12. Pretending to be serious.
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Huh? Well, that’s a cute reaction.

But I couldn’t understand where it came from, because I suddenly was hit by something and sent flying to the nearest wall. The impact was strong enough to create a hole in it where I am sitting right now.

 “Whata damn dog…”

I grabbed my temple that was hit and looked at the place where I was standing a few moments ago. There was a huge dude with a pair of wings and unnaturally grayish skin color. I wonder what happens in his head, but his face doesn’t show anything good.

But what’s more important – his strike was rather powerful. I don’t know what part of his sword he used while hitting me, but I feel something wet on that part I’m holding my hand right now. In pair with some pain, it’s not hard to guess that this guy was able to deal some damage to me. Not good.

Without lots of time for thinking I jumped away from another strike while hitting a wall because my speed is still too damn fast. The sword easily made a hole where I was just a moment ago even bigger, and I created a hole in where I evaded to.


A sudden moan distracted me, and I finally saw a familiar face. A tanned dog-girl that I saw in a guild before was lying near the wall covered in blood.


Without much thought, I put my right hand to the pocket and started to search some potions in here. But before I realized my stupidity, a strange dude was attacking me again.

Reflexively I blocked him with my left hand. The blade left a little cut, and I was a bit confused because of the sharp pain I felt. Luckily my foe also got confused by my body’s sturdiness, so I used this little moment to grab the hand he was wielding a sword with and pulled as hard as I can.

 “Fly da fuck out!”

With a few spins around myself, I released his hand and sent him to another part of the room. With a loud sound, he crushed to the wall while creating a massive cloud of dust.

Not wasting any time I did a few short jumps to a direction of a lying girl.


And I slipped.

“Arrgh! Whats wrong with u people? Goinga round, throwing ur guts on da floor, someone can slip dammit!”

Umm. Did I just say it out loud? Not important.

I hastily got up and put a toilet paper I accidentally took from my pocket back into it. And gave myself a nice facepalm.

Idiot! Consumables are in a different pocket!

So now I used already my left hand and found some random potions that I pulled out and put them behind me near the girl. I would like to see what I actually pulled out, but I didn’t look away from a wall where grey dude should be. I can’t see anything because of the dust, so some extra attention is needed. I can let myself to give zero fucks, but a girl behind me definitely not. I just will hope that she has enough consciousness to see the potions in front of her and use them.

 “Guess I gotta try a bit hard huh…”

With that said I got up on my legs. With dust gone I could also see my opponent getting up as well.

Now I need to think a lot for sure. I can move rather fast, but it always ends up with me hitting the walls because I can’t control my speed. I can somehow with only my reflexes block an incoming hit. One out of six. But still can! But anyway a battle while moving is not an option. So I got only one strategy that will work.

For some reason, I got a smile on my face while I was walking to my opponent's direction. Wonder if it is because of his face that was a strange mix of rage, anger, and surprise, or because of my simple plan in my head. But anyway somehow I felt fun.

I continued to slowly walk towards a guy while carefully watching all his moves.

Suddenly he kicked the ground and rushed to me with a piercing attack, holding his sword in front of him. Exactly what I needed! With a slight sway of my body, I tried to evade it but still ended up with guy piercing my left shoulder with his sword up to the hilt.



But I could bear it!

Without losing any time I grabbed his neck with my left hand. After that, I did one step forward, put my right foot behind his legs and hastily pulled it giving my opponent a trip-up. With that, I fell to the floor with him and delivered some punches to his face with my right hand.

But suddenly when I was going to deliver another hit, my body felt strange and started to move almost by itself. With this, my last blow was delivered not to guy’s face, but his chest. I easily penetrated his armor and rib cage and pulled out his heart.


Nothing but astonishment filled me at this moment. Still beating heart was lying in my hands while I almost lost control over myself. Like some kind of animal instinct woke up in me and started to control me.

{Heart Devourer}

I remembered that strange skill that I should have. It seems like it automatically activated while I was beating this dude under me. Wonder why it wasn’t activated in a similar situation while I was fighting in a dungeon. Maybe because all my hits at that time was a one hit kills?

But it’s not important right now. Suddenly saliva was filling my mouth like crazy, and I couldn’t hold back the urge. With one bite I chomped the heart in my hands and started to chew.

Hey, hey, mister grey dude, don’t look at me with the eyes of ultimate stupefaction. I’m stupefied the same way as you, really.

At that moment the body under me turned black and shattered like a black glass statue. Only the sword in my shoulder remains.

I gave a long sight and pulled the sword out of my shoulder. It was quite painful again, but I managed somehow. Gladly, my wound healed rather quickly, so I didn’t even have time to pick up another health potion from my pocket. I guess my regeneration works pretty well. I wonder that this heart gave me though. I really don’t feel any changes or stuff. I just chewed a damn heart. I got up and noticed a strange glow on the floor. I guess it was a portal that appears when a dungeon boss is killed. But well, with this dude I just umm…ate…I feel like there is actually some danger in this world that I can expect.


With another sigh, I thought about this battle once again. It was…strange. It had some danger in it but kinda still not enough to feel it properly.

But one thing I can say for sure…






“Tastes like chicken.”