Chapter 27: Bunnygirl 3some (part 2;)
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This one has quite a few kinks. ;)

I pull my cock from their warm mouths and take a step back to look at my handiwork. Huge amounts of cum were falling from both girls mouths and they were kissing each other sloppily, tongues going all over the place, semen getting exchanged and hands going down toward their pussyies. 

Then, they look at each other and then look back at me, then look at each other again. Bunnygirl One gets up and looks at me shyly, "Master," a big chuck of cum falls from her tongue as she says this, Bunnygirl Two quickly coming underneath and catching it in her mouth, swallowing it. 

I raise my eyebrow and say "Yes?"

"We are..." She looks down shyly, "We are not pussy virgins, we have used dildos and therefore are not true pussy virgins." She looks at my cock then down at Bunnygirl Two, "We are, however, ass virgins. It is taboo in Lionkin culture to fuck ass, but you are not lionkin! We want to give our new master a treat."

My cock comes to attention, and Bunnygirl one begins to finish her sentence. "We want master to fuck our ass!" I raise an eyebrow, but I can't help but wonder if the same problem I have with Nyan will arise.

"How will it fit?" Especially without lube. She looks at me, then at her collar. Bunnygirl Two runs to a cupboard in the room and grabs out several more leashes. "Bunnygirls have extra strong hopping power, and this can be used for maximum penetration when working a cock."

With that she hooks up the new leashes to her collar, and drags herself over to an contraption in the corner of the room, where she hooks the end of each leash to another hook atached to the wall.

Holy shit! She plans on...

Bunnygirl Two helps out, before looking at me, "We've only ever practiced this once, and never with our virgin ass."

Fuck me.

Bunnygirl One hangs slightly off the floor suspended by a collar, though she doesn't seem that bothered by it. She bounces a bit up and down, before Bunnygirl Two brings over come mini pedestals where she can rest her feet, and use them as jump pads.

Two grabs my cock and gives it a quick lick, making me splash some more cum over her face. Before getting down on her knees, handing me her leash, and crawling toward where One was hanging. 

"This girl must never try to lead master." So she only gently tugged on her leash, like a weak dog would or in this case... Bunny.

I let her crawl and follow her to One. She paws up my leg, and grabs my hand, bringing me down onto my back and pushing me underneath Bunnygirl One. She looked hot, and sluty suspended above me like that, her shaved asshole was barely touching my cock, and her D tits hanging above my face. 

Her legs began to vibrate, and she started to bounce a little bit gaining more and more speed.

I began to realise that she wouldn't even attempt lubrication, or just a taking it slow approach she was literally going to impale herself on me, and with my cock at the size it was...


I was just a little bit too late. Her legs had already made the motion and I and my other Bunnygirl fuck buddy watched in horrified amazement, and jealousy (respectively) as her tight asshole desecended onto my huge cock.

I took a moment to admire the bounce of her tan tits, and furry ears, before my cock exploded with cum. It was instant, and it was amazing. A tight asshole less that an inch in diameter was suddenly engulfed by a cock more than three times that. 

"Oooooh, master! It hurts! I love you!" Her asshole slammed onto my cock with an audible slap. Her beautiful tits bounced up and down crazily while a squelching sound erupted as my cock provided some istantaneous lubrication via huge cumblast. Her eyes roll up in her head as her tight asshole becomes larger than it ever has, molding to the shape of my cock. 

And fuck it wasn't a beautiful feeling, a virign asshole slamming down at high speeds on your cock-- some would think it'd hurt, but after the arachne crushing my dick this was nothing except pleasureable. Her hole clenched and spasmed around my meat, the velvet walls stretching and pleasureing me, and this was just on the first thrust. She wasn't even halfway down my rod yet! Cum ran down my cock and Two was quickly sucking my cock, removing the cum and fucking herself.

I grab her face, draw her close, and whisper "You get that cum to your uterus huh?"

She nodded, and went back to pleasuring my cock. Mouth running all the way up to the broken ass of Bunnygirl One, where she licked both cock and ass. 

Bunnygirl One on the other hand was almost cataonic, the mixture of pleasure and pain overwhelming her senses. "Uhhhhhhhhhh." She was well trained though and her legs lifted her once more, until her ass left my cock.

What? Didn't she want maximum penetration? Her asshole could easily close! Oh, hell. She slammed onto my cock again, and Bunnygirl Two got hit right down my shaft, by the ass of her compatriot. I grab Two by the collar as she comes down, and bring her lips to mine, messily kissing her tongues flicking and mouths going all over each others faces.

I then spread her legs over my face, slap that phat ass and 

"Start twerking on my face... slave." Her tan ass comes over my face, legs spread wide to allow my mouth full access to her pussy, and she starts humping my face. I attack her pussy with a passion, and she reciprocates by sucking my cock and licking my cock. I can't help but cum into the ass of the girl pleasureing my cock again, semen mixing with blood, all sprayed into a shaped asshole.

Then, Bunnygirl One takes it up a notch, her legs vibrating harder, "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH, MASSSTERRR!"  She was only half-way down my cock and it was beautiful feeling, velvety asshole flesh closing and uncontrollably spasming around my meat. She starts vibrating harder and then begins to bounce down my cock.

Legs piston up and then her leashes ram her down again, all the while I have a beautiful ass jiggling in my face. Bunnygirl One goes lower and lower, legs a blur as she rams her tight hole down on my cock. Body shaking as she orgasms over and over again.

FUCK! The damn thing was smaller than Nyans asshole, and she was making it fit! Bunnygirl Two looks over and with a smile removes the pedestals keeping Bunnygirl one from just falling down on me.

Which she now does.

Her tiny gaping fuckhole, falls right down my cock sliding until my huge dick is balls deep in an asshole of 3x smaller girth. Her legs shake and give out, and I can see my cock outlined on her toned stomach - how was she still alive? I cummed again, and again. Before grabbing the leashes attached to her neck, throwing Two off of me, and fucking her ass for all it was worth. 

She had gaped it for me and now I'd use it to my hearts content.