• Chapter #59: [MORE QUESTIONS]
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The two of them continued to stare at each other. This time however, all hints of underestimation had vanished, replaced only by a calculating one. Suddenly, Zen lightly grinned.

“How interesting…”

Kaide narrowed his eyes upon what he heard, but quickly regained his composure.

“Hmmm…”, Kaide hummed in thought.

Perhaps the two were still a bit shaken, as none of them made any moves at all.

[PoV Kaide]

“Seventh… You’re much more interesting than the rest.”, Zen complimented.

I raised my eyebrows at what he said. This guy named Zen… Despite having a dark and strange aura, he doesn’t give me any ill intents at all. He’s something…

On the other hand, I’m quite sure that his rank is higher than mine. He doesn’t even react to my presence or attempt to shield himself from me at all. He’s not jus some simple Ascended, but perhaps he also has many things on his arsenal.

But even with that, I have confidence that I can take him on. My thoughts pan back to the item that I had…

[Cosmic Block (Extremely Rare)]

[Information: An extremely dense brick of cosmos, it’s forged from a thousand Neutron Stars and Black Holes, fused together. This makes it impervious to any sort of damage, & is one of the most densest things out there.]

[Uses: Used for combative purposes, it doesn’t really weigh anything to it’s user. However, to it’s user’s enemy, it’s a different matter. Throwing this hard at a target would cause them to go flying at light speed, disintegrating in the process while looking like a comet as they fly. Dropping this at some height would also have similar effects to dropping a moon on a planet, which might make it fall out of orbit. Alternatively, one could use this as a melee weapon, making anything it hits disintegrate into dust if forced.]

[Other Notes: Cosmic Blocks that collide with each other cause a supernova way larger than a normal one. Also, it will immediately teleport back to it’s user’s hand once it hits the intended target, so don’t worry about accidentally destroying a planet. In order for its mass destruction ability to work, it’s user must drop it directly below them, & will it just drop, & not return. All of its effects lessen to Ranks Deity and above.]

Aside from the ridiculous description, this block actually costs a lot of mana when used, and though it made for one powerful weapon, it’s also a bit comical in my opinion.

Still, I think this would be enough to take care of him. Although, I’m not sure if he’ll survive or not. The Ascended had an immense durability, and they could sure survive as hell being crushed by an entire continent, not ignoring the fact that he may be able to evade the attack as well.

I could use it’s ability to crush him, it’ll be way to much of a risk that I would also destroy this planet.

Raising my palms, a black vortex formed on it, before the block materialized. Perhaps I could just scare him with this…

“A block…? Wait…”, Zen’s initial confusion vanished as he raised his guard. However, he also sighed at me.

“A Cosmic Block is very powerful. It would be troublesome if I get hit by that.”, He complained, a bit tiredly.

“How do you know about this?’, I demanded. Could it be that he has seen this kind of block before?

“I’ve had one before, and it requires a whole lot of mana to wield.”, Zen replies.

“Hmm…”, Was my only response. He was right, although it wasn’t put in the description, this thing actually required mana to use.


I lowered the block.

“What is it that you want?”, I asked. Seems like being straight to the point would be better.

“Oh? So we’re getting to business?”, He grinned. I immediately glared at him, and he placated a peace gesture by raising his arms lightly.

“Relax”, He chuckled. “I am Chen Zen, though you’ll probably know that from your ‘sources’.”, He emphasized, before continuing.

“And for what I want, I do not wish to become your ally or enemy, even to ask you to become my subordinate. I only need something.”

“And what might that be?”

“Your support when the time comes.”, He mysteriously said.

“Huh?”, I uttered, surprised and a little bit confused.

“Yes, your support. You see, a Hopper like you, me, and all others have one thing in common.”, He further said, only fueling to my growing confusion.

Out of a sudden, he picked something out of his coat pocket. Looking closer, it was some sort of badge. He then threw it at me.

