Chapter 18: More Petting…
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Sorry for the radio silence, got busy with college work. Here's the chapter!

“What’s wrong with Amelia?” As we get out of the room, Amber asks me.

“Nothing, she was just losing a lot in her games.” I make up a lie and try to convince her. Amber doesn’t pay too much attention and takes my word for it.

“By the way, Amber, where are we going?” She takes a moment before replying.

“To my room, Mike will pet there.”

She catches onto my sleeve as I move to her room. It’s the first time I have been here. There is a floral scent similar to how Amber smells. It smells something milder than perfume, perhaps it’s something natural for dog girls?

“Mike, sit here. Pet me!” She drags me to her bed. I sit down beside her, but before we begin, I get an idea.

“Amber, can you lay on your bed facing upwards? I want to try petting somewhere else.” She tilts her head in confusion before following my orders. Currently, she is wearing a tank top and jorts, revealing a lot of her pearl white skin, though she seems to be unwary of it. I place my hand on her tummy. She immediately starts blushing, I guess that’s to be expected. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve asked for permission first.

“Is it okay if I continue?” I ask her as delicately as I can. Amber nods, but her face is flushed. It’s probably embarrassing for her too. Upon touching it, I notice how soft her skin really is. There’s some slight muscle, but it feels like I am touching a baby. I lightly scratch it, gradually accumulating the speed. Within mere moments slight moans leak out, as she shows a dumb joyous expression. Her legs and hand raise up in the air like a dog while her tail wags like nothing.

“So, do you like it?” She nods happily with a wide grin. I continue to rub her tummy.

Her body shakes as I continue. The tail swings so widely that I even get hit by it sometimes. Her breathing becomes a bit hurried, huffing and puffing with her flushed face.

“Mike~ Mike~,” she squeals softly. Her lovable eyes stare at me fervently. Damn, she’s really like a cute puppy. Her coaxing looks encourage me more into pleasing her. Her mind seems to be mellowing out from each rub of my hand.

After a long while, I pause the petting session. Yet again, a lot of time had passed. “Mike, more!” Amber hops up and begs while tugging on my sleeve. I try to get out of the room, but she pulls me with all of her strength.

“Let me go Amber, you used your quota!”

“No Mike, stay here and pet!” She refuses and demands me to continue. It is cute the first few times but after a while, it gets really annoying when Amber becomes too persistent. Soon the pulling turns into a tug of war. I try to force myself out, but Amber pulls me back, almost ripping my shirt off.

“Ugh, let! Go! Amber!” I say with great effort as I try to pull away. She just puffs her cheeks angrily and pulls me back. I can’t last long against her stamina. I lose my footing and fall on top of her.

“Mike, don’t go,” she uses the opportunity to tightly hug my body. It’s like a bear trap, I can barely budge. Her soft ample breast squish against me as her legs lock around.

“Let go!” I struggle, but Amber isn’t listening. She pouts and buries her face in my chest.

“Okay, okay, I won’t leave. Just let go!” I accept her requests. For the time being, this sensation... isn’t good.


“Promise! Promise!” I am under panic since the stimulation of her body is too much. From all that rubbing and touching, my little boy might’ve risen up if we stayed in this situation any longer. Finally, Amber let’s go, allowing me to take a breather.

As I get up, she tugs on my arm directing it towards her belly; laying down while facing upside like earlier.


I need to think of something quick before I end up here for another hour.

“Wait, Amber. I have an idea. You will like it a lot.” She looks at me with suspicion. My attempts at escaping earlier might’ve made her a bit distrustful whether I am telling the truth.

“Tell me,” she puts on a thoughtful expression before answering. At least she is up for negotiations.

“For that, we must go to Amelia’s room.” She thinks before warily agreeing.

Yes! Plan ‘dumping Amber with Amelia’ initiated. I am sorry Amelia, but maybe you can appreciate a cling- I mean, therapeutic dog. We both go together to Amelia’s room, but she tightly hugs around my arm, afraid that I’ll run away any second.

Knock, knock.

“Mike, are you back?” Amelia asks. It seems like she is over her depressed state.

“Yeah, I have something fun to do.”

“S-s-s-something fun? Both of us!?” She stutters in shock behind the door.

“Yeah, Amber is here too.”

“Amber will do it too?!” She screams in shock before flinging the door open. Her face is absolutely steaming.

“Hey, let’s go to the bed,” I tell her. Wait, doesn’t this seem like… I stare at Amber clinging beside me.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that! You’re misunderstanding!” I try to fix the situation, but the damage has been done. Amelia flings a pillow at me from the embarrassment.

“Dumb Mike!” She rebukes before pouting. Amber is just watching in confusion, not understanding the context.

“Sorry, sorry. Don’t you want to do the fun thing though?” Amelia twirls around and has a complete change in expression after hearing the word ‘fun’.

“I am listening, go ahead.”

I grab her hand, which results in her blushing.

“What are you doing, Mike?” She asks me shyly. I guide her hand and try petting Amber with it.

“Try rubbing her head,” I tell her with confidence. She looks back at me in uncertainty. Her hands move and rub Amber’s head. Now let the magic begin.


I said let the magic begin!

“Mike, what’s this supposed to mean. It’s been 30 seconds already.” Amelia complains as Amber is just sitting there idly. React with something, you stupid dog! Amber eventually starts reacting. At last, someone else will carry my burden!

But unexpectedly, her arms reach to my hand and try to shrug off Amelia.

“Mike, pet.” No please, I am traumatized by that word…

“You wasted so much of my time. Compensate me by playing some games.” Not you too, Amelia.

“Mike, pet!”

“No, Mike needs to play games with me.”

I regret coming to her room. I should’ve just stayed with Amber.

“Uhh, why don’t you both play games together?” I ask them with a weary smile.

“She sucks ass in games. She managed to die to a fucking slime.” Amelia rebukes.

“She’s too mean, I don’t understand what’s going on the screen,” Amber complains to me in return.

Both of these guys are hopeless.