Chapter 22: Classes
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"You have three options already picked out for you, Advanced System Understanding, specifcally in the area of body-building/shape melding, Advanced Warfare & Weapons Training, as well as an in-depth course into the most violent of Orc, Demon, and Beastkin society."

Huh. Not half bad actually. Not a lot of room for free time but they would definetly be helpful in the future-especially with the race wars brewing and what my Stepmother was planning on doing to me, seemed like my grandpa had some serious connections if knew what was going to happen before it did.

However, that did leave me with a class of my own to choose. "Hey, do you have any recommendation on what I should choose for my next class?"

I though I might as well ask considering she was the Head Supervisor of my Circle. To my surprise however she motioned toward The Cow, who looked at me appraisingly.

"I knew your grandfather back when he first entered the academy, he gave me my first milking actually. Something that he always regretted not doing was taking a class in Romance & Formal Courtesy. In fact I believe that that was his recommendation, wasn't it?"

The Cow looked toward the Head Supervisor who nodded in the affirmative. 

Romance, huh? "I kinda wanna refuse just because that  bastard put me in all those other classes." I do want at least some independence when it comes to my future. I mean, seriously, so far all my major life decisons have been chosen by people who aren't me.

At least the sex is good I suppose. The Cow looks at me appraisingly again, "You sure about that sonny? You realise that because of your race relations course the etiquette will be more centered toward them right?"

I look at her, "Isn't that the whole point of the race relations class?" 

The Head Supervisor snorts, "Romance in those cultures is a lot more... intimate shall we say... and the race relations has to cover three races and all of their basic social skills as well. Romance will help keep both your hormones in check as well as your courtesy up to scratch. Do realise however that it will cover some of the basics of other races as well."

Why didn't she just start with that? From the sounds of it, it looks like I'll be getting some sex tutoring. [MMMM, with a cock like yours... I don't think you'll be getting much tutoring at all, can't have sex with an Orc if your not man enough to take a little sqeeze to your member.]

"Sounds good to me."

Jackass of a system.