Chapter 12: LisiA’s New Functions
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Androids didn’t need sleep, and LisiA may have spent the entire night enjoying the feeling of a soft bed. She totally became addicted.


Aumo woke up in the morning and sat up seeing LisiA who had a look of ecstasy on her face. Even though LisiA was made to care for Aumo a long time ago, LisiA was actually modeled to look like a big sister more than anything. Even though she had what was somewhat considered a free will, the lack of the sense of touch had made most of her life rather dull. Along with the sense of touch added, something else felt different, emotions were normally not that strong in an android.


Seeing LisiA like this, Aumo sat there and enjoyed the view for a moment, before deciding to get out of the bed. 


This was when LisiA realized how much time had passed, and the sun was rising. She felt heat rush to her face, and Aumo noticed LisiA’s face becoming red.


“LisiA? Are you okay? Your face is getting really red,” said Aumo, “I don’t remember androids being able to blush like that?”


Although androids did have emotions, and their face could make expressions, blushing was not part of the package.


I added a wider range of emotions as a bonus while adding sensors. Enjoy,” said Ria all of a sudden, “I also made some other changes, which I did the same with your body. Have fun discovering what I added.


LisiA buries her face into the soft pillow to hide her red face.


“I’m starting to regret letting you do things,” said Aumo, “Are you sure you are just simply a assistant system, and not some extremely advanced artificial intelligence?”


Oh I wonder,” replied Ria.




LisiA eventually calmed down and returned to how she normally was.


“I’m sorry, it got really hard to suppress the desire to stay in that soft bed,” said LisiA apologizing.


“I get you,” said Aumo, “So now do we go down and eat, or wait until Guardon arrives?”


Since LisiA now has the sense of taste, Ria may have added the eating function as another bonus. It is always nice to have some extra mana stored up as well. The inn fee had also included the meals for the duration of the stay.


It was also rather early, the sun was still rising with the sky a bright shade of orange, nowhere near afternoon, which was when Guardon predicted the Guild Master would wake up. 


“I suppose that we eat, I’m rather excited to taste food. We might then have to spend the time after that in our room, as that’s what we told Guardon,” said LisiA.


The two got ready to go downstairs, but there wasn’t really much to do as they got in bed with the same clothes they wore normally.


“I really need to make some clothes for us,” said Aumo as she opened the door to their room.


LisiA walked beside Aumo as they tried to find where the cafeteria was. The inn was decently big, but there were some signs that led the customers around.


Eventually, the two found the cafeteria, which was somewhat filled despite it being so early. Walking in, some people casted glanced at Aumo and LisiA, but quickly went back to what they were doing. Aumo looked around and realized that the fashion hadn’t exactly changed much, but she was going around barefoot wearing a white dress.


After making up her mind that she should make some more clothes after eating, Aumo followed LisiA to order some food.


“I can’t recognize half of these things on the menu,” said LisiA as she looked at the menu. Many types of new foods had sprung up over the time that they were buried. 


“I think that we should stick with something we’re familiar with for now,” said Aumo, “I think we should just order some eggs and pancakes.”


“Alright,” said LisiA.


The two ordered their breakfast, and sat down at a free table after ordering. The food soon arrived, in front of the two.


“I’m finally going to taste food,” said LisiA as she eyed the food in front of her.


“Ria, is eating actually part of the bonuses you added,” asked Aumo, as she wanted to make sure that nothing bad would happen if LisiA tried eating something. Androids normally don’t have a food tract at all, and can’t taste or swallow anything. Being able to taste something but not swallowing it would also be an issue.


Yes, it’s part of the bonuses,” replied Ria. 


Seeing as there was no reason to hold back, LisiA started eating the first meal of her life. It was delicious.




After eating, Aumo and LisiA headed back to their room. While they ate, it seemed that LisiA was also able to store the mana that was in the food, and they found out that the hotter the food was, the more mana it had more mana stored inside compared to the same food if it was colder.


After arriving in their room, Aumo sat down on the bed and started thinking about what clothes she wanted. From time to time, she asked for suggestions from LisiA, and eventually they made a few sets of clothes, which took a decent amount of mana, but also helped pass the time.


Aumo then stood up and changed out of the dress she was wearing all this time for something that she was more comfortable with, a somewhat oversized plain shirt and a pair of shorts. LisiA felt that it was a waste that Aumo didn’t choose to wear anything cuter, but she somewhat understood why Aumo chose what she wore normally over a hundred years back.


Aumo then put on some shoes she made, and LisiA had also changed into a new set of clothes. It was somewhat like its old design, but a bit more modern-looking, being based on the clothes that the people were wearing in the cafeteria. 


Making the clothes had actually taken a lot of time, and the two then heard a knock on their door.


“It’s me, Guardon. The Guildmaster woke up. Tell me if you are ready to go,” said Guardon behind the door.


“We’re ready,” replied LisiA, as she went to open up the door to greet Guardon.


“Alright then, let’s make our way to the guild now,” said Guardon.  




When the three arrived at the guild, the door was open, and many people could be seen inside the guild. 


Seeing Guardon, a receptionist came up to the three and said, “Greetings, the guildmaster is expecting you three. Follow me.”

The three followed the receptionist to the back of the lobby of the guild, and up a flight of stairs that could be found in the room behind the reception desk. Then, they went through a short hallway, which had a door at the end of it.


The receptionist gently knocked on the door, and a quiet “come in” could be heard from within. The receptionist then opened the door, gave a nod, and left.


Inside the room was Ray and Stella standing before a very tired looking woman who sat behind a desk.


“I heard from these two that you ran into Orcs last night, Guardon,” said the Guildmaster, “So many issues springing up these days, from the factory raids nearby to monster breakouts.”


“The Orcs almost got us, if not for these two,” said Guardon, “Introduce yourselves.”


“Hello, I’m Aumo. Next to me is LisiA,” said Aumo.


“Greetings,” said LisiA.


“You two don’t seem to be adventurers, looking at how you two are dressed,” said the Guildmaster.


“We aren’t,” said LisiA.


“You should sign up to be one, there are many benefits,” said the Guildmaster, “That aside, Orcs in this forest are rare, and a group of them is a problem. We may need to prepare for attacks, but the weapons we have on our walls should be able to fight off a swarm if we need to. What a pain.”


“What isn’t a pain to you, Fedi,” said Guardon.


They then discussed what could happen in the worst-case scenario, then the Guildmaster explained the benefits to being an adventurer. 





Name: Aumo

Core Level:3

XP: 10/50

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 785/1040 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash

Upgrades: None

 Notes will now be in the proper format. With that said, I’m currently attempting to draw a cover for this story. What should be on the cover? Leave ideas in the comments section or something. Don’t expect too much from me though, as I'm not that good at drawing.