Chapter 16: Robot Factions
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Aumo, LisiA and Guardon entered a café and took a seat at an empty table. Aumo and LisiA sat together on one side, and Guardon sat on the opposite side facing them.


"This café is called Florafe," said Guardon, "They serve coffee along with tea. There are many varieties, and they are well known for their flower coffees."


"Flower coffee?" asked Aumo.


"Yes," said Guardon, "I recommend their Lavender Latte. Their Rose Espresso also tastes pretty good."


"How does Coffee taste?" asked LisiA. She obviously had never tasted coffee, especially as the only thing she ever tasted was their breakfast that morning.


"Do you want to try?" asked Guardon, "If you want to call a waiter, hit this button."


There was a red button on the center of the table with the words "Call Waiter" on it. Guardon pressed the button and a nearby waiter started walking to their table.


"Welcome to Florafe, what would you like today?" said the waiter.


The three each ordered a drink along with some snacks and the waiter left to process their order.


"Now then," said Guardon, "What do you two want to know about?"


"Then, first about the robots and this mall," said LisiA. 


Odis had told Aumo and LisiA about there being factions of robots, but that was still information that he had gotten from someone else. It was also decades old, which could be outdated now.


"Do you know about the factions?" asked Guardon.


"We heard about them, but we don't know the details," replied LisiA.


"Okay, then let's start here," said Guardon, "There are 3 robot factions, One that is against all the humanoid races, One that is Isolated from the Society, One that helps and lives with the humanoid races. The one against us call themselves the Reformers, they claim to be here to reform this entire world, but I don’t think killing every living thing to the point that even the demons are allied with us is a way to reform this world.”

“The demons are allied with us?” asked Aumo. 


In the past, humans sought to kill the demon lord, but never really succeeded. At the same time,  all that the demon lord wanted to do was to defend his land since the humans were so against him even though he never did anything to them.


“When the city of Furad went down, it was said that the the demon lord was actually concerned since the capital city of the biggest country in the world fell in just a single day,” said Guardon, “After not being attacked for a few years since the humans and other races were in a panic as the biggest country fell within months, the demon lord came out and offered to help with rebuilding the country and repelling the robots.”


“What about the other robot factions?” asked LisiA.


“Well, it turned out that the reformers were actually infected with a virus,” said Guardon, “It doesn’t spread naturally, but instead requires an infected robot to inject the virus into another one. Once injected, the robot will have thoughts of “reforming” the world. The ones that isolated themselves, the Isolators we call them, got scared of the virus and ran off, cutting all contact from all the races. We haven’t heard from any of them since then.”


“Is there a way to fight the virus?” asked Aumo.


“The robots that live with us do have a way to fight it,” said Guardon, “They said that one of theirs got infected, and they created an Anti-Virus system that can deactivate the virus. It turns out that the virus doesn’t actually destroy anything, and once it gets deactivated, the robot returns to their former self. This group calls themselves the AV, short for Anti-Virus. They plan on fighting the Reformers by slowly disinfecting them. The issue is that they have never been able to reach the higher authorities of the Reformers.”


While Guardon was speaking, the waiter who took their order came back and set down the drinks and snacks that the three ordered on their table.


“When you are done, please pay upfront at the cashier by telling them your table number,” said the waiter before leaving again.


Guardon took the iced tea he ordered and took a sip, “Perfect timing, my mouth was about to get dry.”


LisiA eyed the snacks in front of her, but was hesitant to eat them because they looked so fancy. That was, until Aumo reached out and took a big bite out of a cookie that was in front of her.


“These are really good, try it LisiA,” said Aumo after finishing the cookie.


As Aumo took a sip of the Lavender Latte that she ordered, LisiA picked up one of the cookies in front of her and took a small nibble.


Though a small bite, the sweetness of the cookie filled LisiA’s mouth and she immediately shoved the rest of the cookie into her mouth, then took a sip of the Green Tea that she had ordered. A slight smile formed on her face.


“Looks like you two are enjoying yourselves,” said Guardon, “Now, the Reformers and the AV, the Authorities of the Reformers were hard to reach because of the fact that we haven’t found their base yet. They also seemed to have found a way to create robots with this world’s resources, and they are created with the virus being part of their system. The Anti-Virus, after removing the virus from them, will not revert them back to anything but instead deactivate them completely.”


“Can the virus infect Androids or Automatons?” asked Aumo.


“No, it can’t as Androids and Automatons are built differently,” answered Guardon, “The core of an Android or Automaton is different from the internals of a robot, I heard that the part that the robots store things is different from the part they process things. With that said, a robot is extremely hard to create, and it appears that all the ones that are produced in this world don’t seem to have a mind of their own, and only follow instructions mindlessly, which is probably why they deactivate without the virus. With that, I think that covers everything about robots that I know. As for this mall, it was designed by the AV, and built after the people approved of it. Any other questions?”


“What happened to Rotopi?” asked Aumo.


“Most of the cities after Furad fell slowly broke apart as more and more robots infected with the viruses appeared in the factories in different cities. Some of the exceptions are the cities that didn’t have any robot factories, or cities that were so far away that there weren’t any infected to spread the virus.” replied Guardon, “That said, those cities that didn’t have any robots were easily run over by the Reformers as they didn’t have any Magitools. They had to depend solely on mages, but the mages weren’t enough to fight against the Reformers as it proved very hard to damage them, with water and lightning magic being the most effective, but only temporarily disabling them. There was a distrust of robots, which is why the AV hid away from the people, but secretly protected them and recovered their friends from the Reformers. The survivors all came together and reformed Rotopi, and also helped the people who lived on other continents. Eventually, the AV had to show themselves, and helped with the rebuilding of the countries. Any more questions?”


Aumo and LisiA had pretty much finished the snacks in front of them along with their drinks while listening to Guardon explaining everything.


“No more questions,” said LisiA as she finished off the last cookie.


“All up to date then?” asked Guardon.


“Not really, but enough for us to understand the situation. Thank you for explaining all of this to us,” replied LisiA.


“Again, if you two didn’t save me and my group, I wouldn’t even be here anymore,” said Guardon, “This is nothing compared to that.”


It was then that a robot entered the café.


“That robot over there is the head of this Mall,” explained Guardon, “We call him Roboss since his actual name is way too complicated.”


Roboss looked around, and then locked onto Aumo and LisiA. Then, he slowly approached the table that Aumo, LisiA and Guardon were sitting at.


Suddenly, he spoke, “I don’t sense any life from you two, but you two can eat?”


“Uhhh,” Aumo didn’t know what to say.


Androids and Automatons can’t eat, and Undeads don’t eat normal food. Robots can somewhat tell if something is living by either body heat or heartbeats, and Roboss immediately knew that there was something up with Aumo and LisiA.


“What’s up Roboss,” greeted Guardon, “What do you mean you don’t sense any life from these two?”





Name: Aumo

Core Level:4

XP: 30/75

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 1070/1070 

MP Stored: 47


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash

Upgrades: None

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