Chapter 19: Mechanical Monster
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“That was not how I wanted my first feeling of pain to be,” said LisiA as she tried to stand up.


As the amount of pain from falling from such a height was extremely high, the pain sensors on Aumo and LisiA’s bodies turned off almost immediately, and all the pain they felt in that one moment disappeared almost instantly, except not fast enough for them to not feel it.


“Did anything get too damaged?” asked Aumo as she slowly repaired some parts of her body that weren’t reinforced. The shock from landing didn’t damage her legs much, but travelled up and slightly damaged parts of her torso.


After the visible damage was repaired, Aumo checked her HP and left the rest of the repairs to the automatic regeneration.


HP: 1842/2100


LisiA checked around her own body and Aumo repaired some of the visible damages on her as well.


As they had fallen from a great height, a giant cloud of dust was created, which somewhat blocked the vision of the guards. Thanks to that, nobody saw Aumo using her creation magic to repair herself and LisiA.


After repairing LisiA, Aumo turned to see how many monsters were left.


The monsters which were suppressed by the barrage fired by the cannons were now getting closer to the city, but the amount had noticeably decreased as the last row of monsters could now be seen. They were also being slowed down by the amount of corpses blocking their way to the city.


On top of the wall, the guards were looking down to see what happened, and saw 2 girls who weren’t that injured after the dust cleared. That said, they didn’t dare to jump down the wall themselves, as that was clearly abnormal. 


Guardon looked at Aumo and LisiA, but decided that it was first better to kill the rest of the monsters first. The two also didn’t risk getting hit since they were so close to the wall.


“Everyone, back to firing the weapons! We’ll deal with killing the monsters first!” announced Guardon.


As the sound of the cannons resumed, Aumo looked up to watch the cannons fire.


“The power of those weapons are amazing,” said Aumo as she watched the projectiles fired from the cannons pierce through multiple monsters every shot.


Eventually, there was only one monster left in the midst of the pile of corpses. Rather, it was only shaped like a monster, but it didn’t look like a monster at all. It was made of completely metal, and couldn’t get damaged by the cannons.


As the guards continued to fire at it, not a single dent could be seen on the machine that was slowly approaching the city. As it moved, the corpses under it got crushed and flattened by it. 


“Everyone stop firing!” said Guardon after a while, the monster wasn’t taking any noticeable damage, as the projectiles fired seemed to bounce right off the surface of it.


Although they had a lot of ammunition left, there was no reason to waste all of it on something that won’t get damaged no matter how much is fired at it.


At the bottom of the wall, Aumo and LisiA were also watching the projectiles bouncing off the machine that was slowly approaching the city.


“There’s a barrier around that thing,” said Aumo as she observed the machine.


“A really strong barrier, and it’s also invisible,” added LisiA, “Physical attacks can’t damage that.”


As the guards started firing their cannons again, Aumo and LisiA had chosen to sit against the wall and enjoy the view. 


“If that thing’s there, does that mean that someone is attacking the city?” said Aumo.


“Possibly,” replied LisiA.


“Shouldn’t we stop that?” asked Aumo, “Or rather, could we?”


It is completely possible to destroy that thing,” said Ria suddenly, “It is weak to magic attacks. Even if it weren’t, you can analyze and break it with creation magic. If you break the barrier, the cannons will destroy it easily.


“I believe we should stop it,” said LisiA, “We don’t know what might happen to the city if we don’t.”


As Aumo and LisiA slowly stood up, Guardon was thinking about what he could possibly do. A guard then suddenly called out to him.


“Sir, the two girls are walking towards that thing,” reported the guard.


“They’re going towards that thing?” said Guardon, then he went to the edge of the wall to see what they could be thinking at this moment.


“Aumo! LisiA! Do you two have a plan?” yelled Guardon towards the two.


Aumo heard Guardon and turned around. Then she gave a quick nod. Then she remembered that she could send out sounds with Mana Vibration.


“I’m going to break its barrier, fire at it when I give the signal,” said Aumo with Mana Vibration. It was heard by every single person on the barrier, and many of the guards were surprised.


“Who is that girl,” asked a guard.


“Was that magic?” asked another.


“Those two saved me last night,” replied Guardon, “Since we have no other choice, we can only depend on them.”


After all, Guardon has heard of this type of barrier before, it was one that blocked physical attacks. Nobody on the wall could use magic, and Magitools were too weak to deal that much damage. There were no Combat Androids nearby, and they doubt they can gather enough Androids and Mages in time.


“Maybe I put too much trust on those two,” said Guardon to himself, “But they did jump over the wall after all…”





Name: Aumo

Core Level:4

XP: 30/75

Status: Normal

HP: 1842/2100

MP: 831/1070 

MP Stored: 0


Skills: Mana Manipulation, Mana Sight, Mana Sense, Mana Analysis, Levitation, Mana Vibration, Small Fireball, Ice Throw, Air Slash, Body Reinforcement, Body Strengthening

Upgrades: None


The chapter for this week is a bit shorter than normal. It is due to the amount of stress that built up from having 2 exams along with a really long homework(I couldn’t finish it before the due date), so I didn’t have any time to plan at all.

Anyway, I should really rethink my time management, but I really don’t want to lose the time I use to play games. Or maybe I should actually go read the textbooks so I know what I’m doing on the homework… Yay to cliffhangers. It’s a cliff to me too since I don’t know what’s gonna happen next too.