V.2-Ch.41: Advancement
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Throughout the void transmitted the sound of an enormous crashing sound. The red throne crashed down onto the Qilin horn shooting sparks into the void.

"Aaargh!" The Qilin beast roared as its lightning mane crackled releasing sparks across its body, its 9 colored horn shone as it stabbed the throne away.

Ye Yuyan's brows furrowed as the force of the impact transmitted through the throne, Maven's tiny form shook atop the armrest as Ye Yuyan stabilized the throne.

The Qilin's body flashed like a bolt of lightning retreating away from the throne. The Qilin stalked around the void looking for an opening, its beady blue eyes shined as they scanned over Ye Yuyan.

His massive body sat atop the red throne as a sea of blood wrapped around him, the ominous qi released ghostly howls.

"Harrr!" The Qilin growled bearing its electric teeth, its mane hairs stood straight as lightning crackled through the hairs.

Multiple currents of electricity zoomed from the Qilin's mane down its head, blue veins shone on its forehead as a powerful current went past its eyes and gathered in its mouth.

The powerful currents condensed into a single point in a flash, the lightning point reached critical mass as it burst out from its mouth like a gigantic blue beam that consumed the void! Ye Yuyan's brows furrowed as he raised his right-hand palm outward.

A deep blue gash shined with seething lightning, the blue beam suddenly atrophied and curved as powerful suction force burst from the gash. Ye Yuyan's gigantic palm covered the skies as the gash sucked in the blue beam.

The suction force rivaled the power of a black hole as the lightning beam rippled directly into it unable to resist. The sky covering palm devoured the lightning bolt as the blue gash shined with a deep blue light and filled with heavenly power.

Ye Yuyan lowered his palm back to his armrest as laid back on his throne nonchalantly. Ye Yuyan closed his eyes as he felt the lightning course through his body from the lightning mark, suddenly he pursed his lips with contempt as his eyes flashed open. The power of the Heavenly Dao filled his eyes as he laughed.

"Hehehe, you'll do just nicely..." Ye Yuyan's throne shined with the sinister blood Qi suddenly, the blood Qi twisted into a myriad of ghoulish faces.

The void filled with their blood-curdling screams as they as the Qi drifted to the edges of the void, the Qi wrapped all around Qilin beast causing it to roar in defiance.

"Aarrgh!" Lightning crackled from its mane creating a force-field of thunderbolts, the energy burst all around blasting the incoming blood Qi.

The blood Qi retreated creating a layer between the Qilin and the blood Qi, the various ghoulish faces collided with the thunder layer dissipating into nothingness.

The pure cleansing power of the thunder rippled through the blood Qi dispelling the evil energies, this was one of the special qualities of thunder it could cleanse evil energies like the ghoulish forces gathered in the blood throne, Lightning was its natural enemy!

The thunderbolts rippled trying to rip open the blood Qi barrier, the Qilin beast's horn gathered a thin layer of 9 colored light emerged as the Qilin turned into a 9 colored flash, the 9 colors burst through the blood Qi barrier and flashed through the void retreating at hypersonic speeds.

Ye Yuyan extended his right hand out again, the intense suction power emerged again as the sky covering palm grabbed toward the fleeing Qilin. The blue palm grabbed towards the Qilin's tail and suddenly gripped with intense strength.

Electrical storms burst from its tail as it struggled when Ye Yuyan's palm shone with a blue light and suddenly he pulled with a star-shattering strength.

"Aarrggggh!" The beast roared as it tried to struggle, releasing intense currents into the void. Ye Yuyan's grip only grew stronger as he absorbed the currents into the lightning gash. Maven's eyes flashed with astonishment as he watched the proceedings.

Ye Yuyan ripped the void with his sheer strength as he pulled in the Qilin, the red throne shined with blood Qi filling the void. He couldn't help but marvel at his master's plans, the Qilin was like a child fighting a strong man with no chance of fighting back.

"Red Lotus, Bloom!" Ye Yuyan left hand tapped out into the void releasing a scatter of red flower petals.

The leaves filled the void twisting as if the wind was blowing as it wrapped around the Qilin. Ye Yuyan grip grew harder as he pulled, and suddenly the blue gash shone with a devouring power.

