Chapter 6: The Old Man
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Aumo and LisiA slowly walk through the wasteland, with Aumo holding onto LisiA as she didn't want to trip. The uneven ground was not helping, as Aumo's sense of balance was still off because of her new body.


As they slowly made their way to the nearest forest, Aumo felt that she had reached her mana capacity after a few hours of walking.


You have reached your mana capacity. You will now slowly regenerate any damage you have taken.


Aumo heard Ria go off in her head.


When an android reaches their mana capacity, they stop regenerating their mana and absorb the minimum amount of mana from the air to function. As Aumo has the ability to turn mana into matter, her Ria will repair any damage done to it. After the damage has been repaired, the body will work like any other android's.


As Aumo continued moving forward, she felt something slightly tickle her on the face. It was the tiny scrape from when she fell healing.


"Should I have healed myself before leaving?" Aumo thought about it as she carefully moved onwards.




It was just another normal day for an old man who lived in a small wooden hut next to the forest. He looked decently normal, with some robotic parts on him.


Thanks to the robotic parts, he has lived a long life, and was able to live alone next to a forest with no problem.


As he finished chopping his firewood for the week, the sun started setting. He looked towards the wasteland filled with rubble, and thought about the time when he still lived in the city.


Just as he was about to turn around to enter his hut, he saw two humanoid figures in the sunset in the wasteland. One was holding onto the other, and they were moving very slowly.


"Who in their right mind would go through this wasteland?" the old man said as he watched the two figures get closer.


As the two got closer, the old man could vaguely make out their clothes. He recognized the clothes that one of them was wearing, an outfit that he saw almost everyday when the city once stood.


Perhaps seeing him as well, the two figures started picking up their pace. As the two got closer, the old man couldn't believe his eyes.


The one getting held onto had a face he could never forget, it was LisiA. But then, who was the young girl holding onto to her?




As Aumo and LisiA got closer to the forest, a hut and a person came into view. The hut was next to the forest, and the person seemed to have spotted them.


"Let's pick up our pace, I think I can walk a little bit better now," Aumo said to LisiA.


"Okay," replied LisiA.


After a few hours of walking, Aumo had slightly gotten used to the body, but not enough. The sun was setting, and the person they saw seemed to have spotted them.


As they got closer, they saw that it was an old man, and he had a look of shock on his face. Though wrinkly, it looked familiar, but there is no way a person could live that long…


Then, the old man started walking towards them, as he got closer, he shouted "LisiA! Is that you? It's me! Odis!"


"Odis? The Scrap Yard guy? He's alive after this long?" LisiA didn't believe that a person could live this long, nor did Aumo. 


"Doesn't that make him over 160? No way someone that old could have that much energy!" Aumo saw that the old man had just finished chopping firewood.


Upon further inspection, Aumo saw that parts of his body were replaced with robot parts. The parts looked old, but were well maintained as they had no visible rust on them.


“LisiA, you looked just as you did all those years ago! Who might this be?” as LisiA and Aumo got closer, Odis immediately greeted them.


“How should I put it…” LisiA was unsure how she could explain Aumo turning into a young looking girl after 130 years passing.


“Hello Odis, I’m Aumo! Long time no see!” Aumo didn’t mind it, though, as she immediately answered Odis’s question.


“Aumo? You mean that young boy that… hold on. Then you two were both buried underneath this wasteland?” Odis remembered that the last time he had met Aumo and LisiA was the day when the Magitools representative had invited them to the company. On the day that they went to the headquarters, the headquarters had collapsed, and the city soon followed.


“It’s a long story,” said Aumo.


“If it is long, then how about coming into my hut with me? It is almost night time,” replied Odis.


“We will gladly take that offer,” said LisiA, and the three made their way to the hut as the sky slowly darkened.




Odis’s hut was by no means big, but it was big enough to fit three people inside.


“I built this hut soon after escaping the city. Three days after the Magitools Headquarters went down, the robots that came out of the headquarters went ahead and slowly destroyed the city. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there they were, around ten robots chanting words that I couldn’t understand wreaking havoc upon the city,” said Odis, as he grabbed a chair and sat down, “Have a seat.”


Aumo and LisiA both took a seat at Odis’s table.


“I was lucky, having been near the edge of the city, since that’s where my Scrap Yard is. As soon as the city started getting destroyed, I saw citizens rushing out of the city. The robots didn’t give chase to the citizens leaving, they only focused on the people still inside. I followed suit and left the city too with my wife as we didn’t want to die,” Odis continued his story.


“You had a wife?” Aumo never saw Odis’s family, it was only him at the scrap yard when he visited.


“They were at home, my house was near the scrap yard,” replied Odis, “Anyway, I saw some people try to put up a fight that day, but the robots looked unaffected by the magitools. The only people that were able to deal damage to the robots were the Mages. It was no wonder that the researchers were all trying to make better tools, even the combat androids and automatons they created did no damage to the robots.”


“The best magitools were unable to cause damage to the robots?” Aumo was amazed by that fact.


“Yes. In fact, I saw that a bright flash every time the tools hit the robot, and the magic would disappear. For the mages, though, such a thing didn’t happen. They brought down 2 robots, but they also retreated after running out of mana,” Odis continued his story, “With that said, I built this hut soon after the city was destroyed. My children left me after they grew up to find jobs in other cities, and they sent me letters from time to time until about 80 years ago. My wife died a few years after they left… Here I am, still alive and well somehow, 163 years old.” 


“Did you create those robotic parts on your own?” LisiA asked, as she studied the robotic limbs that Odis had.


“No, a few decades back, I saw a robot wandering inside the forest. For me who had witnessed robots destroy the city, I was at first alarmed. He noticed me, and promptly came out of the forest and greeted me. He told me that he was of a faction that supported humans, and saw that I was alone. He kept me company for a few years, searched the wasteland for useful things and created these robotic parts for me as I was getting old, and my body was slowly failing. The day he finished everything, he told me that he had to leave because his faction was calling for him. I haven’t heard from him since, but he added that he sensed something inside the ruins that intrigued him,” Odis replied to LisiA.


“It must’ve been me inside the ruins then,” said Aumo, “Being buried so deep down inside the rubble sucked.”


“If you don’t mind staying the night, please do. The monsters in the forest are active at night, but they won’t attack this hut. I’ll slowly fill you in on everything I know about the current world,” Odis offered.


“Okay,” said Aumo, and LisiA nodded.


The night slowly went by.





Name: Aumo

Core Level: 1

XP: 0/20

Status: Normal

HP: 2000/2000

MP: 1000/1000 


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Levitation, Mana Vibration

Upgrades: None


Note: I may have forgotten about the mana chart. Typing on a phone sucks, as autocorrect will mess you up. How many times has “mana” been replaced with “mama”?