Chapter 521
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Chapter 521

The Demons who were invading the Earth halted. Some of them were confused while the others were dumbfounded. Their connection to the Demon Lords was lost. 


Their eyes trembled as they realized the outcome. They thought this battle would be the same just like what they did to other planets. However, the fact that they lost their leaders greatly affected them. 

Some of them dropped their weapons. Some of them started crying. 

All over the world, the pathetic cries of Demons happened. 

However, not all of them were sad. A large portion of the army was celebrating and happy to know that their Lords were dead. 

"Nyehehahahaha! Now I have a chance to take the Sin and become stronger!"

A General was happy to announce his betrayal. The battle was still ongoing and numerous Skills were flying from the sky. 

The Hunters and Beastmen faced the terrifying army of crazy Demons. 

They sensed that the Demon army was shaken and it was time to retaliate. The Hunters roared and killed the enemies with no hesitation. 

Based on the expression of the Demons, they could deduce that Mikael Tibano finished his job! The Hunters were excited and used every strength just to end the battle.

The Beastmen joined the Hunters and went deeper into the battlefield. This was the moment to get their revenge. 

"The Demons, some of them are running away."

Klien narrowed his eyes as he looked at the rear part of the Demon army. 

"You can't blame them, the Demons embodied the negativity."

Kitsune was next to him, she was throwing rocks at the enemies and injuring them in the process. 

Despite speaking calmly, the two were actually tired. They were exhausted as they fought endless battles. No matter how many times they killed them, more Demons would appear and take over. 

Kitsune wiped her sweat. She was already gasping for air. Still, she knew that the end was getting closer. She could feel it. 

"After this... I want to take a rest."

"Don't worry, I will be with you all the way."

Klien assured her with a smile. Although his bleeding forehead was quite disturbing. The two already reached their limit long ago and it was impossible to stay unscathed in this situation. 

"I want 10, no, I want 20 children!"

"... You know that it will be hard to do that, considering that you are a Beastman and I'm a human."

"I don't care. We can live for a thousand years once we transcended."

She replied while crushing the nearest enemy. 

"You know that it's not the right time to talk about having children... But fine, I will try my best."

The Nine-Tails Fox giggled when she heard his approval. 




"Is it over?"

On the other side, the Elven Kingdom was having the same crisis. The walls were already penetrated by the Demons and they were wrecking the structures. 

Suddenly, a strong surge of tidal wave manifested and drown the Demons. 

"We are getting there, but we have to make sure that we are alive once the battle is over. We have to protect our Kingdom!"

Princess Belle screamed at the top of her lungs and the Elves joined her warcry. They regained their morale and shot thousands of Skills to eliminate the enemies. 

The woman was waving Poseidon's Trident and casting an endless barrage of tidal waves. 

"Graaaahhh!! Nothing matters anymore! Can you hear it, everyone!!? We lost the battle! We are all going to die just like what happened to the Demons of Wrath!! Are we going to die in vain and let these bastards live happily ever after?"

The last remaining General who was fighting the Elven Kingdom used this moment to convince the army. 

"Hell no!!"

"That's right! We are not pathetic! If we are going to die, then we will bring everyone to death!! Kill the Elves and our death will be worthy!"




In this last moment, the Demons understand that they were all going to die. They were not afraid of death, they were crazy people. That's why they would bring destruction upon this place!

"Don't let the enemies have their way! This is our home! We will stand still and protect our home!"

Princess Belle's was cracking. Despite knowing that this battle would be tiring, she didn't expect that it would be thus hard. She was just forcing herself to stand. Yet she knew that one more step and she would faint. 

She raised the Trident in her hands and used another Skill to block the Demons. 

"Mikael, I trust you."

She gritted her teeth and faced the incoming crazy fearless rush of the army. 




"Anh~ aang!"

While people were losing their lives. A certain couple was busy doing the deed. 

"Hey keep your moving your hips, I can't feel you. Probably because your pussy is loose."

"Shut up!"

Jade Levia angrily roared and glared at the guy. She was currently humping her rear against the man's crotch. 

That's right. While people were dying over the war, these two were fucking. 

Kim Soo-Woon convinced Jade Levia to admit defeat and joined him. As the man who had the charisma of the protagonist, Jade Levia quickly fell in love with him. 

So after a few conversations, Jade Levia was now riding Kim Soo-Woon. Overall, this was the most peaceful confrontation. No one died. In fact, they were currently creating life.

"Shit~~ Why are you so big!"

She gritted her teeth and raised her rear and dropped it again to feel him more. She closed her eyes.

"I can feel it."

"Feel what, my dick?"

"The last of us, he is going to appear."