V.3-Ch.64: Opening the Phoenix Tomb
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Inside the Phoenix castle, The Verulyim king, Su Yan, Ghost hands, and Emily stood up the moment that Noble Qian faded away. The Verulyim king looked towards the Firelord and bowed lightly saying: “We shall take our leave then, fellow Daoist.”

The flames around the litter flitted as a deep voice dictated to the Verulyim king: “The Li clan shall secure Heaven’s Realm have your vassal handle the matter.”
The Verulyim king’s eyes narrowed, he held back his concern as he calmly responded: “Understood...”
The Verulyim’s king stepped on the air and gathered electrical energies all around his toga and transformed into a blue beam shooting through the heavens.
Emily and Su Yan did the same turning into a yellow and gold beam following behind the king. The last was the Ghost Hands doctor who turned into a white streak following behind Emily and Su Yan.
Their forms shot out of the Phoenix tower and exited the capital it moments once they approach the wall of steam it automatically parted for them.
The Verulyim king flew across the ocean at supersonic speeds causing huge waves in the sea as he blasted past. Behind him, Emily, Su Yan, and Ghost Hands struggled to follow as they zoomed past the sea.
After traveling a few hundred miles at hypersonic speeds, the Verulyim King suddenly stopped. Intense electrical forces crackled along his body as he scowled menacingly.
Emily, Su Yan, and Ghost Hands caught up after a moment but noticing the King’s scowl they stayed a few meters away from him.
“Damn it, if only I had Venerable Thunder’s inheritance, I would have been Rank 6 by now! Then that damned Firelord wouldn’t dare be disrespectful!” The Verulyim King growled with veins throbbing on his face and a flushed face.
Anger coursed throughout his body filling him with endless rage as lightning continuously crackled on his body.
“Father...” Emily’s lip quivered with sadness as she watched her father lose his cool.
Thunder pealed in the sky as currents of lightning burst off the Verulyim king into the sky. The friction and overwhelming lightning turned the white clouds dark and filled them with thousands of volts of energy.
The Verulyim king’s eyes crackled with lightning as he loosened his tight fists and stopped gritting his teeth. His angry grimace calmed turning emotionless and dignified in almost an instant.
“It will all be fine as long as I kill him and take his power...” The Verulyim king mumbled to himself as he smirked sinisterly.
The Verulyim king flicked the sleeves of his toga sending out hundreds of mystical runes and enshrouding Emily, Ghost Hands, Su Yan, and himself in the runes.
The runes vibrated and shone with fantastical lights. Their bodies dissipated into space transmitting instantly thousands of miles. Off in the Verulyim capital, the super formation of Nine swords shone with a myriad of colors as it resonated with the runes around the Verulyim king.
The black tower at the center of the Verulyim capital distorted as spatial energies gathered towards the top of the tower. The energies gathered toward a young man, in black Neo Victorian clothes sitting at the top of the tower. Along the young man’s face was the tattoo of a long green serpent with purple eyes.
The rampant spatial forces revolved around the young man’s body as he suddenly stood up and punched the space above the capital.
Space distorted as it instantly ripped open creating a massive void and suddenly four beams of light shot out from the void. The instant the beams emerged the young man used the remaining spatial energies to close the loophole.
The mystical beams coalesced into the Verulyim king and his followers as they stood in the sky of the Verulyim capital just below the Nine Sword Star barrier surrounding the city.
The Verulyim king coldly looked over at Su Yan and commanded: “You are to return to the Su Fief and show the Li clan to Heaven’s Realm.”
“Understood, your majesty.” Su Yan replied with a dignified bow.
Then he turned to Emily dictated to her: “You are to stay here and train in the Order.”
“Yes, Father.” Emily politely replied with a small courtesy.
“Thank you for your help, Elder Ghost Hands.” The Verulyim king intoned thankfully as he turned to the ashen old man in white robes.
“It was only a small matter, I need to meet with Arbitrator Feng Shu then I can return to the Sacrament.” Ghost Hands politely replied and turned to fly down to the tower.
The Verulyim king reached out with his palm releasing a torrent of runes and wrapped around Su Yan. These runes differed from the ones he used earlier because they didn’t rely on the Nine Sword Star formation and Feng Shu’s void serpent.
