Chapter 288
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Chapter 288

Mikael released all his power to his hand, his Shock took its effect, and powerful lightning entered Oliver's body and electrocuted him. 

Oliver was still in his giant form, Raven didn't damage him and the slime returned to Mikael. Oliver roared and tried to smash Mikael but the lightning further burned his body. Oliver lost his power and slowly returned to his normal size. He was breathing hard, even blood came out of his mouth. However, his eyes remain staring at Mikael. He still didn't accept defeat. 

"Then how about this!"

Mikael used a large portion of his mana and strengthen his Shock. Oliver groaned and kneeled, he coughed blood and his eyes lost their focus for a moment. 

"… no, I will not be defeated. "

He said as if he was hypnotizing himself. His eyes were bloodshot and even blood came out of his skin pores, he was bleeding all over. He could say that Mikael's Shock was powerful, possibly because he was experiencing it right now. Yet, the determination didn't disappear in his eyes. He felt that he was getting close, he could sense that Mikael would push him forward. 

He grabbed Mikael's arm and squeezed it. 


Mikael winced, he was surprised that Oliver still has the strength to hurt him. This confirmed that Oliver has unbelievable strength despite being toasted by lightning. His body was charred and it was obvious that he was going to lose his consciousness at any moment. However, his eyes were telling the opposite. 

Mikael grinned, it sent shivers down his spine. He was frightened, he thought he won't feel this emotion anymore but it seemed that he was wrong. His instinct was telling him to run.

"Yeah boi, I'm having fun!"

His black eyes dilated, he was thrilled. This was the kind of battle that he wanted. Slowly, as time goes on, Mikael is hungry for more battles that will make him feel alive. He was slowly becoming CRAZY.  

'Everything that kills me makes me feel alive… Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be…'

… Yeah, it was stupid but Mikael was singing "Counting stars" in his head while in the middle of the battle. Perhaps he was just confident or he was losing his mind because of fear. Either way, Mikael was having fun fighting Oliver.

It was obvious just by the bleeding on his head and his aching body. He could say that Oliver beat him, but he would get the last laugh. As long as his hand was in contact with Oliver, he was going to win. His Shock is the strongest. With just his touch, he could kill.

"Quite desperate, huh. How about we escalate things further."

Mikael grinned, mocking Oliver who was kneeling down and limped. Mikael raised his Void Spear and thrust the Spear into Oliver. Yup, he stabbed our foodie! Maybe Mikael is already crazy. Or perhaps he is crazy from the start. 

Anyway, Oliver grunted as the Spear dug deep into his abdomen. His body was being electrocuted and the only thing he could do was to kiss the ground and show his pathetic self. 

Oliver tried to stand up but the lightning kept him on the ground and all he could do was writhe in pain.

"Come on, just say that you lose and I will stop this. I can see that you can endure the pain but I want to say that this is not the real power of my Shock. If I wanted to, I can kill you immediately."

Mikael is not stupid to kill a guild leader right inside his own headquarter. This was a sparring match and the intention was to get stronger not to kill. On top of that, Mikael did not hate Oliver, he like him and respect him. 

"Come on, just admit defeat."

"I will not."


Mikael shrugged and twisted his Spear inside Oliver, the man screamed and almost fainted. 

'I hate this!'

Oliver screamed inside his mind. He hated the fact that he was on the ground again just like the time against the Dragon Fafnir. Oliver lost his limbs and he couldn't fight the Dragon anymore. It was the most humiliating part of his life. 

'I hate to lose. Furthermore, I hate it when I'm hungry!

Oliver could not accept that the food he was eager to eat became a pure image of bones when he woke up. Apparently, Fafnir returned to bones when he died. It was one of the saddest moments of his life, it could be part of Top Ten Anime Betrayals. 

'I don't want to lose anymore, I have to get stronger!!!'

Mikael sensed that something was changing about Oliver. He sensed the danger and made his Shock stronger. 



Black lightning enveloped Oliver and he lost consciousness, he fainted and dropped to the ground. His whole body was secreting smoke as if he was burned alive, which he was. He lost his strength and did not move for a quite of time. Thankfully, Mikael could sense that his heart was beating. It was weak, but it was beating. This means that Oliver would just be fine. 

"He just has to eat a lot. Maybe fuck some women too. After that, his strength will return like a brand new car."

He shrugged and uncast his Spear. He started walking away and did not look at Oliver even once. It was disrespectful to do that. 

He grinned at Furrneka and waved his hand. But he narrowed his eyes when he saw that Furrneka did not look relieved, as if something dangerous was behind him. Furrneka looked afraid. 

"Oh for fuck sake!"

Mikael turned around and shouted. He was frustrated, he was already tired. Yet it seemed like Oliver was not tired. In fact, he looked like he was just getting started.

"Is this the determination of people who thinks of food?"

He tilted his head. He sensed that Oliver was going through some changes. 

"Gawdamit! He is acquiring his new Skill. Look at this man, treating me like a test subject for his Skill!"