Chapter 19: Amelia’s Request
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A few days have passed. Susan still showed no sign of returning, I can’t even contact her. Without her, I am feeling lonely again. Both Kyle and Susan, the ones whom I cherished so much, weren’t here. It was hard to get used to living without them, but I am managing somehow. For the time being, I had grown a deeper bond with Susan’s family. Isabel, Amelia, and Amber had begun to accept me ever since I first met them. Maybe our distances were getting a bit too close for comfort.

As for momm- Isabel, she treats me like a child and asks me to call her that… Amber has been even more insistent on petting her than ever before and Amelia has vented her woes of not being able to get a boyfriend. Truthfully, it is annoying, but it feels like I have gotten my own mother and sisters to take care of. Speaking of sisters, there is currently one annoying me.

“Ugh, why do all my friends keep showing off their boyfriends,” Amelia grumbles while mashing her controller.

“Is it that hard to get one?” I ask, not really focusing on the conversation since I am busy watching the screen.

“Of course, don’t you know how expensive they can be? They are really rare and are sold out right when they enter the marketplace. Ones with higher quality siphon energy are even harder to find.”

“Does siphon energy matter all that much?” I ask her.

“Hmm, not really. It’s mainly superficial. To put into the perspective of humans, it would kinda be equivalent to how beautiful their partners look. Having high-quality energy is still cool though.”

I wonder whether it would be alright for me to remove my bracelet then. Though it might prove to be troubling if other monster girls aim at me, it shouldn’t be that bad if it just makes me look handsome by their standards.

“Well, maybe I downplayed it a bit. It makes intercourse feel better too. We use siphon energy recordings for porn on the net as well. Though it isn’t even half as good as feeling it in real life.” She informs me calmly.

“Wait. They can be recorded too?”

“Yeah, it’s the same as recording a photo or video, as long as you’re under the radius of the siphon energy.”

“I am actually more surprised you’re telling me all this adult stuff so casually.” I jokingly remarked. Amelia glances at me before blushing.

“Well, you already found out about… ahem and you’re as oblivious as a duckling. Since Susan isn’t here, I will have to take her place to educate you.”

“Thanks Amelia, I appreciate it. I mean, without you, I wouldn’t know who would be there to show me the ropes.”

“If you really want to thank me, then can you do me a favour? It’ll also help you gain some experience about our culture too.” Amelia asks while blushing a bit. There are signs of some hesitance in her expression.

“What is it?” I ask bluntly.

“So… I was just talking to my friends about males, and one of them asked whether I have a boyfriend like them. I kinda said yes, and now they want to meet him… so…”

“No.” I immediately shut her down.

She lets go of the controller and clings to me. “Please Mike, please, please, please. I will do anything! I know Amber annoys you a lot so I can keep her occupied too. Just this once!” She shakes me as her body squishes against mine.

“Stop it, you’re distracting me from my game.” I try to dissuade her. I am surely not going along with her whims. Susan is my girlfriend. Even if it’s an act, I can’t betray her trust.

I focus my mind on the game as she keeps begging. Her body is a bit too much to handle, I can feel the softness all over me. I shouldn’t think of such things, just keep my eyes on the game, focus on the game.

“Mike is that…” she points down below. I follow the direction and end up looking there. There’s a big bulge there, I had gotten a boner. I quickly turn around, trying to hide it with both my arms.

“Mike, did I give you an erection?” She asks me in a doubtful tone, one which was slightly laced with excitement. I stay quiet. It’s better not to answer her.

She doesn’t bother me for a bit before striking me a deal.

“I wonder what Susan will think about it. Maybe if you act as my boyfriend...”

I chuckle at her. “There’s no way she’ll believe you.” Well, I hope she doesn’t. Truthfully I didn’t know either, but I needed to act confident to not be taken advantage of.

