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In the world of Sorma, magic could be found anywhere. Mana was abundant in the air. All the races could use magic, but it was uncommon among humans.


That all changed when a group of robots mysteriously showed up out of nowhere one day outside the borders of Rotopi, the biggest country in the world. They came in claiming that they came in peace from another planet to study magic. They also agreed to help with developing technologies to let the common people use magic.


As time passed, the technology came to be known as Magitech, which slowly became more accessible to the common people. The technology used the mana found in the air, and prices dropped as breakthroughs were made in the technology. Over time, multiple companies sprung up to research the technology.


Soon enough, almost everyone who couldn't use magic depended on Magitech, but the people who could use magic were still much more powerful than the technology. Despite that, fending off monster hordes became easier, and fighting demons became easier too. 


The researchers were unsurprisingly unhappy with their products. They continued working with the robots to try to further improve the technology, but the efficiency only ever so slightly grew over time. Many researchers became frustrated.


Around 20 years after the robots came, one company succeeded in making the tools efficient enough to create humanoid machines that could use magic. These were the first of their kind and could be mass produced. Though less powerful than a human mage, they were abundant in numbers, and a group of them easily had more firepower than a mage.


The researchers, however, were still not satisfied. They wanted their creations to be more efficient, more powerful. They wanted their creations to be more powerful than a mage on a battlefield.


It was then that an orphaned young boy did something that the researchers couldn't do. His creations from scraps thrown out by the companies were far better than what the companies could make, even with their latest technology. The companies wanted to know his secrets, so they sought him out.