Arc 1 Chapter 199 – He, Astar Levi, was an absolute winner in life!
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That’s right! Instead of treating these last few hours of moonlight as his wedding night, why not treat the entire day as their “wedding night” day?! (灬✪﹃✪灬)

Yes, yes!! Other husbands would just toss their darlings around for a couple of hours on their wedding night, but he, Levi, would be tossing his baby around for an entire day!! And instead of having trouble seeing all the naughty bits due to the lack of light, everything would be obvious under the bright daylight! Even if his baby felt very shy and wanted to turn off the lights, what use would that be with the sun shining bright outside?

The more Levi thought about it, the more he felt that getting cockblocked like this was actually a good thing!

His baby was tired after a long day; what if he ended up climaxing quickly and then drifted to sleep, leaving Levi halfway there? Wouldn’t that situation be even worse than what happened right now?!

And his baby wasn’t the only one tired; Levi too was weary after such a long day! If they rolled beneath the sheets now, that roll definitely wouldn’t be as vigorous and memorable as it would be if they started it well rested, first thing in the morning!

And just like that, Levi’s previously dark eyes lit up once again. ‘It’s settled!’ He’d eat this naughty little thing whole for breakfast! Breakfast and lunch and dinner!! Eat his fill until he couldn’t possibly eat anymore!!!


And that’s how the mouth of one very enthusiastic wolf curved up into a devious grin, and he started to make plans for tomorrow, calculating debts with much glee.

Didn’t let him do it today once? Then, naturally, tomorrow, he had to do it twice! Heh heh, of course, that which was owed had to be paid back promptly with interest!

When it came to eating up one juicy little rabbit, Astar Levi was a decisive man of great focus and dedication with a clear goal in mind.

First, he shed the towel wrapped around his waist in favor of briefs. Then, he searched the walk-in closet for a fingerprint-locked box. After opening it, Levi browsed the equipment within with a devilish grin, taking out what he intended to use tomorrow morning.

Blackie listened in on Levi’s internal plans to “handle” his host and couldn’t help but light up a candle for Noah in his heart. ‘Tsk, tsk. Host, oh, host! Why do you keep digging pits for yourself to jump into? Don’t you know by now that you are digging your own grave?’

Noah’s belief that Levi wouldn’t take it too far with his unconscious self was, of course, right.

However, in his panic, this shy little rabbit-wife forgot to take into account his shameless big wolf-husband’s pettiness!

Yes, Levi wouldn’t do much to him while he was out cold, but what would happen once he regained consciousness? Ai, he couldn’t stay unconscious forever!

And avoiding one’s troubles was never the correct answer~

For the more you avoid them, the more troublesome they become.

After bringing his weapon of choice out of the closet and stashing it in the first drawer of the bedside table, Levi returned to bed at last, intending to retire for the day. But when he reached out his pig trotters to pull his lovely baby into his arms, he realized his darling’s t-shirt would get in between them. Thus, without further ado, Levi stripped it off and flung it towards the nearby dresser.

Finally, with a long, satisfied sigh, Levi hugged his baby to sleep, spooning him from behind.

Feeling his baby’s naked back pressed against his own chest, Levi let out another long sigh, this time tinged with bliss.

Ah, this was the life~

With a Soother wifey in his arms, not only did Levi have no trouble falling asleep, but this sleep was even the best sleep he had in his life. Half of the reason could undoubtedly be attributed to the little one’s passive soothing. As for the other half, well…

Simply put, holding his own little husband in his arms made Levi feel an unprecedented sense of inner peace and contentment that would not be shaken even if the world ended in the next moment.

For the person in his arms WAS his world.

With his everything securely held in his arms, there was nothing left for him to be anxious or unsatisfied about.


Levi’s dreamless slumber was so blissful that he woke up fully rested even before the alarm he set up on his communicator yesterday night started ringing.

Levi stared at the treasure sleeping in his arms for a while, his eyes soft and lips unconsciously upturned.

Then he utilized his power to stealthily get out of bed without disturbing his darling’s slumber.

Levi washed his teeth and took another thorough shower, after which he didn’t bother putting on any clothes. He checked the time on the wall clock, confirming that his baby should be waking up any minute now. And then, with hot blood roiling inside his veins, he returned back to bed to properly handle his sleeping beauty.

Levi’s plan was simple.

His little wife was both too thin-skinned and too pure. Not only did the idea of doing intimate things make him feel shy to death, but he was also scared of going all the way.

Therefore, Levi could either patiently coax him for however long it took for the little one to gather up his courage and determination – which might end up taking a long time – or he could make it easy for his darling, not requiring much courage and determination – which could be done right now.

Levi naturally picked the second choice. Not because he lacked the patience to slowly coax his baby, but because he didn’t think it was necessary. The issue wasn’t that his baby didn’t love or trust him enough, nor was it that his baby didn’t want to get intimate with him. Instead, his baby had mental barriers regarding sex with another man that needed to be overcome. Since that was the case, why would Levi wait for a long time until the barrier was ground down into dust when he could break it down in one go?

And the way Levi intended to do just that was by pushing his baby into the pot and lighting a fire underneath. Once his baby was heated up properly, his flames of desire fanned until they became a prairie fire that could only be extinguished by Levi, then, at that point, his baby wouldn’t need any courage or determination. He wouldn’t need to fight with himself, speak his acquiescence or do anything.

He just needed not to jump out of the pot.

To just sit inside until the rice has been cooked, quietly accepting Levi.

Gazing down at the target of his affection, Levi’s eyes rippled with gentle adoration. He knew very well that his baby, his precious little treasure, was the type whose noes were loud and yeses silent.

Without further ado, Levi enveloped his power around Noah, setting the latter as his target. Thinking about what his power could do to his precious darling, Levi suddenly felt that there wasn’t a single other power in this entire world better than his own! He, Astar Levi, was an absolute winner in life! What other power was so versatile? So capable of servicing his baby so thoroughly, inside and out!

If others knew what this S-ranked Enforcer, capable of crushing mountains and seas, actually intended to use this noble power for… ai, they would probably spit blood…

Luckily, this was something that neither this Enforcer nor the target of his power would ever wish to share with others, therefore, they would never know.

Yes, the next couple of chapters contain the much-anticipated smut. (/≧▽≦)/

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to finish writing all of them, so if you don’t want your smut interrupted, you’ll have to wait for some time. If you want to be notified when all smut chapters are out, you can join our discord server to receive a notification when it’s safe to read.

By the way, how many rounds of sex do you guys want before breakfast? I mean, would you like the godly yet unrealistic version where the two of them can go for pa-pa-pa for many rounds one after the other until the little cabbage is milked dry, or would you like the farmer to “torment” the cabbage for one long, long round, teasing him but not letting him cum until the very end where they come together shooting everything out until there is nothing left to shoot out?

Personally, I like both versions, so I want to know what you guys would prefer.

P.S. Don’t misunderstand. There WILL be more rounds of sex during the day, so you aren’t choosing between more and less positions/sex. And regardless of which version you guys prefer, the two of them will do the same positions/actions. The difference is just in whether they come once at the very end or multiple times in-between positions.