Chapter 26: Bunnygirl 3some (Part 1 ;)
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First threesome! I've never written one before, so tell me if it flows well.

The two Bunnygirls get down on their knees as soon as the others leave. Their lithe, supple bodies are on full display... bouncy tits, bouncy ass, a beautiful tan. 

And of course... The amazing ears, arching from their head. 

They kneel in front of me, legs splayed, one barefoot and the other with fuck-me heels strapped onto her feet. Eyes looking hungrily at my tenting pants, their tounges run over their full red lips, I notice that one of them as a pierced tongue, that would feel interesting licking my cock--and they start to gyrate, hands going toward their pussies. 

It's then that I notice the leashes on the floor, my cock only gets harder after that. Nekos would be way better leashed but sexy fucking bunnygirls would be a close second. Beside, they were technically slaves, and you can't have them running away from you, right?

I grab the black leashes off the floor and head straight for where the girls were kneeling, both of them are shaking, asses shaking and tits shaking with. Their ears stand straight up instead of flopping like they did before. 

I grab the first one I come to, the one with the pierced tounge, and grab her by the slave collar, attaching her to the leash.

She makes a weak grab for my pants but her other fuckbuddy slaps it down.

"Master decides when we get to fuck him, not you!" Master, huh?

Can't say I don't like it.

I grab both their leashes and give them a sharp tug, both of them look at me straight away. Damn, they're trained! 

I motion toward my cock, and they smile at me, "Master wants Bunnygirl 1, to suck his cock?" She looks at me and licks her lip, before going on all fours, she slowly stalks toward me... ass high in the air, tits dragging accross the ground.

Damn she looks sexy. 

I want her faster though, with a quick tug on her leash I bring her closer, I do the same with Bunnygirl 2. As they come closer I give each of them a good spank on the ass, 

"Ah! Does Master like Bunny asses?" One shakes her ass for emphasis, and I smack it again, elicting another groan. "Master does! Mmmmmm." 

"Take off my pants." I can hardly believe what's happening! One and Two grab my pants and pull them right down, allowing my cock to spring out and extend to its fullest height.

Is it just me or did it get a bit bigger since last time?

WTF? It was bad as it was!


I thrust the thought from my mind and go back to the two sluty women kneeling in front of me, looking at my cock in surprise and awe.

Twos eyes widen, “I-i-it’s so big!” One on the other hand give the head a quick lick, before looking up at me, “Can I suck your cock master?” 

I answer by grabbing the leash and giving it a sharp tug. 

She grabs my erect member and slides it into her mouth, enclosing the top of my cock in a warm, tight, embrace that her full lips could provide-her pierced tounge flicking across my cock, and fuck did she use it well! 

It was obvious that she had trained for this type of head, and she was good at it! Her face bobbed up and down, pierced tongue sliding up and around my cock-before finally settling on its head where she used the stud to massage it, tongue travelling up and around.

Bunnygirl One wasn’t just letting this happen though, climbed between the open legs of Two and positioned herself underneath me, while the pierced tongue of Two slid over the top my cock, One pleasured the bottom. She put her lips over the shaft and started sliding, all the way up until she was sharing precum with One and all the way down again.

I let them slurp my cock for a little bit, before grabbing One, her mouth popping off my cock-head with a pop. I let Two keep on going and position One on the other side of my rod, Her lips meeting Twos across the meat in between them.

I drop their leashes, grab the back of both their heads and push them together, sheathing my dick completely, each Bunnygirl covering half. I twist my hands into their hair and push them down until they hit the bottom of my shaft and all the way up again.

It’s mesmerising the way that they just go along with it, they’re pretty much dolls and it’s honestly hot. 

“Mmmmmmmm!” Both of them moan, finger fucking themselves in the process. All while sliding up and down my shaft, mouths pressed tightly against each other and my dick creating a warm sheath of Bunnygirl amazingness.

“Uhhhhhh,” is all I can say, damn they do an awesome job and that piercing is amazing! Flicking right under my cock-head. I start pushing them faster until I’m pretty much facefucking instead of getting a blowjob.

My balls smack against their cheeks, and they start increasing tempo with me, I fuck them harder, cock smashing between their lips. Cum starts boiling up, and I release the girls, letting Two get to work on the final stretch, tongue flicking my cock, swirling, and her head bobbing up and down.

Yet, I’m not quite there, that is until I feel a warm mouth close around my balls, “YES!”

The double combo of ball-sucking and dick-sucking causes my cock to twitch and start spraying cum into Bunnygirl Two’s mouth. I grab her head and lock her on, letting ropes of cum squirt into her willing mouth, but even with her gobbling she still doesn’t manage to keep all of it and cum starts travelling down her mouth.

I keep thrusting until my cumblast fades, pulling out of Twos mouth with a wet pop and picking the leashes back up. It was almost time for some penetration!



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