Chapter 17: Androids have Rights?
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"We robots have some useless sensors," explains Roboss, "Some of which we don't even know why they are there, like infrared thermometers. They do sometimes come in handy though."


"Infra-what?" Guardon was confused, "These two don't have body heat?"


Aumo looked at LisiA for help.


"Do we really have to hide what we are?" During their walk to the mall, LisiA had noticed that there was no discrimination against Androids. There were Androids who were adventurers along with shop owners who were Androids.


"You mean these two aren't human?" That was when Guardon understood what was going on.


"At the same time they can consume food. Do you understand what I'm getting at here?" replied Roboss.


Guardon and Roboss are pretty close as they both manage something big for the city. Guardon is the head guard, who at the same time also manages the security for the mall.


"Well," said Aumo after thinking about what LisiA said, "I guess we don't need to hide it. We are both Androids."


"Androids, but we have all five senses of a human," added LisiA.


"Really?" said Guardon surprised, "Whoever made you two must've been a master."


"Guardon, whoever made these two was more than just a master. There is nobody in the world that I know of that can make an android like this," said Roboss, "That said, whoever made you two would probably want to stay hidden. None of the famous android makers can get to this level."


"Uhhh, sure," said Aumo awkwardly. 


After all, it was Aumo who one that made the body that she's using now over 100 years ago. LisiA's body was also remodeled by her too. Ria tweaked both bodies to work as they do now. That said without Aumo’s research, Ria would be unable to tweak the bodies, so it was a joint effort between the two.


When Aumo first received Ria as a core, she didn't know how useful Ria could be. She would've never expected that a Secondary System could do so many things. Anyhow, Aumo was somewhat embarrassed as Roboss had just indirectly complimented her work, something that she had been longing for ever since she started working on Androids.


"Then I shall pry no further," said Roboss, "If you two can still get to your creator, I would recommend artificial body heat and organs if you plan on going against the Reformers."


"Thank you for the heads-up," said LisiA, "Though we have no reason to go against the Reformers as it stands."


"You will soon," said Roboss, "Now Guardon, just as you feared, it appears that a monster stampede might attack the city. They are of types that normally aren't found here so the Automatons didn't attack."


"Oh no, more work," complained Guardon.


Roboss coming to the café during Guardon's break was almost a daily occurrence at this point. After buying some bread from the bakery he regularly visits, Guardon always goes to Florafe to order a drink to go with the bread.


In fact, the people are actually glad that the manager of the mall actually goes around the mall to look out for the people. After all, it's much better if the person managing everything has a first-hand experience on how the thing they're managing runs.


Guardon reluctantly stands up.


"Guess I will be off to work again," said Guardon as he sighs, "I'll leave the money here, pay at the cashier when you are done."


Guardon left a silver coin on the table and quickly made his way out of the cafe.


After watching Guardon leave, LisiA and Aumo turned to Roboss.


"Are you actually fine with us being Androids?" asked Aumo, “And what do you mean by we have to fight the Reformers soon?”


Roboss turned to Aumo and said, "Hm? Why would I be not fine? Androids have rights after all. As for the Reformers, you will see."


"Androids have rights?" Aumo and LisiA came from a time where Androids were bought and worked. They were mostly seen as tools for work and other things. LisiA was not treated as a tool, but instead as a family member by Aumo’s Family. That said, most of the other Androids weren’t as fortunate as her.


“After being activated these days, Android models that are created to have a free will are given rights, with exceptions for certain purposes,” explained Roboss, “The law was established just 10 years ago, and it covers all the Androids created before that as well. Of course, the rights vary by city, but in Yuhsar they are treated as people.”


“That aside, is Guardon going to be okay?” asked LisiA.

The city wall was in a state of emergency, but most of the people inside of the city aren’t aware of it.


“Seeing how things are right now, probably,” said Roboss, “I have to check up on him now, see you two some other time.”


Roboss, who was standing in the middle of Florafe this entire time, started making his way towards the exit. 


“Do robots sit?” Aumo asked as Roboss exited the café.


“Never seen one sit before,” replied LisiA, “But, I think we should go check on the situation too.”


“Agreed,” replied Aumo.


The two called a waiter to clean up their table, and paid for the food and drinks. After getting the change, they quickly left the café.




As Aumo and LisiA went by the Adventurer’s Guild, they saw receptionists at the front door broadcasting that there are many monsters approaching the city. The receptionist speaking was holding what looked like a stick with a sphere attached to the end pointed that towards the mouth, and the sound came out from a big box behind the receptionist.


“There are monsters approaching the City, please stay within the walls,” said the receptionist, “In the case that the wall runs out of ammunition, Adventurers, please be ready to fight. With that said, it is not mandatory that you help, but please do! You will be compensated for your work if you do help.”


“Monsters? Bring them on!” said a muscular adventurer who was near Aumo and LisiA.


“I don’t want to die today,” said another adventurer.


“I’m sure that some people would run away,” said LisiA observing some of the adventurers around the Adventurer’s Guild, “They always do.”


“At least have some faith in them,” replied Aumo.


After hearing the announcement, Aumo and LisiA continued to make their way to the front gate of the city.




Upon arrival, Aumo and LisiA saw that the gates were now closed shut. Fully armored guards were on top of the wall, and they could hear the sounds of the cannons on the other side moving.


Guardon could be seen on top of the wall guiding the guards to their positions, along with Ray and Stella distributing weapons. 


“How many monsters would you need to need to go this far to defend a city?” asked Aumo as she watched the guards get into position.


“Probably a lot, in the hundreds or thousands,” replied LisiA.


As they watched the guards on top of the walls, loud explosions could be heard on the other side. The weapons have started firing.





Name: Aumo

Core Level:4

XP: 30/75

Status: Normal

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 1070/1070 

MP Stored: 47


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash

Upgrades: None

A monster stampede… That happens so much in stories, and here it goes again, except it isn’t in every story where you have artillery cannons mounted on city walls to fight them. This world is a mess, I swear. I’m guessing that this is what would happen if you introduced modern technology into a world of magic, and made it widespread.

Anyway, I have complained enough about homework elsewhere so I won’t put it here. There are a couple exams this coming week, along with a day off so I would have more time to plan out things if I don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is one of mankind’s worst enemies. I’m thinking about fixing up my notes and creating a glossary since that seems to be needed, it is always good to have an idea of what’s going on. Before that though, onwards to 6 more hours of homework.


Edit: I changed "horde" to "stampede" in Roboss's dialogue. Now I shall go back to typing up the next chapter...