Chapter 20: Another Kiss
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Both Amelia and I are frozen still. Time seems to have paused as my tongue touches her pillowy lips. As she regains her senses, her mouth opens. She takes it a step further and invades her tongue into mine. I wanted to disentangle, but she didn’t let go. I am really sorry Susan; I mean it.

Amelia’s tongue burrows deeper and deeper. The sensation made my awareness weak. This can’t be happening. Her lustful frame leans in on me, pressing her voluminous breasts against my chest. She looks at me with her mesmerizing eyes. Her heated gaze looks softly at me as her sloppy tongue continues to experiment with mine. I try to pry her away again; we didn’t need to make it look so real, but she’s insistent in performing to her utmost. The sensation is similar to Susan. There’s only one word I can use to describe it, hypnotic. Her taste nearly silenced all my reasoning.

I don’t know how long the kiss lasts. Amber aggressively wrenches both our faces away. Cleffa and Amanda are both blushing heavily. They gulp at the sultry sound of her mouths parting. No, cut that. Half the cafe is gawking at us. Even the waitress is just idly standing with a heavy flush on her face. I guess it is to be expected since we went full French-kissing in a family restaurant.

But Amelia is unconcerned by the inquiring and excited stares. Her eyes still affixed to mine, she is heavily panting right now, her drool sloppily dripping. I don’t know how to explain it, but there was an odd sense of familiarity with this kiss. Like a predator waiting to strike and take down its prey. Why does it seem all so familiar?

“Sorry, I am gonna take a break.” I get up before scurrying off into the restroom. My heartbeat cannot keep up with the pace of events.

“What was that…” I ask myself. Things went south quickly, and then it managed to go even past that. I am not sure what face to make when I come back. I can’t even blame Amelia for this, it’s all my fault. She just carried on the initiative I accidentally took. I don’t know how I can make up to Amelia and Susan for this.

After washing my face for a bit. I finally decide to head back. Things seem to have calmed down, but their flushed faces are still apparent. I sit back at my old position, but there’s some discomfort still remaining in the group.

“You still haven’t kissed Amber.” Cleffa speaks out of nowhere. Oh, for fuck’s sake, give us a break. Can’t you read the atmosphere?

I look at Amelia, surprisingly she looks quite calm, even a bit appeased.

Amelia whispers to me, “it’s my fault, I was the one who suggested all of this. I think it’s about time that we come clean now. It’s better than Amber having to go through with our ploy. I wouldn’t want her to experience something like this just because of the lies we’ve weaved.”

I have made her go through something unforgivable huh… She’s right, let’s not force Amber into the same circumstances. Amelia takes a deep breath before she confesses the truth to them, “I am sorry, the tr-“ or that was what I thought until an unexpected intervention occurs.

A pair of hands grab onto my head. Twisting it around, it is Amber who has her sights set on my lips. Don’t tell me…


Her pouty lips land right onto mine, but that isn’t the end. She wedges open through my lips. I try to keep my teeth clamp shut. I didn’t want Amber to be forced to partake in this, this should be enough to fake through it, but it doesn’t go as I plan.

Her tongue brute forces its way in before wrapping it around mine. It’s even more sensual than my kiss with Amelia. She is practically hogging my mouth. I can only focus on this new tingling sensation, enrapturing me into the moment. She takes a step further. Her legs wrap around my waist as she sits on my lap. I am afraid of my growing bulge hitting her plump thighs. I try to position myself in a way that it isn’t detected, but my effort seems to have been in vain.

Amber momentarily breaks away before giving me a suggestive smile. Her hands brush on my protruding member, clearly teasing it. Though, she doesn’t linger any longer after noticing everyone’s stares. Her lips go back to kissing me violently; sparing no mercy in her raunchy tongue entanglement.

Her addictive taste slowly spreads all over my mouth. I can’t help but play along with the twirling and swirling taking place in my mouth. Every motion makes me want to seek it more. It is an entirely distinct feeling from Amelia’s and Susan’s hypnotic kisses. Like a one-sided, devouring desperation that becomes a mutual feeling. It seems like the experiences you receive are dependent on what kind of monster girl you’re kissing, and all of them are addictive in their own right.

No, I need to get my mind back on track. These kisses are just too good at destabilizing one’s thinking. After Amber finally has her fill of kissing, she parts away from me. A big dumb gleeful grin is on her face. She isn’t the least bit bothered by the leering looks others were giving. Rather, it seems like she is coming in for another pecker.

“Let’s go, we’re leaving,” Amelia says with an abrupt thump on the table. She tugs my hand, separating me and Amber. Her face has formed into an ugly scowl. Though I have some guesses, I am not exactly sure what made her so mad. Is it because I am cheating on her sister, how I made Amber a victim to our antics or perhaps even jealousy? Whatever’s the case, she clearly wasn’t in a mood to talk about it.

Her hand forcefully drags me to the outside. Amber is stunned as she watches us go away. The sudden ending to her sensational smooching makes her look like an aggrieved puppy, but she quickly scampers along with us. Though I am not sure regarding Amelia’s feelings, I am sure that Amber has developed an interest in me. Her willingness, no, her assertiveness spoke for itself. Just thinking about the situation gives me a headache. The entire plan ended up becoming a giant cluster fuck.

As for Cleffa and Amanda, their reddened faces and fidgeting bodies displayed their arousal. Such is the case for most of the people in the cafe. Their ravenous eyes ogling at my body sends goosebumps down my arms. I surely didn’t want to be ravished like a little prey from these monstrous women. I am just glad to get out of there safely, but I wasn’t out of trouble yet. I knew some talk had to take place, both with Amber and Amelia.

Tonight’s going to be a long night...