Chapter 9: Mana Explanation
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Aumo glanced through her status for a bit, and then closed it.


"All I gained in 2 levels was 40 more MP and 100 more HP it seems," said Aumo. She had expected a much greater growth than just that.


"The increments will go up as you level up. Your HP is linked to your MP. Every 50MP will increase your HP by 100," said Ria, explaining how the status works, "In fact, the HP is only a rough calculation. It isn't exact, since if you hit 0HP, it doesn't mean that your body will crumble. It only means that your body is so damaged that you need some time to repair. You could still move, but it is advised to not do so."


"I will try to never get to that point," said Aumo.


While Ria was explaining the leveling system, LisiA and Aumo had sat down by the lake in the clearing. Although androids do not need breaks, it was still nice to rest from time to time.


While they were taking a breather, LisiA suddenly realized something. 


"Aumo, you've been wearing that dress this entire time, how is it not dirty or damaged?" LisiA laid her eyes on the dress that Aumo was wearing.


"I almost forgot! This was so easy to move in that I forgot about it…" replied Aumo as she looked down.


It wasn't a fancy dress at all, it was a plain white dress that had no designs on it. Though plain, it was comfortable enough that Aumo forgot about it.


"Completely white, it doesn't look like something I wore after going through a forest and killing some monsters," said Aumo, as she pondered how it would work. She could make a new set of clothes at any time but she didn't as she forgot.


"Any clothes you wear will automatically get cleaned and repaired as long as you have mana," said Ria.


"So this isn't a special dress," said Aumo.


"No. It's just a normal white dress that I just made in the spur of the moment," replied Ria.


"I think I will make some clothes sometime soon," said Aumo as she looked at the lake, "But I think we should take a bath in the lake."


Though her clothes weren't dirtied, Aumo had some dirt and blood on her. LisiA had some blood and dirt on her and her clothes. Aumo didn't understand why her clothes would stay clean, but not her body.


"I agree, we should take a bath" said LisiA.


While Aumo could just remove the dirt and blood, she felt that taking a bath would feel much better, until she learned how cold the lake was…




After cleaning themselves off in the lake, they had to dry themselves off.


LisiA dried herself and Aumo by directly removing the water off their bodies.


"Water manipulation is simple, just imagine water moving the way you want it to," said LisiA as she finished.


"Ok," said Aumo.


Creating something out of mana required a clear image of that item, along with a lot more mana than that item is made up of. The more complex something was, the more mana it took.


As that was the case, LisiA asked Aumo to just remove the dirt and blood from her clothes and repair it. Aumo had proposed to make towels, but gave up on the thought after realizing so.


"Now then," said LisiA, "Should we stay here for the night or move on?"


It was already getting dark, as they had actually spent a long time in the forest to get to this clearing in the forest. 


"There's really nothing to do here," said Aumo, "I think that we should get out of this forest as soon as possible."


With that, the two continued to traverse through the forest.




The forest past the clearing wasn't as overgrown as the part they went through before. It was likely due to the fact that this side of the forest was where people would hunt.


As they walked through the forest, the sun had already set, and it was dark. This wasn't a problem for Aumo and LisiA as they could see in the dark.


"We went to sleep yesterday night so I didn't know, but seeing in the dark like this is really weird," said Aumo as she walked.


Androids had night vision, which uses the light from their eyes. Although Aumo's eyes didn't shine like other android's, it was still able to see in the dark.


"New experiences. Speaking of which, what does pain feel like?" said LisiA.


Androids had emotions, but they didn't have any senses other than sight and hearing.


"Ria, is it possible to add sensors to LisiA?" asked Aumo, "Also make the eyes not shine."


"It is possible. My calculations tell me that it will take around 500MP. Do you want to do it?" replied Ria. 


The reason why Ria had used the junk in Aumo's base was that the creation of such sensors used a lot of mana. The mana that was gotten from said junk was just enough to get the work done.


“What happens if I run out of mana?” asked Aumo after hearing the mana cost. It was nearly half her mana!


Nothing, really. The number shown is also not your actual mana capacity. The amount of mana shown in your status is your full cap, with the required mana for operation subtracted,” replied Ria, “It can go negative. Once again, not advised.


“Since we are in a forest, I could chop down some trees for mana. Is there any way to tell how much mana there is in a material?” asked Aumo. This was in preparation in the future. Instead of asking when it is most needed, she decided to ask now.


You can analyze materials. You can scan something with your mana by moving through it with your mana. With that, you can roughly estimate how much mana is in something,” replied Ria, “The larger it is, the more time it would take.


“Then I will break off a branch of a tree and try it,” said Aumo as she reached for a tree branch. Trees didn’t have souls, so absorbing them as a whole was plausible, but these trees were big, and Aumo didn’t want to scan an entire tree.


After she broke off the branch, she sent some mana through the branch.


You have learned Mana Analysis! 


Item has 13MP.


“If this small branch that is almost the length of my arm has 13, then a whole tree would have…” Aumo looked at the trees in the forest. The air was considered “mana-dense” but every single tree was more dense than the air.

“That aside, LisiA, do you want to have the sensors installed?” asked Aumo almost forgetting what she was doing before.


LisiA was listening to the conversation between Aumo and Ria the entire time as they walked. The conversation was interesting, so she stayed silent and listened as they walked.


“If you don’t mind, I would,” replied LisiA. In fact, every android had thought at least once about how touch, taste and smell would feel like if they had their own will. 


“If we don’t risk getting attacked, then I think we can do it now,” said Aumo.


Other than the goblins and the wolves, there hasn’t been much of anything for some reason. This was due to the fact that androids didn’t give off any life signals, and the monsters that attacked humans wouldn’t detect any. The only reason why the goblins and wolves attacked was only because they either saw or heard the two.


“I don’t think anything would attack us if we don’t get seen or heard,” said LisiA, “So I believe we can do it now.”


“Okay,” replied Aumo, and she started getting to work. As she did, she felt mana draining out of her rapidly. Normally no spell would use this much mana except the most powerful spells.





Name: Aumo

Core Level:3

XP: 10/50

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 921/1040 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw

Upgrades: None


Note: I couldn’t think up much for this week, so I decided to just make a chapter of how much of the mana system has been planned out. I sometimes wonder why I make plans for when they get out of the forest, but not when they are in the forest. This system is gonna hurt my head...