I examined it closely but cautiously. It contained an unknown symbol, but didn’t seem to feel dangerous. Color wise, it was a simple one. It was circular, with the inner circle being pure white while its borders were jet black.

“We are chosen for something, and all of us are unique on our own.”

I only stared silently at him, still wrapping things on my head. In response, he merely smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, you’ll realize it soon. Even if you and I are on the opposite sides of the coin, or if the rest of us are constantly seeking to kill each other, we will need each other…”

“I swear this, as the First Hopper…”, He said, before smiling one more time.

“I look forward to meet you again, Seventh…”, And with that, he and the space around him rippled, before he vanished without any traces.

I can only stand there, filled with more questions than before. What did he meant that we have something in common? Why would we need each other in the future? 

With a frown, I stared at the badge one more time. What’s the purpose of this thing?

The entire encounter was surreal, it felt like I was just imagining the whole thing. He suddenly came, then vanished without explaining himself.


No matter, I know that we’ll meet again in the future.

“Haahhh…”, I exhaled deeply. The thing just exhausted me…

‘And that folks, will be the end. Now, let us move on to the next stations!’, The voice of the speaker through Allen’s link had snapped me out of my thoughts.


I can go to Ainzeb right now, but I’ll be pretty much doing something I wouldn’t want to do. That, and my access as a participant of the tournament will halt. I don’t want to trouble my livestreaming… As much as I don’t like it…


In another place, Zen was still trying to know what happened. He had done what he can do, and aside from that, he has also done his job for the other Hopper. Although it was doubtful if he’ll help, he would have no choice but to do so when the time to comes…

However, this wasn’t what bugged him…

[Pryer Of The Past] is an unique skill only available to him. It allowed him to see the soul of an individual, as well as its experiences. This ability to see goes as far as the previous reincarnations of the soul and their experiences. It even works if the soul was just transferred into another body.

However, what he saw on Kaide… Was nothing… It was merely a void of constantly spinning and endless void.

It was as if he had no existence to begin with…

He shivered at that thought, before grinning to himself.

“Truly, Hoppers have their own uniqueness…”

He could not find any other answer. He also could not explain while the Evil Gods were wailing in fear. It was the first time that it happened, and they were all saying the same thing over and over again.

“Existence has left him.”

Zen could only sigh, but immediately regained his composure and snickered. He saw terrors that most minds wouldn’t be able to take, but at the same time, is also glad that someone can still catch his attention. A Hopper, and from Earth too, he was sure of that.

‘With this, the stakes has risen…'

As he thought of this, he looked at the sky. Far away, massive bright runes littered the sky. They constantly blinked, as they also protected the world from the constant waves of extreme light and heat which attempted to strike the planet.

Closing his eyes, he listened to the whisper of the Evil Gods in his ears.

“Those of upper realms descended, the Evil Beings were muted by their presence. If Raging Light would be able to enter this world and with the Librarian in action, I can use this opportunity. The Evil Gods might become quiet should they continue crying…”


I got back from my seat. The heat glaring above seemed to be intensifying. Miyanase had never left my shadow ever since the encounter with Zen.

Aside from that, there seems to be something odd with Silk Walter. She would frown whenever she laid her eyes on me, though it would quickly be replaced by a smile once Allen comes into view.

And of course, the boy returned it with a kind smile and wave.

‘Tough luck, kid…', I thought in pity.

Seems like I got roped with another harem protagonist, with two women currently fighting for his heart. Silk seems to carry some deep feelings for him… I bet even a little more than that, while Mely’s admiration not paling in the slightest.

Still, he’s a little better than Hiro. Although, he’s a little shy, he’s not dense in the slightest and knows that they harbor feelings for him.

How do I know? Trust me, I just know.

Anyway, what I don’t really know are the reasons on why he seems to avoid being entangled in a relationship with either or both of them. Perhaps he still has something to achieve?

Though, speaking of Hiro, I couldn’t help but think. Does having more harem members make you denser…?


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