Arc 1 Chapter 190 – Tricked and eaten clean!!!
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And-and-and…! Now that he thought about it… That fateful morning a few days back, which he dared not recall…  Ah, ah! If the other truly saw him as his little brother, how would the punishment for accidentally touching his tin-tin be to jerk him off?! A big brother should be protective of his younger brother and not want to do “this and that” with him!!!

What bullshit about taking responsibility and good bros helping each other out!?! He had thought Levi was less conservative about such things, but as it turned out, this shameless thing was just coming up with excuses to eat his tofu this entire time!!! (ꐦ °Д°) Bloody hell!! For all he knew, this horndog might have intentionally been sticking his shaft up his ass!!!

Wait… (≖_≖)

Levi’s spider-sense suddenly tingled, and he couldn’t help but cautiously ask, “Baby? What’s wrong?”

Noah did not respond, for he had just realized a glaring problem that he had previously missed! Back then, when that indecent thing between the two of them happened, the cause of it…!

Ah, ah!!! He, Noah, didn't touch Levi’s PP because of his dream – he had that dream because someone was poking his ass with his dick!!! (ꐦ °Д°) The scoundrel acted as if he had been wronged when it had been him who stuck his hardon where it didn't belong in the first place!!!

Fricking fuck!!! He had been tricked and eaten clean!!! (ノ꒪Д꒪)ノ︵ ┻━┻

He had been worrying that he would bend this brother-in-law of his, but it turned out the man had been bent from the very beginning!!! And it was him, Noah, who had been bent by this rogue instead!!!

How was this a cute and adorkable puppy of an older brother?! This was clearly a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing! A hungry wolf that now held the title of his legally wedded spouse!!!

Noah's three world views collapsed at that moment.

‘Beam me up, Blackie! I want to go home!!’ QAQ

Blackie, ^_^ “Alright, beaming up in 3–”

Noah, “No, wait! Stop!! (っ °Д °;)っ I–I–I was just–just joking…” (¬з¬)

Blackie, “Me too. ^_^ You can’t honestly think I’d beam you up just because you asked for it?”

Noah, (눈_눈) “…”

Levi keenly felt a change in his baby’s mood. At first, his precious darling was shy and sticky, but then his body turned rigid, and he clutched at Levi’s shirt as if he wanted to strangle it.

His Levi-sense was tingling! Uh-oh! His baby was mad!

And indeed, as soon as the doors of the room were firmly shut–

“Astar Levi!!!” Noah snarled and pushed himself out of Levi’s arms.

Levi looked down at his darling’s cutely wrinkled nose, “ferociously” glaring watery eyes and pouting puffy red lips.

“…” Levi’s mouth twitched, and he swallowed hard.

“You-you-you…!” Not knowing how to appropriately express his outrage Noah stomped his feet. He was this mad, yet this rogue was still thinking about eating him up!!!

Levi felt wronged too. It’s not like he thought about eating his baby up all the time! But how would he not feel his inner fire stirring with such a mouthwatering sight in front of him?!

Alas, his baby was mad right now. Ergo, now was not the time to indulge in his own desires but to placate his angry little kitten. Levi closed his eyes for a moment, trying to adjust his own mental state. After releasing all of his pent-up emotions in a long sigh, he opened his eyes again to face his angry little darling.

“Mn? What is it, baby?” Levi tilted his head in confusion, but the look in his eyes showed only endless adoration and indulgence. Though he didn’t know which exact thing provoked his baby’s ire this time, he was 100% sure it was something he himself did. Ergo, he was totally ready to admit his wrongs and coax his precious darling.

However, this time, seeing that loving look only made Noah’s indignation soar higher, “You tricked me!!!”

“Oh,” Levi suddenly understood. His lovely little froggy finally realized Levi had been boiling him in warm water all along. Levi nodded his head internally. Yep. Just like he thought. 100% his fault.

However, instead of admitting his wrongs, this time, Levi gave his puffed-up baby a deep look and righteously explained, “Ah, baby, that’s not quite right. I haven’t been tricking you but seducing you. There is a big difference, ah!”

Then he continued to stare at Noah with a half-reproachful, half-wronged look that nearly spelled out, ‘Ah, baby, how could you not know the difference between tricking and seducing? You can’t wrongfully accuse me like this!’

Dumbfounded Noah, “…” ( ꒪Д꒪)

Levi peeked at his speechless baby and figured now was the right time to move on to the second step of ‘placating his baby’ plan. He took advantage of Noah’s daze to pull him into his arms once again and smoothly moved onto step three.

“Baby, I love you~” Levi softly cooed, and before the other could respond, he lowered his head to gently kiss those lovely eyes, and nose, and pink cheeks. He even managed to peck that puffy pout before Noah woke up from his shock.

Noah lightly hammered Levi’s chest with his fist a few times. However, as he didn’t wish to actually hurt the other, once this “attack” reached Levi, instead of being painful, it was ticklish. Like an angry kitten striking its owner with its fluffy paws.

Noah stared with his wide, angry eyes at this tall husband of his, heaving in outrage. He really didn’t know what to do about this shameless rogue of a husband!

Anger bubbled inside of him, yet so did happiness. He thought Levi was bad and needed to be punished. But at the same time, he also thought this husband of his was very lovely, and he didn’t wish to do anything that would hurt him or make him sad.

He thought he should push the other away and teach him a lesson, but at the same time, he enjoyed the other’s stickiness and intimacy, so he felt reluctant to do so.

As a result, one fuming Noah-kitten stood there, allowing himself to be fondled, conflicted about how to respond to the “assault”.

Levi alternated between stroking his baby’s back and his fluffy head. And every once in a while, he’d drop a pious kiss on his baby’s face or hair. Even though his lower half had half-hardened at an unknown time, from start to end, Levi kept all his touches gentle and loving, not attempting to move onto something more steamy.

Seeing how considerate and patient Levi was, even though his lower half clearly felt uncomfortable and unsatisfied, Noah felt helpless. His eyes made circles from left to right, but he just couldn’t come up with any suitable punishment for this naughty husband of his.

‘Hmph! Fine then! You think I don't have a temper?! You are wrong! I so do have a temper! Just wait! I’ll properly deal with you after the wedding! And you know what? Since you made me angry, I'm not gonna accept your love confession! Hmph! That ought to teach you!’ Noah raised his chin and huffily turned his head away.

However, when this series of actions fell into Levi’s eyes, they were instead interpreted as “Mad! So mad! Extremely mad! You better coax me, human! Otherwise, you get no fluffy fluff!”

Levi’s chest rumbled, but soon his involuntary chuckle turned into a sigh. He tightened his arms around Noah, buried his nose into Noah’s fragrant hair, and murmured, “Baby, how can you be so lovely? I really don’t know what to do with you.”

Noah lowered his head with burning cheeks. ‘Likewise!’ (≖ ‸ ≖) He internally huffed and puffed, but he too really didn’t know what to do with this husband of his!

Sorry about posting this chapter a day late; I wasn’t feeling well yesterday. ? I’m all better today, so no worries.