“Oh, is that so?” She smiles warmly before pulling out her phone. A video starts playing. It’s the exact moment where Susan is pushing her body against mine and a distinct outline shows in my pants. Looking at it, I feel ashamed of myself.

“What will it be? Either I show this to Susan or you come along as my boyfriend.” While she is talking, I quickly try to snatch the phone, but her reflexes are too fast.

I snarl at her, “why were you recording this in the first place.”

“It is pretty normal to record your gaming sessions for monster girls… you just won’t understand.” Yeah, I am not buying that. There’s no logical reasoning behind it, but I can’t deny it entirely since my understanding of their world is low. I can’t confirm someone else either, especially not with Amber being inept at technology and Isabel being her mother.

“Fine, you win, you devil. Just delete that video after we are done.” I reluctantly agree.

“I am no devil, I am part-vampire. Well, a deal is a deal, boyfriend~” She smugly answers. I just grunt at her. Amber barges in suddenly into the room.

“Mike pet.” She whimpers. Ah, great. Perfect timing.

“Mike, don’t forget the promise. I’ll tell you the details later ♡.” As Amelia smirks, Amber drags me away without my volition. God, this sucks. As long as Susan doesn’t find out of this.


Amelia is right now tugging along my arm as we walk down the street.

“Do we need to keep the act up right now?” I ask with an irritated sigh.

“We can’t let our guard down. They could be anywhere.” Amelia says while humming happily. She reminded me of my pretend dates with Susan, back then she was also acting pretty similarly. Rather than acting, she’s probably just enjoying the prospect of getting a boyfriend (temporarily). Especially considering when she made such a big fuss about her sister getting one before her.

“Oh look, there they are!” Amelia points as she drags me along. Two figures approach us. From a faraway distance, two identical twins head towards us. They look like dog girls, but they have a more feral feel to them. Dog ears pointed upwards and a bushy tail. They are probably related to wolves.

They both have an expression of shock. This was supposed to be a joint date with each of them bringing their own boyfriends, but the only male around here is me. Amelia seems to have noticed the same thing. I can hear her mischievous snickering, she’s extremely delighted to see them come alone.

“So Amanda, Cleffa, where are your boyfriends?” Amelia asks them with a haughty tone. Her face is all smiles.

Both of them give each other uncomfortable glances before confessing to Amelia, “sorry we lied!”

“Oh, what’s this about?” Amelia keeps on her with her uppity act. She grins smugly at them.

“We both found your reactions funny when you were complaining about not getting a boyfriend. So, we started showing off our fake boyfriends, thinking you would do the same. It worked until you actually came here with an actual boyfriend… Our plan was to make up to you today. I guess we were the butt of the joke all along.”

They both look demotivated, but it’s not like I sympathize with them.

“Ah, what a shame. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought my boyfriend then. You both are probably feeling pretty embarassed.” Amelia jokes around, pouring salts into their wounds. I am just feeling more annoyed that I got dragged into their silly antics. It would’ve been fine after all if she came here alone.

They shook their heads down. I bet their feelings are similar to the ire Amelia has towards Susan, the unjust feeling that their friend got a boyfriend before them.

As we’re talking around, one of them signals behind us.

“Oh, you brought Amber along too? Why is she hiding?” Cleffa says while pointing at a pole. Amelia and my expression turn sour. Don’t tell me she followed us. We turn around and see dog ears and a tail peeking out behind the pole. For sure, that’s Amber.

“Did you bring her along,” Amelia whispers to me in an annoyed tone.

“No, I have no idea why she followed us.”

“Is something wrong?” Amanda asks us, she seems a bit worried.

“Ahaha, no nothing. Amber was going to join us later. We didn’t know she would come so early.” Amelia quickly makes up a lie while hiding the awkwardness.

“Go bring her here, otherwise they might think somethings wrong.” Amelia tugs at me. I oblige and head to the pole where Amber is hiding. Taking a peek behind, I see Amber cowering in fear.

“Why’re you here, Amber?”

