the radiant Qi dispersed. The thin layer of crystals dissolved off of Ye Yuyan’s skin returning it to its jade appearance.
The Verulyim king watched Ye Yuyan closely as he undid his physique. Behind the king, his aspect in a blue toga fused back into his body.
As lightning continuously crackled on his body the king’s expression turned cold and he said: “You robbed it... the Bearer of Tribulation’s inheritance.”
“It wasn’t very hard to rob your child, never send a boy to do a man’s job.” Ye Yuyan continued “Your Verulyim kingdom has always been too ambitious.”
“What of you? You lay claim to the power of Venerables with your puny Rank 4 Cultivation?” The king pointed his finger and angrily replied.
“That will be more than enough.” Ye Yuyan coldly replied as his expression turned blank and swiftly reached into his robes and removed a black dagger.
“Let’s take this up a notch...” Ye Yuyan chuckled as he violently bit his tongue causing it to bleed. He condensed the blood onto his tongue and spit out a drop of blood and dripped it onto the dagger.
“Blood Moon, Awaken!” He roared as the black dagger shown with nomological lines as it elongated turning into a thin dual-edged sword.
Ye Yuyan gripped the sword with his right hand and he swung it down once. The swooshing motion sliced the air in half and suddenly created a vacuum. The air gushed towards the gash in the air whipping the wind into a crazed frenzy.
“You disdain my kingdom yet you dare bring a sword before me?” The king coldly sneered “Let me show you the might of The Sword Venerable!”
Electrical currents gathered towards his palm again transforming into a hiltless long sword made of pure lightning. The king’s body crackled with lightning as the sword forces in thousands of meters stirred around him.
As the sword forces gathered toward the king, a violet hue appeared on his body. The violet hue shifted constantly transforming into various swords, this was the Verulyim king’s sword intent!
Sword intent and sword forces are two different things. Sword force is an esoteric force of nature that the Sword Venerable first harnessed.
Sword intent is the swordsman’s comprehension of the sword force and after reaching a certain level it can take physical form and boost a swordsman’s attacks.
Ye Yuyan silently raised his sword and pointed it at the Verulyim king. The red sword shone with a murderous light and stirred the sword force and brought forth a sea of blood.
Blood red sword forces and deep blue sword forces shot towards each other separating Ye Yuyan and the king. Ye Yuyan’s body shone with a golden glow as his sword intent manifested taking on the form of hundreds of different weapons as it wrapped around his body.
The two sword forces and sword intent clashed against each other at the border of powers. With each clash, Ye Yuyan and the king would adjust their sword force and change their stance. Often with high-level swordsmen, the battle starts before the first sword swing.
The blood forces crashed into the lightning force, when suddenly the lightning force seethed with excitement and purified the blood force, Ye Yuyan moved to change his stance and took a single retreating step.
At that instant, the Verulyim king’s eyes shone with murderous intent and he suddenly flashed across the battlefield. Ye Yuyan’s eyes crackled with lightning as he instantly adjusted his stance and raised his sword to guard, when suddenly!
The Verulyim king’s sword came slashing down onto Ye Yuyan’s sword. Ye Yuyan mustered his sword intent as the golden intent wrapped around his sword increasing its hardness.
“Here’s another!” The Verulyim king roared as he slashed at Ye Yuyan.
“Arrghhh!” Ye Yuyan growled as he resisted the Verulyim’s king sword slash. Ye Yuyan took his sword and shifted to the left, redirecting the Verulyim king’s sword.
The lightning sword crashed into the ground and exploding it into rubble. Amidst the debris, Ye Yuyan’s body flashed away turning into a streak of lightning.
“You’re not getting away!” The Verulyim king yelled as lightning surrounded him and his body flashed behind Ye Yuyan and raised his sword to cut him down.
Ye Yuyan gritted his teeth and slashed behind him rebounding the king’s sword and turning into a blue streak again.
Ye Yuyan and the Verulyim king flashed across the plains exchanging sword slashes at unimaginably high speeds.
Emily, Song Yue, Maven, and Su Yan struggled to follow their movements and could only tell the battle was happening from the sounds and destruction. Only the Ghost Hands Doctor watched the battle with a keen eye following their every move.
“How can Ye Yuyan keep up with my father?!?” Emily asked with wide eyes as she tried to contain her shock.
“Don’t worry your Highness, It won’t last for long...” Ghost Hands cryptically replied, surprising Emily even more.
“Can you see them?!?” She asked with narrow eyes but before the doctor could respond. The world of blood sword force suddenly collapsed as the blue Qi suddenly engulfed it.
With that Ye Yuyan’s body flashed back into existence as he collapsed onto the ground. He stuck his sword into the ground and took long and deep breaths.
“Weak! Your sword lacks a personality, you can’t possibly beat me with that.” The Verulyim king’s ethereal voice echoed from the sword force as his body flashed back into existence.
On his blue toga were various sword marks and on his pristine young face was a small gash across his cheek.
“Heh, Mercer you’re right... he can’t beat you with just his sword.” A voice whispered from the void directly into the Verulyim king’s ears.
Mercer’s eyes suddenly filled with shock as he turned and look around until he finally asked: “Who’s there?!?”
At the top of the snowy mountain peak, space rippled and distorted as a beautiful woman dressed in a frilly white dress emerged. She had serenely calm blue eyes and white, luscious hair that reached down to her waist.
“Madam Qian!” The Verulyim king exclaimed, he instantly cupped his fist and bowed to her. The fairy-like woman stepped on the air with her jade feet and glided down with her white hair floating in the wind.
In an instant, she was in plains under the shadow of the mountain standing before the Verulyim king and Ye Yuyan.
“You’ve done your due diligence, Mercer.” The fairy replied, “You may leave now.”
The beautiful woman turned away from the shocked Verulyim king and stared at Ye Yuyan with cold and resentful eyes.