Chapter 81, 82: Negotiation 2
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Originally, Rao is an arrogant being; despite being wise and containing great intelligence, pride is deeply rooted within him. How can a king god not be arrogant? All pantheon leaders are arrogant Zeus, Odin, Amaterasu, Darkseid, etc. All of these leaders are naturally arrogant.

The proof of this arrogance is Amaterasu, she left her pantheon with an entire army of gods and went to the neighboring pantheon just to get 'something' that she feels entitled to have. And, if she doesn't have that 'something', she would destroy all mount Olympus; she was undoubtedly an arrogant woman.

But don't confuse arrogance with lack of intelligence, once Rao showed that he wasn't hurt or weak as she hoped Amaterasu's attitude had changed.

"I'm surprised." She spoke in a serious tone while covering her mouth with the fan. "I underestimated your ability to recover." She was treating Rao as an equal, wrong ... She was treating Rao as a freak.

Only now that she has remembered the meaning of being king of two pantheons, 'He carries the weight of two whole pantheons inside him.' She thought with contemplation, everyone who carried the title of God King knew an immutable truth.

The king gods can withdraw and give divinities to their subordinates, the only requirement that the subordinate needs is that it be compatible with the divinity that was given by the king god.

Currently, Rao has within him all the divinities of the gods of the Kryptonian pantheon and all the divinities he acquired from the war with Thanatos, as the last survivor of the Kryptonian pantheon, he carried an immense responsibility on his shoulders.

Amaterasu realized that responsibility the moment Rao released his pressure, and Rao instinctively knew of this responsibility. The moment he awoke as a god, he knew many things, it was as if you suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and remembered everything you've forgotten in the past.

It is because of that immense responsibility that he felt humiliated when the Japanese gods looked at him as if they were someone who could step over him anytime they wanted. He was no longer a surviving Kryptonian who had to be careful where he steps, he was now an existence that could not be ignored in the universe.

Hearing what Amaterasu said, Rao just smiled a little, and said nothing more.

"I'm curious, what do you plan to do in the future?" Amaterasu asked curiously; she stopped acting arrogantly, and started using her head. She made several rash decisions when it comes to Rao, she needs to understand this being who is sitting in front of her first, at least that's what she thought.

Rao shows a smile, he raises his hand and soon a small star appears in his hand: "I will recreate my planet, I will recreate the Kryptonian pantheon, and in the future ... I will conquer all the pantheons of the gods and create an empire. " Now, he had a clearer goal for the future. When he woke up as a god and became the king god, he acquired a skill called cosmic consciousness; this skill was not perfect and this ability was greatly influenced by the level of Rao's divinity.

Example: If divinity Rao's is greater than Darkside, he will be able to observe everything Darkside is doing within that tyrant's own territory.

Currently, Rao's divinity is huge. His divinity is not at the level of Darkseid, but he can easily observe various corners of the universe. Of course, he must be careful when using this ability after all, he does not want to invade the territory of some unknown entity that has powers far above normal. After all, this universe is strange enough to contain these types of beings.

"Oh? I'm curious, what method are you going to use to get this done? " Amaterasu asked seriously, she even ignored the small sun in Rao's hand.

Rao shows a neutral smile and closes his hands, then the little sun disappears: "I will use everything I can; marriage, war, espionage, murders, negotiation, etc. I will use everything at my disposal to get what I want. "

Amaterasu looked at Faora and only saw the queen of the Kryptonians and the Olympians with a cold smile on her face, that was proof that she agrees with everything Rao said.

Amaterasu showed a gentle smile on her face, she is enjoying Rao more and more. "Rao, the king god of Krypton, and the king god of Olympus ..." She looks at Rao with a gentle smile. "I have a proposal for you."

"Oh?" Rao realized that Amaterasu's attitude changed greatly when he demonstrated his power, but this time, that change was quite significant. "Tell me, what is your proposal?" He was curious.

