Chapter 516
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Chapter 516


Asmodeus screamed at the top of his lungs. His organs were popping one by one. His black blood was escaping from every hole in his body. 

The Lightning Shock was too much even for him. He could not endure even a second. Mikael's power was not something he could face. 


Now he realized why Mikael was stronger in close combat. Because he was not afraid to fight in physicality. If he was overpowered, he could use his Lightning Shock to turn the situation. 


He spat a mouthful of blood and grabbed the Spear. He tried to pull it out but Mikael stepped on his chest and crushed his ribs.


"Want some more?"

Mikael smiled like an angel. But the pressure he released caused Asmodeus to palpitate. 


His tentacles were wriggling frantically like worms. Some of them disturbed Mikael from doing his job. 

However, the tentacles that touched Mikael burned too. Mikael's whole body was currently lightning. It was painful to touch him. 

One by one, Asmodeus' tentacles popped like balloons. 

"Damn it!"

Asmodeus didn't have a choice. He released every child that he was hiding. Since they were being fried anyway, he might as well use them to stop Mikael. 

Thousands of creatures escaped from his body. Most of them were paralyzed because of Mikael's Shock. But some of them could move. Tjey quickly attacked Mikael with their full force. 

Hundreds of attacks hit Mikael and an explosion erupted. A few seconds passed and the children were dumbfounded when they found that Mikael was unaffected. He looked fine and healthy. 

Furthermore, the dragon scales around his body thickened. The scales were his natural armor against attacks. And even if he was injured, his fast regeneration would heal his wounds in a matter of seconds. 

In a way, Mikael was unbeatable. The two Demon Lords would have a hard time killing him. 

"I think Jade Levia is stronger than anyone of you. That woman almost killed me last time."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it from you! Jade Levia is nothing but a scapegoat."

"Yeah right~"

Mikael chuckled and punched the man's face. Asmodeus had a nice handsome face. But his appearance right now was far from handsome. 

His face was constantly being burned. His skull was visible with some flesh. He looked ugly as fuck. 

"You know, I actually have a grudge against you."

"Fuck you!"

Asmodeus growled painfully.

'Grudge? You are killing me right now for fuck sake! It doesn't matter if you hate me or not! You are going to kill me anyway!'

Asmodeus' was slowly losing his life force. Even crying was impossible because the fluid in his body was drying. He tried to fight the Lightning Shock using his regeneration but he failed. 

"I'm not joking, I indeed have a grudge against you. You see, one of your dukes caused a ruckus. He hurt Lane and Niña. I'm not sure if you know them but they are my family. Now, where am I again? That's right, your Duke, Shadow Demon Delorio, hurt my family. Since you are his boss, his debt naturally falls to you."

The Shadow Demon was long gone. He died after Yuuki and the others ambushed him in Antarctica. 

"I can say that Delorio is one of the starter fire. A great factor why I'm having a life like this."


Asmodeus gargled in his own blood. His eyes stared fiercely at his enemy who was currently torturing him.

"Kill me already!!"

The Demon Lord of Lust could not endure it. The pain was too much. He felt that eternal death was better than this. 

"Well, I want to see you suffer more but I guess I have to make this quick."

Mikael saw that Belphegor was rushing to him.

"Anyway, all I want to say is-- it's all your fault. If you didn't order Delorio to fuck around, maybe this will never happen. Maybe you are still living your life, having sex with different creatures and genders."

Mikael had a pitiful gaze but Asmodeus was not blind. Mikael was mocking him, he was having fun at this moment. 


"Help me Fa-"

He didn't finish his sentence because his body exploded. His flesh splattered around. 

Of course Mikael was not stupid. To make sure that Asmodeus would never revive again, he burned his flesh to ashes. Now, another Demon Lord lost his life. 

The proof was the wobbling Sin of Lust that appeared after Asmodeus's death. 

"Another trash is taken care of."

He smiled with satisfaction knowing that he completed his revenge.

"I'm petty, I know that. I still can't forget about the crime that Shadow Demon did. Even though I never met him personally."

It was quite simple, Delorio hurt his family and he had to suffer. But because he was dead, Mikael released his grudge against Asmodeus.


Belphegor trembled when he witnessed Asmodeus' death. He tried to help him but Mikael's action was too fast and brutal. He never showed weakness or mercy. 

"Mikael Tibano!!"

"That's right, that is my name."

Mikael laughed like a madman. 

"Y- you..."

Belphegor's face was livid and frustrated. He lost his ally and now he was alone. He clenched his fists... And escaped!

Belphegor is the type of Demon who escapes once he is endangered.

Now that he was alone, he didn't want to risk his life. 

"Uh-huh, don't tease me like that! I thought we are going to finish this session. Let me climax first!"

"Don't make it sexual!"