Chapter 7: Heading Out
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Odis had explained everything he knew that had changed within the hundred-so years that Aumo and LisiA were buried. Aumo and LisiA also somewhat explained how Aumo was alive, and how she was now an android as well(Odis was surprised once again). As Odis himself was also secluded from the world, he couldn’t exactly tell what was going on out there, but he does know that the current situation couldn’t be said to be peaceful.


From the robot that had helped him all those years ago, he had figured out that there were most likely factions that may or may not be at war. 


“Factions? Are they a mix of robots and humans?” Aumo was curious as she sat and listened to Odis’s stories and explanations. 


“I don’t know, they could be,” replied Odis, “It’s getting late, I think it’s time to turn in for the night. I have some spare rooms. They haven’t been used in decades, but I do clean them from time to time. I’ll show you two to your room.”


“Okay,” said Aumo and LisiA, and they followed Odis.


The room Aumo and LisiA was shown was properly furnished, but at the same time it was empty. The drawers and closets were empty, but it was clean despite nobody using it for so long.


As LisiA and Aumo were both androids, they didn’t require sleep, and as androids usually don’t have the sense of touch, they could never experience the feeling of jumping into a bed after a long day of work.


The same couldn’t be said for Aumo, as Ria had specifically given her body sensors to feel things, which is something that researchers were still unable to do after a hundred years had passed.


As Aumo jumped into the bed…


“OW!” Aumo exclaimed in pain. The bed was extremely hard. It was made completely of wood, and Aumo had jumped into it with too much power.


“Ria why did you make these sensors so sensitive?” Aumo complained.


It’s to replicate the human experience. You can always turn them off,” replied Ria.


LisiA silently watched, wondering how pain would feel. Eventually, Aumo and LisiA went to sleep. While not necessary, it is a great way to skip time for androids who have nothing to do, or if their bodies require modifications. Throughout the night, Ria slowly fixed up some more things in Aumo’s body as some things were actually done in a hurry. It wasn’t that Aumo couldn’t balance well, but instead that some things weren’t configured correctly.




As the morning sun rose and the sunlight came through the window, LisiA promptly woke up as she always did before. Aumo also woke up, but it didn’t feel like she had slept at all. She didn’t feel sluggish at all, instead she felt as she did before she slept.


“It doesn’t feel as if I just woke up in the morning,” said Aumo, “It’s as if I just skipped some time. No need to stretch too.”


“Of course, we don’t actually sleep. We just go into standby,” said LisiA.


As they both got out of bed, Aumo realized that she no longer felt off-balance and could move normally.


I fixed up some things, you should be able to move normally now,” said Ria after Aumo took a few steps.


“So me falling over was your fault…” Aumo was reminded that the first thing she did the day before was fall face first into the floor. 




Aumo then proceeded to walk around a bit more to make sure that there really were no problems, and then they heard a knock on their door.


“Breakfast is ready… Oh wait you both are androids,” Odis was outside the door, but then remembered that Aumo was now also an android, “Can androids eat?”


Odis had never seen an android eat before, nor had Aumo. LisiA didn’t exactly know either as she had never eaten before. She is certain she isn’t able to, but even if she could, she most likely wouldn’t be able to taste anything.


I made it so that there are sensors for taste. Any food eaten will turn into mana. Just don’t eat too much, they won’t digest if your mana is full,” Ria suddenly said, which meant that Aumo could eat.


“Did I just hear a voice?” Odis wasn’t aware of Ria as Aumo nor LisiA had mentioned anything about it. 


“Ah, that was Ria, a system that shares the core with me,” Aumo quickly explained, “With that said, it seems that I could eat. My first food in over a hundred years, I wonder how it would taste.”




After breakfast, which consisted of mushrooms, eggs, and some carrots, Aumo and LisiA thanked Odis for the hospitality. 


“I think we shouldn’t bother you any further,” said LisiA as they finished breakfast, “We plan to find out what is happening out there.”


“Then I wouldn’t stop you two. If you go east through the forest long enough, you should be able to find a road out on the other side. If there is no road, head north from there. I’m not sure if there is still a town there, but I would recommend going there first,” said Odis.


“Thank you!” said Aumo, “But what about you?”


“I will stay here as I have for over a century. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” replied Odis.


“Okay then… Bye,” said Aumo, as she and LisiA both turned to leave.


“Goodbye, may we meet again,” replied Odis, and he went back to his daily schedule. As he went into their room to clean it up, he saw that on the table, they had left him a wrapped up gift. He then slowly unwrapped it to see what was inside…




Aumo and LisiA made their way into the forest, which was next to Odis’s hut. It looked almost exactly as it had a hundred years ago when Aumo had gone into the forest before to test his magic, but the trees had grown much bigger. 


As they walked deeper into the forest, they heard some rustling nearby.


“I think I heard something within the bushes,” whispered Aumo as she slowly got ready in case of an ambush.


It’s just some goblins. As you are now, you can easily defeat them with a punch to the head,” said Ria, telling Aumo that she doesn’t have to be that alert.


As Ria said that, a goblin leaped out of the bushes at them, and LisiA kicked it out of the air which sent it flying into the forest. 


“I’m a combat android too, you know,” said LisiA as she readied herself to fight off any enemies that might appear.


“I need the cores! Don’t send them flying off like that!” exclaimed Aumo as she watched the goblin get sent to wherever it went.

Monster cores are condensed souls of the monsters after they die. They can be found next to the heart a few minutes after they die, which means that one must wait a while for a core to form. If a monster was sent somewhere they couldn’t find it, they wouldn’t be able to get the core, but if they did find it, chances are that the core was already formed.


As Aumo pestered LisiA, more goblins jumped out of the bushes and surrounded them. Some of them were armed with crude weapons.


“Is it normal to have this many goblins in a forest?” Aumo asked, as animal-type monsters were normally the more common type of monsters according to her knowledge.


“Yes, it is pretty normal if they are attacking a group of only females,” replied LisiA.


“Ah,” said Aumo, as she punched a goblin that came close to her. It died on the spot without any sound, “Uh, I know that Ria said that a punch could kill them but isn’t this too much?”


The goblins didn’t care about the fact that Aumo had taken out one of them with a punch, and instead all rushed at the two at once. 


Soon enough, all the goblins were taken down, and the two waited for the cores to form.


“I think the cores are ready now,” said LisiA after a few minutes of waiting, and slowly cut opened the bodies with the tools that the goblins had on them.


As she took out the cores, she handed them to Aumo. There were about 20 goblins, so 20 cores.


You can ingest the core, or hold it in your hand and slowly absorb it. Ingesting it is faster,” said Ria as Aumo looked at the cores in her hand. They were very small, as goblins weren’t very strong.


“I think I will hold off on eating these…” said Aumo, as she slowly absorbed the cores in her hand.


You have gained 40 EXP! You have leveled up.





Name: Aumo

Core Level: 2

XP: 20/35

Status: Normal

HP: 2000/2100

MP: 1020/1020 (+20)

MP Stored: 93


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Levitation, Mana Vibration

Upgrades: None


Note: I had projects, homework, and exams due, so I typed all of this up in like an hour or so. The quality of this is of course going to be bad. When have I ever written something good? I remember that my essays never got anything above a 85... Expect a really badly drawn cover within a month or two as well...