"I want to marry you, and in return, you will have the Shinto pantheon at your command." Amaterasu spoke with a smile on her face.

"What ...?" Hachiman did not believe his queen's words.

Rao narrows his eyes a little, 'Is she giving up her position? I hoped that she would want to marry me and ask for something like government independence, she would be under my command, but the affairs of her kingdom only related to her. '

"That doesn't make sense, why are you giving up your own pantheon?" Rao was unable to understand, but when he saw Amaterasu looking at Faora, he immediately understood what was going on.

Amaterasu looks at Faora and shows a cold smile: "I want to be the empress."

Faora narrows her eyes and looks at Amaterasu, she doesn't mind Rao having more wives after all, these wives are related to the growth of her own empire and her husband. But, she did not like the attitude of someone challenging her position.

Rao smiles and remains silent, he crosses his legs and leans back in his chair.

Amaterasu continued looking at Faora: "I want the position of first wife, a husband and a wife who has the divinity of the sun and at the same time has a great empire ... Isn't that a good story to be told in the future?"

"This is quite complicated, how do you intend to get my position?" Faora asked coldly with a frigid look.

"With a duel, of course. A week from now there will be a fight, you and I will fight for the position of first wife." Amaterasu spoke with an arrogant smile, she was confident that she would win after all, Faora had not yet awakened her divinity.

* Crack! *

Faora smashed the luxurious chair with just her grip.

Hades slowly moved away from Faora, when he saw the cold face of the queen of Olympus, although he spent little time with Faora, Hades understood how scary the queen of Olympus was when she was angry.

"I accept the duel, I will put you in your place." Faora gets up from the chair and starts walking towards the exit.

"My wife." Rao spoke.

Faora turned and looked at Rao.

Rao snaps his fingers and soon a ball of dark energy appears in front of Faora, that ball of energy was Thanatos' divinity of death. A few moments ago, Faora had told Rao that Gaia called her Cythonna.

As Rao understood about Kryptonian mythology, he soon understood the meaning of these words, Gaia thinks Faora is Cythonna's reincarnation.

"Hey! Isn't that favoritism? " Amaterasu grunted.

"I'm just keeping things balanced. After all, you've been a goddess for a long time, right? Are you afraid of a new goddess? " Rao spoke.

"Humpf, of course not." Amaterasu spoke.

Faora looks at the black divinity, she brings her arm close to the black energy and as if it were two magnets that were attracted to each other, Thanatos' divinity entered Faora's body.

Faora closes her eyes.

Rao showed a smile when he saw this scene, he was curious about what was going to happen in a week.

Faora opens her eyes and looks at Rao. "My husband, I will train in seclusion, I wish you would not come to me."

Rao nods his head indicating that he understood.

While watching Faora walking towards the exit, Rao says: "Amaterasu ... I advise you to start training too."

"Hmm, you're right, I haven't moved in several years, I'm a little rusty." Amaterasu gets up and walks towards the exit as well.

Rao just stayed in the room with Hades who was sweating a little, and Nyx who had a cold smile on her face.

"Do you want to say something, Nyx?" Rao asked with a smile on his face.

"Amaterasu is going to lose." Nyx spoke as if she was prophesying the future.

"I know. After all, there is no way the queen I carefully educated will lose to someone else. Faora will always be the perfect empress, she will always be my wife who will share my burden." Rao spoke with a small loving smile, he faithfully believed in his wife.

Slowly, Nyx walks beside Rao, she brings her face closer to Rao and says, "I'm a little jealous." She spoke in a low voice with a loving tone.

Rao raises his eyebrow, he turns his face and looks towards Nyx, but the only thing he sees is traces of Nyx's divinity indicating that she has disappeared.

Hades who was watching all of this just stood with his mouth open. For a moment, he had not believed he heard these words from Nyx.

Looking at the traces of the black smoke that was disappearing, Rao flashed an amused smile. 'Well, this is a pleasant surprise.'


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