A black serpent silhouette wrapped around the bottom of the red throne as the Qilin beast's tail dissipated into pure energy that entered the gash. The gash transformed into a heaven devouring vortex as the leaves stirred into a funnel.

The petals gathered together into 9 different lotus leaves as fused just below the Qilin, and suddenly the red lotus emerged in the void. The hums and tunes of the heavenly Dao filled with void as the red lotus bloomed and revolved on an axis.

"You've done well to resist me, but that's enough. Now you can become a part of my power!" Ye Yuyan sneered booming his voice throughout the realm.

The serpent below the throne hissed as it pushed the vortex from the gash to ensnare the whole Qilin.

First, its abdomen turned into an array of thunderbolts, then the hairs from its mane flew off as if they plucked by the vortex, then even its head the blue beady eyes shined with fear as the suction force devoured it, and finally, the 9 colored horn which resisted the most.

But Ye Yuyan's power was too great! The serpent jumped off the throne pushing the vortex to devour the horn, the 9 colored light fused perfectly into the vortex, Ye Yuyan's palm shone as it manifested a myriad of colors.

A 9 colored light revolved inside Ye Yuyan's body filling him with the heavenly power held in the Qilin. The red lotus revolved faster and faster as the lightning revolved in his veins transforming them and awakening the mysteries of his bloodline.

The lightning filled Ye Yuyan's body as it gathered into his right eye, hundreds of electrical streams condensed toward his pupil. His right pupil turned into a long blue slit as the lightning gathered rapidly transforming Ye Yuyan's sight.

The red lotus bloomed below the throne as the howls of the blood Qi acted like nutrients filling the red lotus.

Suddenly the slit in Ye Yuyan's eye split into two, then four, and then six. It kept going as it constantly split into thousands of lightning marks filling his entire right eye with the power of heaven.

The lightning marks burst out of Ye Yuyan's right eye, each of the lightning marks manifested into a different beast.

The void filled with the galloping of thousand different beasts, birds, gazelles, and giraffes stampeded through the void. Lightning crackled throughout the body creating a massive storm of electrical power.

The red lotus' fourth leaf hummed with the tunes of the Great Dao, as the beasts stepped onto the lotus leaf. The moment the beasts touched the lotus leaf, they transformed into lightning marks fusing one by one into the lotus leaf.

This transformation was extremely similar to what happened when Ye Yuyan entered the blood plains. A massacred beast would transform into a lightning mark that could change elemental power into a new form.

The engraved the mysteries of thunder onto the lotus leaf filling it with the truths of lightning. The lotus leaf shined with a cerulean like the sea as the lightning crackled across the entire leaf.

Suddenly the red throne changed into a sea of red lightning as Ye Yuyan sat atop it. An almost infinite amount of lightning marks swam in this sea of red lightning, the throne transformed into an array of lightning that burst into the red lotus leaf.

Nomological lines appeared across the red lotus leaf as the lightning condensed into multiple limbs and mane then suddenly a head manifested with a 9 colored horn. The beast danced through the sea of lightning as its abdomen fused together with the limbs, revealing the Qilin beast!

Ye Yuyan's body shrank back to its normal size as the red throne's power dissipated, and his red lotus grew below his feet. The first lotus leaf turned cyan and the second crimson, the third turned black, and the fourth turned into a cerulean!

In his left eye shined the power of yin and in his right eye was the power of thunder, below him spun a four-colored red lotus.

Ye Yuyan closed his eyes and sat in lotus form entering a deep meditation as the mantras and formulas for his cultivation techniques passed through his mind.

Maven flew away from Ye Yuyan as he felt as oppressive aura push him away, Lunar Qi created a cyan barrier around him as he watched the proceedings.

"He's advancing, such an incredible aura!" Maven mumbled to himself.

A thick lunar Qi manifested around Ye Yuyan congealing into a blue moon that shone with a cyan and ethereal light.

The red lotus hummed releasing lunar forces into Ye Yuyan's body, he reached into his robe and removed a decrepit and dusty old tome. Written on the old tome was "Blue Moon Code: Volume 2."