Chapter 18: Monster Stampede?
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Focus is on Guardon


As soon as Roboss informed Guardon of the approaching monster stampede, Guardon immediately dashed out of the cafe after leaving the money on the table. 


He knew that it was going to happen soon, but definitely not this soon.


As he passed by the Adventurer’s Guild, he saw the Guildmaster, Fedi, coming out with a very tired look on her face. Well, she always has that face.


“Fedi! No time to be tired! Hurry up!” shouted Guardon as he ran by.


Fedi already knew that the stampede was approaching, being the Guildmaster and all.


“Yeah yeah,” replied Fedi as she watched Guardon run by, “Someone go get the speakers and the microphones.”


After a few more minutes of running, Guardon arrived at the gate and saw that Ray and Stella had already instructed the guards to close the gates and to get ready for defending.


“Good work, you two. Now quick, follow me,” said Guardon as he got closer, then went into a hidden door next to the gate and made his way up the wall through an elevator behind the door.


As he slowly caught his breath in the elevator, the elevator soon reached the top of the wall.


“How come you never told us about this thing?” asked Ray, “We had to suffer walking up the stairs every time.”


“My bad,” replied Guardon, “This elevator isn’t for daily use after all.”


The elevator wasn’t that big, only enough to fit around 5 people. It also took a lot of energy to operate, and was only used in emergencies. Normally, people got on the wall via the many staircases in the walls.


The elevator was hidden in a way that only when it is used, will it be seen. The floor on top of the elevator would move upwards to make room for the elevator. Luckily, nobody was standing there, or else they would probably get injured by the suddenly rising floor under them.


“So this is how it’s hidden,” said Stella, amazed.


The guards who saw the elevator were dumbstruck from the floor rising and a sudden box with doors appearing next to them.


The doors then started opening and revealed Guardon, Ray and Stella inside it.


“No time to be amazed, people,” said Guardon as he stepped out, “We got to defend the city.”


Ray and Stella stepped out of the elevator and the elevator doors closed and the floor slowly returned to normal, as if nothing was ever there.


“Those who are close to the cannons, operate the cannons. Each cannon requires 3 people! For those who aren’t, some will get a smaller weapon. The rest, help distribute ammunition and the weapons!” announced Guardon.


“Yes sir!” replied the guards on the wall as they recovered from the shock.


Ray and Stella left to help with distributing the weapons.


Guardon then looked towards the outside of the city and saw what appeared to be a sea of monsters approaching.


Will we really have enough ammunition for this?” Guardon thought as he watched the monsters approach the city.


The sound of monsters slowly got louder, and then the first shot was fired. The shot pierced through a good amount of monsters, and a visible amount of monsters fell over. In fact, all the guards were surprised when they saw this.


“We can win this!” said one of the guards!


“Hurrah for powerful weapons!” said another guard.


As the morale of the guards went up, Guardon saw two girls approaching the wall from inside the city. It was Aumo and Lisia that he had left behind in the café. It would’ve been fine if they were here to help in case ammunations ran out, but no. Guardon watched as the two bent their legs, and then took a powerful leap towards the wall.




Back to Aumo and LisiA


“Those weapons sound really powerful,” said Aumo as she heard the cannons fire, “I really want to see what’s happening on the other side, but the gates are closed.”


All the guards were on top of the wall, with the exception of the guards that open and close the gates. 


“We can jump onto the wall,” proposed LisiA.


“And here I thought that you were supposed to be the reasonable one,” said Aumo.


LisiA usually didn’t propose such extreme solutions to things, or at least before Ria changed some things in her. After all, she normally wouldn’t get that addicted to the feeling of a bed either.


Thinking about it for a while, Aumo asked, “Is that even possible?”


“Normally, no because nobody has actually risked doing this before,” replied LisiA, “But I believe that it is possible.”


“Ria, what have you done to her,” said Aumo.


“I gave her more creative thinking capabilities. Androids usually have that locked to prevent them from taking over the world,” replied Ria immediately.


“Taking over the world? Uhh,” Aumo didn’t know how to reply to that.


“I have no such thoughts,” said LisiA, “Probably.”


“That aside, how do we… jump onto the wall?” Aumo was unsure if it would still be jumping at this point.


“First, reinforce your legs with mana as you don’t want to damage them too much. Next, strengthen your legs. Then, you jump,” said LisiA.


Aumo thought about it, then said, “Let’s do it.”


Aumo then sent mana to her legs, and got ready to jump.


You have learned Body Reinforcement! Mana Cost: 10-? (Unknown Limit)


You have learned Body Strengthening! Mana Cost: 10-? (Unknown Limit)


Aumo then prepared to jump.


Unknown limit generally means that the skill gets more powerful as you put more mana into it. The limit is unknown as nobody has the mana limit is higher than the mana capacity of everyone who has used it before. You could theoretically strengthen your entire body with all your mana, but the issue is that the body could explode from all that mana. 


Then Aumo and LisiA jumped.


Both may have put a bit too much mana into their legs, and they leapt over the wall.


“We jumped too high!!!” exclaimed Aumo.


Some guards saw two girls flying overhead and stopped firing .


Guardon facepalmed as he saw the two jump over the wall.


“Stop firing!” said Guardon suddenly, “I swear those two.”


Aumo and LisiA eventually landed and all the guards on the wall heard 2 yelps of pain.


You have taken 673 damage, you idiot.


The system that sounded in Aumo’s head was Ria after all.





Name: Aumo

Core Level:4

XP: 30/75

Status: Normal

HP: 1427/2100

MP: 542/1070 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash, Body Reinforcement, Body Strengthening

Upgrades: None

Cleaning a keyboard by taking off all the caps and then putting them all back together sucks. I tried doing something new this chapter by focusing on another character, but idk. What will happen to these two who just tried something stupid just now? You really shouldn’t trust stupid ideas without testing it first.