Chapter 10: Mechanical Wolf
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Though it didn't take a long time, creating the sensors for the senses took a lot of mana. It also gave off a lot of light, which was especially visible in the forest during the night. However, no monster dared to get close after sending so much mana being used in one place.


"Phew, I think it's done," said Aumo. There was no sweat as she was now an android, but she made the gesture of wiping sweat off her forehead anyway, "How is it?"


The light had faded, and LisiA sat at the base of a tree seemingly at a daze; her eyes were also no longer glowing. The feeling of the temperature of the air, the clothing on her skin, and the cold ground was too much to take in at once. 


"LisiA, are you okay? Anything wrong there?" Aumo was concerned as LisiA still sat there in a daze, "You can turn off the sensors if it's too much."


Hearing that, LisiA was about to immediately turn off all the sensors, but she didn't want to. What she felt was beyond what she could've imagined. 


"No, I'm fine," said LisiA as she quickly composed herself and slowly got up, "Is this how it feels to be human?"


"No?" Aumo knew that androids were made to resemble humans, but having the five senses and being human are completely different. Compared to her original body, Aumo felt a lot more comfortable and lighter, but it still felt that there was something missing.


"Okay," said LisiA, she was also aware that simply having the senses doesn't make her human, "That aside, I think something's heading our way because of that bright flash of mana."


Although most monsters would be scared by the amount of man's that was used, the stronger monsters don't.


"Except I don't remember any monsters that are that strong in this forest," continued LisiA.


Whatever was approaching didn't seem to be alive. It didn't seem to give off any life signals, and the only indication was the sound that could be heard coming closer.


"I don't like where this is going," said Aumo.


Just as she said that, a mechanical wolf came out from between the trees. It quickly came to a stop and looked at the Aumo, then LisiA.


"Uhhh, what do we do?" asked Aumo, looking at the wolf that just appeared. 


The wolf slowly inched closer, and the two stood their ground. Just as the wolf was about a meter away from Aumo, it may have suddenly felt something and immediately backed off and ran.


“Wait, it’s running away!” said Aumo, “Chase it! It might lead us out!”


“Lets,” said LisiA, and she followed Aumo as they chased the mechanical wolf down.


The path that the wolf took was much easier to get through, especially due to the size of the wolf. LisiA and Aumo were able to run without stopping thanks to the lack of obstacles in the way.




After a few minutes of chasing, the wolf suddenly stopped and the two caught up.


In front of the wolf was a small group of orcs surrounding 3 people in light armor. 


“These people need help!” said Aumo, and she quickly started preparing spells.


“Wait, those spells are too weak,” said LisiA, “You need a more powerful spell, but don’t use fire. We don’t want to burn down the forest.”


LisiA then compressed the air, and sent out air slashes. The slashes were big, but barely visible. The only way to see the slashes was to notice how the light seemed to bend weirdly at where the slash was at.


Giant gashes appeared on the back and sides of the orcs, and the ones that got hit turned around and saw LisiA and Aumo.


“That spell is called Air Slash. The more mana you use, more air gets compressed and does more damage! Imagine compressing the air and firing it,” explained LisiA as fired out some more slashes, and took off the head of one of the high orcs.


“Got it!” replied Aumo, and she started to imagine the air compressing.


You have learned Air Slash! Mana Cost: 1-?(Unknown Limit)


As Aumo and LisiA took down the orcs, the last one was still focused on the group of people. As it attacked, the smallest figure in the group jumped and kicked the orc in the face and the orc stumbled backwards.


As it did, LisiA and Aumo both shot an Air Slash at it and it got cut in half.


“The compressed air decompresses and the results are explosive,” said Aumo amazed by the power of shooting compressed air, “Though it did use a lot of mana.”


MP: 435/1040


Seeing the last orc fall over, the biggest person in the group let out a sigh of relief. 


“Mecanis! Who are these two you brought with you?” the biggest person in the person asked.


It was still dark, but there were significantly less trees here, and the moon was visible. 


The wolf made some gestures, and the person seemed to understand.


“Thank you for saving us. We didn’t expect Orcs to attack during our night patrol,” said the biggest person as LisiA and Aumo went closer to the group, “I’m Guardon, and this is my Mech Wolf Mecanis.”


“Ray,” said the man behind Guardon. He then started scolding the smallest person in the group.


“The one Ray is scolding is Stella. She has a lot of power packed in that small body, but does many reckless things,” explained Guardon, “Who might you two be, being in the forest so late at night.”


“I’m LisiA, this is Aumo. We got lost in the forest until your wolf found us,” said LisiA.


“Was that bright flash caused by you two?” asked Guardon. The flash was very bright, it was rather deep in the forest but could be seen on the outskirts, “I sent Mecanis to investigate, but didn’t expect to be attacked by Orcs immediately after.”


“Was it that bright?” Aumo asked.


“Yes, Luckily Mecanis found you two before the bandits did,” said Guardon, “They’ve been quite active lately. Anyway, seeing how there’s so many Orcs around, I need to head back now and report this to the guild.”


“Can you lead us to the city?” asked Aumo.


“No problem, you did save us,” said Guardon, then he turned around and said, “You two! We’re heading back. These two girls will also be accompanying us.”


“Okay,” said Stella and Ray in unison immediately stopping what they were doing.


“Could we first get the magic cores?” asked Aumo. She needed them.


“Alright,” said Guardon.


They waited a little, and then LisiA harvested the cores from the orcs. The six then made their way out of the forest and to the city. It was a little past midnight when they got back.





Name: Aumo

Core Level:3

XP: 10/50

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 472/1040 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash

Upgrades: None


Note: I’m spending too much time playing games. I’m forgetting almost everything else that I have planned. Worry not, this story will still be written. I personally feel that I’m just putting whatever into these chapters without really knowing what I’m doing. How long will this story last before it gets worse?