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Chapter 524

"Haaahh... Haahhh..."

The Saintess was breathing raggedly as she raised her staff to heal more people. Her face was already drenched in sweat, not even the healing potion could replenish her missing energy. 

-- Swish.

She gritted her teeth and cast another wide effect regeneration. The Hunters that were bleeding and close to death regained their strength as their wounds closed. 

"For the victory!!"

"Kill the enemies! Don't leave anyone alive!"

The Hunters roared and returned to the battlefield. 

As for Andromeda, she was kneeling and gasping for air. Despite taking the portion of mana from each Hunter that she healed, the toll on her mind and physique was getting heavy. 

She wiped her sweat and stood. She could see her friends facing the Demons without fear. Seven and Adalyn were having a nice teamwork and they were collaborating flawlessly. Still, it was obvious that they were tired. 

Then, she looked at Chairman Renato and Jose Pasodaro, they were roaring like madmen as they tore the bodies in front of them. 

Even Titania was screaming her Skill despite her cracked voice. 

Everyone was fighting. Everyone was giving their lives just to win this battle. 

So Andromeda had to fight as well. These people needs her, her existence was the reason why the Hunters were fearless. As long as she could heal them, the Hunters have nothing to fear. 


Suddenly, Andromeda realized something strange. She witnessed millions of Demons coughing black blood. 

They screamed in despair and kneeled to the ground.

"Damn it! I know that this will be our end since the Demon Lords are dead. But still, I don't want to die!!"

"Mama, Papa, I'm afraid!"

"Heheheyayahaha! Death! Here I come!"

"Fuck the world! Fuck society, fuck Joe Biden, fuck you guys!"

Different emotions lingered as more Demons met their ends. Some were afraid, some were happy, and some wanted to kill more. Everyone had their own emotions to show. 

One thing was for sure, the Demons were dying. 

The Hunters trembled as they saw Demons dying in front of them. Not just a simple dying, most of them dropped to the ground like trees being hit by tsunami. It was a wave of death surging through!

"T- this is!"

The Hunters were shocked. They lost many of their comrades killing the Demons. Yet a big portion of them dropped dead just like that. 

But they were not bitter, they were celebrating. So much that they were crying. 

"We did it!!"


"We won!"

Andromeda yelled at them with her broken voice. 

"It's not over! Everyone! Kill the remaining Demons!"



The Demons who died were from the Sin of Pride, Lust, and Gluttony. These three factions cost half of the army and it was a massive clearing. 

Now, the Hunters were like hungry beasts who were eyeing their preys. 

Their chances of winning further increased.

"R- run!"

"What are you saying!? We have to face them and kill more people!"

"Kill my ass! If you want to die, then go on!'

Realizing that their army was crumbling, more Demons fled the battlefield and escaped. Now that they didn't have a leader and their lives were endangered, they prioritize surviving. 

Demons are crazy, but they are cowards too. All of the negativity was living inside them and that's how they live their lives. 


For the first time, humanity raised their voice and screamed their victory against the enemies who threatened their planet.

"Hick hick..."

Andromeda weakly sat on the ground and sobbed. Her emotions were quite mixed. She didn't know what exact feeling she had. All she wanted to do was cry. 




Five years later. 

Earth was already impossible to live in and humanity decided to go to another planet. They lost their home and most of them were bitter about it, yet the hope was still there. 

They welcomed their new home with a genuine smile. 

Now, they were living in Floating islands. This was the closest environment of Earth that they could get. Except for the floating islands, the gravity, environment and weather were quite similar to Earth.

A lot of things happened this past five years. Earth was completed curropted and only Demons could live there. Now, it became the planet where Mikael Tibano, the Demon Emperor lives together with his family and special army. 

After the battle, Mikael built his territory in the planet and kicked the others out. Thankfully, Kyle Rockwell offer a new home for humanity. 

No one wants to fight the Demon Emperor, knowing that they would only die. 

The two Sins of Greed and Sloth became a heavily protected places and guarded by strong people. No one could enter the place. So in the end, the Demons could not raise a leader to protect them. 

The Demons were hunted in the whole universe. They were killed by other Demons which was led by Ai Biyu. Even if the war was over, their mission had to be completed. All for the glory of the great Emperor Mikael Tibano. 

As for the current Demon Lord of Gluttony, Oliver Johnson, he disappeared after the war. No one knows where he was. He never showed himself after killing Beelzebub. 

Jade Levia and Kim Soo-Woon became a couple and currently living in a desolated planet. They were celebrating their newborn baby boy. Just like always, Kim Soo-Woon would smoke his way out after being nagged by his wife. 

And speaking of couple, another family was formed after the war. Klein Tibano and Kitsune was ready to meet their second child... Within five years, the couple miraculously had two children. Perhaps Kitsune wanted to keep her promise of having enough to build a soccer team. 

The new era of humanity arrived.

The end. 

[God Fucking Damn It! I finished this novel at last!]

[But of course, I have to add the after stories and I'm not sure how many chapters it will have.]

[Anyway, the main plot of MNPOTS are finished... I can die peacefully now.]