Instead, the Verulyim king’s formed it from his comprehension of heaven and earth law and allowed him to shrink space within a short distance.
This technique is the hallmark of a Rank 6 Overlord, the Verulyim king has been half step into Rank 6 for hundreds of years and has already comprehended a sliver of this law.
The mystical spatial runes warped the space around Su Yan transmitting him thousands of miles away.
His body flashed as he reappeared within a massive mansion with sprawling pavilions, throughout the construction was shrubbery and gardens. This was the Su Fief capital city that the Witch of Fortune reconstructed.
Su Yan coldly gazed at the industrious city as a nine colored light shone in his eyes. He turned behind him to see a nine colored aurora appear out of nowhere!
The aurora twisted and turned as a sea of wills writhed within it, hundreds of malevolent faces twisted into horrendous shapes as a figure burst out from within the aurora, coalescing into a rainbow enshrouded faceless man.
Su Yan went to him knees bowed before the faceless figure, releasing a nine colored aurora around him. Su Yan looked up reverentially and politely said to the figure: “Sir Foglord, I have a matter to report.”
The faceless figure coldly gazed at Su Yan when suddenly the figure extended out a nine colored palm and grabbed towards Su Yan’s aura. Su Yan kept his body still as the figure retracted its palm and opened it revealing a crystalline gem shaped like a crescent.
“Someone followed you.” The Foglord coldly intoned as he clenched his palm crushing the gem into nothingness.
A blue light emerged from the crystalline gem coalescing into the silhouette of a white-haired young man in blue robes, blue moonlight continuously emanated from his body shrouding his figure in an air of mystery.
“A pleasure to meet you, Exorcist King Foglord...” The blue figure politely said with a slight inflection in its voice.
“and who might you be?” Su Yan asked with suspicious squinted eyes.
“My name is Maven and I serve His Eminence, The Demon Lord of the Blood Sect.” Maven smirked lightly as he spoke.
“What?!?” Su Yan accidentally blurted out.
“I see, so Ye Yuyan already knows of us. Spit it out, what do you want to keep quiet?” The Foglord nonchalantly responded as he hardened his resolve.
The plan in Heaven’s Realm is pivotal to the Shadow Sect and any interference from other sects would ruin that. If Ye Yuyan leaked the Shadow Sect’s intention, it would ruin their plan.
“My master offers you the help of the Blood sect and in exchange, you will grant us the blood of the pixie king...” Maven offered with a calm and resolute voice
The Foglord went silent as he analyzed the situation and finally he spoke saying: “Those terms are amenable to us.”
Maven smirked as a cold light flashed in his eyes and affirmed the Foglord saying: “Then shall we proceed?”
Deep into the Eastern Lands, past the lush land and pastured fields, a black light streaked across the sky at speeds many times past the speed of sound. The fast-moving figure shot past the fields entering a desert land in a few moments.
The sun hung high in the sky releasing intense rays of light that scorched the sun further. Only the most extreme of life could survive within the desert as tempestuous winds carried sediment sand dunes into the air creating a frightening red wind.
The figure shot through the red winds unperturbed by the continuous barrage of sand and flew deep into the desert. When the figure happened upon construction in the middle of the desert. It was a terraced pyramid with steep stairs leading up to the main temple.
Vermillion birds decorated the sides of the building, painted alongside were various heavenly flames ascending to the top of the temple where a massive sculpture of Phoenix rising from the ashes peaked out.
The dark energies around the figure faded away, revealing a black-robed young man with a light smirk and a frighteningly cold eyes.
This young man was no other than Ye Yuyan after he consolidated his foundation in the Ye Ancestral Mountain, he headed directly to the Phoenix tomb.
Ye Yuyan opened his palm and revolved the red lotus releasing vermillion flames from his palm. As the flames burst off his palm, the phoenix sculpture suddenly came to life.
“Cahhh!” The Phoenix cried as the sculpture turned animate and flew into the air.
The massive phoenix spread its wings whipping up a massive storm and releasing a sky-high flame that emanated worldwide.
As the phoenix flew to the limits of the sky, a massive hole appeared in its original spot emanating the primordial darkness of the void.
Ye Yuyan’s eyes flashed with excitement as he turned into a dark streak of light and shot into the hole without hesitation, his body entered the darkness and shot through the void off into a distant world!