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So yeah... I already finished MC's Not Part of The Story. I think I'm quite satisfied with the ending. I wrote everything I wanted and completed it. 

I started MNPOTS on March 19, 2020, and finished it on January 12, 2023 with 527 chapters. I can't believe that I accomplished something in my life... 

You see, writing is fun and I want to share it with you guys. Although sometimes it's exhausting too, especially for a procrastinator like me. 

Before I even started writing MNPOTS, I already know the ending, kinda. I want to see the world destroyed... 

Yup, that's the ending I want and the ending I get after writing MNPOTS. Earth was corrupted and humans can never live on the planet. 

Speaking of 2020, it was an unfortunate year for me, I lost my friends and relatives. Some of them died because of COVID, although most died because of other diseases and loneliness... 

I think the pandemic caused mass hysteria and a lot of people panicked. Many became depressed, I'm one of those people. 

So when I was writing this story, I have a lot of grudge against the world. Like I don't know, I just hate the world and hope that it will be hit by a meteor. 

And because I was writing MNPOTS during the pandemic, I was panicking and afraid too. I realized that life is too short and I need something to do to release my frustrations. 

Because I'm a massive weeb and read tons of Light Novels, Chinese novels, Korean novels, and original novels, I decided to write instead. 

I want to leave a legacy in case COVID hit me and I bite the dust-- that's right, I was afraid that I will be forgotten. Writing novels is the best method for me to prove my existence to the world. 

I attended funerals back in 2020 and I know that everyone is going to reach their last moment. So before that happens, I want to write something. 

Anyway, that's the real truth behind MNPOTS. 

I just want to say that I will write another story and I will try my best to make it wholesome! No fighting, no dying, a complete slice-of-life wholesome novel! 

It's about a guy who transmigrated into a body of a depressed father and he will start living his life to the fullest together with his loving wife and children. 

And yes, this is not a harem! Only one heroine! But since I promise that there will be smut, I will try to make their sex life spicy and exciting, but still within the Vanilla tag.

Thank you guys for being here with me! I hope you will continue supporting my stories! 

I'm currently writing three novels: 

Hollywood What If

The Only Fuel Is Using The D

Reincarnated As A Deadbeat Dad.