“It’s lonely without Mike. I want to go out with you.” She opens up and tugs on my shirt. I am sure her cute act is intentional, but I can’t deny that it isn’t working.

I pat her head; she calms down and hugs me tightly.

“Okay, come out. You can come along with us.” As I say that, her expression brightens as she wags her tail. We head back to the girls’ group, but it seems that they’ve already started talking about us.

“If he’s really your boyfriend, why is he acting so familiar with Amber?” Cleffa teases Amelia, it seems like she is onto something.

“They are just friends, that’s all,” says Amelia.

“Boyfriend?” Amber asks curiously. I don’t like the direction this is going. Amelia is sweating bullets, she looks like she has eaten something spoilt.

“Yeah, Amelia here said that guy is her boyfriend,” Cleffa says while pointing at me.

“Mike… boyfriend?” Amber asks curiously. Her face brightens up as if she receives an epiphany. She winks at both Amelia and me, showing that she understood our act. I sigh in relief. At least our cover won’t be blown yet.

Amber latches on to my arm before announcing something that no one expected.

“Mike is my boyfriend!”


Both Amelia's and my expression turns sour. Amber looks at me, expecting to be praised for it. I just hope Amelia doesn’t share that video after our plan fails.

“Woah, you girls are sharing your boyfriend?” Amanda asks in shock.

Amelia and I stand stupefied for a second.

“Y-yeah, that’s surely the case. Right, Mike?”

“Yes.” We go along with her misunderstanding. At least the plan didn’t go down in flames.

Amanda scrunches her face as if she’s unconvinced. “Something’s suspicious, I am not buying it. Well, whatever.” She states, before shrugging it off.

“Let’s head to the cafe first! It’s so hot outside. We can enjoy the air conditioning there!” Amelia tries to make a diversion. Thankfully, everyone agrees with her sentiments and decides to go there. Our biggest worry is Amber, though. She still isn’t aware of our plan. Rather, her blissful face is rubbing against my arm. Amelia looks infuriated seeing her behave so nonchalantly.

We end up entering one of the more popular cafes in the locality. The seats are mostly full. Thankfully, we manage to get a table for four. Amelia and Amber are seated beside me while Amanda and Cleffa are on the other side. All the girls want to try the smoothies so we all get one with different flavours.

While the order is coming, we have some small talk between us. The conversations are pretty interesting as I am instilled with a better understanding of this world. Well, it is mainly Amelia, Cleffa and Amanda chatting. Amber is just cozying herself beside me, while for me, my lack of understanding makes it harder to enter the conversations.

“So Amelia, how did you end up meeting Mike,” Amanda asks her out of the blue. They catch her a bit off guard with that question.

“Oh, uh, I actually bought him off the market.”

“Wait, you’re that rich? I never expected that. Did you share the costs with Amber or something?” Cleffa asks with amusement.

“Yeah, it’s a bit expensive, so I had Amber share the costs…” replies Amelia.

“You know, I still don’t buy your story of him being your boyfriend. How can you prove he is not rented?” Amanda asks as she eyes me suspiciously.

“What are you talking about? Mike loves me too, isn’t that right?” Says Amelia.

“Yeah, I love Amber and Amelia.” I nod in agreement.

“If that’s the case, how about you guys kiss each other?” Cleffa suggests with a cynical smile. Oh god, we’re doomed.

“Psst, hey, what do we do?” Amelia whispers to me with a panic-stricken voice. I am as perplexed as she is.

For the time being, we close into each other’s faces, but our lips halt right before they touch. This is bad. At this rate, they will find out our plan. If only a miracle can happen.

“Mike, don’t!” Amber cries as she tries to push my body away from the kiss, but it ends up doing the complete opposite. Our lips smack against each other. From the shock, my mouth opens slightly, accidentally causing my tongue to slather her lips. Amelia is frozen, still processing what’s going on. Just how the fuck did things develop like this?