Chapter 11: Entering Yuhsar
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Prior to arriving at the city, the group of six: Aumo, LisiA, Guardon, Mecanis, Ray, and Stella, had to first find the road. Although it was possible to get to the city without using the road, the road was paved, and therefore easier to walk on. The roads were also guarded by Automatons so that monsters didn’t dare to get closer.


The moon overhead was bright enough for the group to see (although three have night vision), and eventually the road came into view. Some weaker monsters were around, but they stayed back when they saw Mecanis.


“Mecanis here has a device built in that wards off weaker monsters,” explained Guardon, “We figured out that there was a sound that weaker monsters were scared of, and they have more sensitive ears than humans. We can’t hear it, but the monsters can.”


Listening to Guardon’s explanation, Aumo realized that there was indeed a sound coming from within Mecanis, it was a very quiet sound that wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but gave off a weird feeling. She wouldn’t have noticed it if not for Guardon telling her about it since it wasn’t anything too important.


Ria, do you know how that sound works?” Aumo asked Ria in her head.


For the weaker monsters, the sound is extremely loud and unpleasant to their ears. As for the stronger monsters, they can’t exactly hear the sound since it’s so quiet. If they were closer, they might actually get attracted by the sound. The Orcs probably heard the sound when the group got closer.


The sound from Mecanis may have alerted the nearby orcs before it left, and the group of orcs found the group of 3 people when Mecanis went off to find the bright flash in the forest.


“Lets get onto the road and hurry back to the city,” said Guardon suddenly, breaking Aumo’s chain of thoughts. 


An automaton watched as the group got on the road, but didn’t move from its spot. It appeared to be observing the group to check if there were any threats, but didn’t recognize any. It only had the ability to compare the outer appearance of entities to its database. It only reacts to the nearby monsters, but if any other monsters were to attack, it also wouldn’t react.


After passing by the automaton, the group made their way back to the city.




The city was actually visible from the forest, but the distance made it seem relatively small. The walls of the city were rather big, and also had automated sentries built-in in case of monster swarms. 


“Wow, defensive technology has really evolved throughout the years,” said Aumo to LisiA.


Other than the impressive defense on the outside, however, the inside of the city actually looked relatively the same as how cities looked a hundred years ago. The only difference was that some normal buildings were about 2 or 3 floors taller. 


“Welcome back, Sir,” the two guards standing at the gate to the city greeted Guardon.


“You don’t have to be so formal, we talked about this already,” replied Guardon, “That aside, we have to report what we found in the forest, it’s urgent. I found these two in the forest and they saved us, so let them through for now."


"Alright, Welcome to Yuhsar," said one of the guards.


"Sorry for rushing you two, but could I trouble you two to come to the guild with me?" asked Guardon to LisiA and Aumo, "Ray and Stella, you two can go home."


"Finally," said Ray.


As Ray and Stella left, Guardon led Aumo and LisiA to the guild after the two said that it was fine.


As the three walked up to the guild, Aumo noted that the design of the buildings haven't changed at all. The original guild system was still going strong.


As they approached the door, they found that a note was stuck on the door. It read: "If you find anything, report it tomorrow. I'm tired. -Guildmaster"


"I forgot how lazy the guildmaster was," said Guardian as he read the note, "I'll introduce you two to an inn for tonight then."


"We don't have any money," said LisiA.


"No worries, you two saved us today after all," said Guardon.


Guardon soon led them to an inn to stay for the night.




There was an inn really close to the guild, and it still had empty rooms available. 


Before leaving, Guardon asked the two,”What time would you two be ready to go to the guild tomorrow?”


“Anytime is fine,” replied LisiA, “When is the guildmaster available?”


“Ah right there was that. The guildmaster will probably wake up around the afternoon,” said Guardon.


“That would be fine,” said LisiA, “Tell us when you go to the guild. We’ll be in our rooms until then.”


With that, Guardon left the inn, and the two went to their rooms.


“Wow, a soft bed! I miss these!” said Aumo as she jumped into the bed. She hasn’t learned at all from the time she jumped into the hard bed at Odis’s hut.


“Are they really that comfortable?” asked LisiA as she sat down on the bed. She then felt the softness of the mattress against her bottom, and she fell into bliss.


“What is this feeling?” asked LisiA confused, yet she loved it.


“I told you! Soft beds are the best!” said Aumo.


As they both laid down to rest for the night, LisiA didn’t regret asking Aumo to give her the sensors. Having the sense of touch truly was amazing.





Name: Aumo

Core Level:3

XP: 10/50

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 834/1040 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash

Upgrades: None



Note: Sorry for being extremely late today. It was New Years and everything, but that’s no excuse since I simply didn’t celebrate them at all. I woke up in the morning and realized “Oh crap I need to write a chapter,” but got to it late. Then, my friend dragged me into a competitive game of CS:GO when I wrote just 3 sentences. That aside, I actually need to plan this story out more. The quality will drop very hard if I don't, and let us all hope this doesn’t become a story about cooking and eating.