Chapter 7, part 2
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Saturday morning. Practicing alongside Vigdis’ rehabilitation was something they got accustomed to. A bit unusual was the presence of Lindorm and Laine joining their session.


Still, the borderline comical tension between Vigdis and Victoria will always be a curious sight for the students.

“Now, now, please don’t glare at me like that. I haven’t done anything yet.”

Still looking dissatisfied, Vigdis turned to Sigulf.

“Now, it’s not like I don’t understand your motivations, but—“

“I know… It’s just that my instinct told me so.”

“As a pervert?”

“…do I look much like a pervert to you?”

Vigdis glanced at Sigulf’s usual circle.


“…Master, please.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Vigdis,” Celina spoke up. “We have always trained seriously. You can trust us on that.”

There was a slight emphasis on her tone, and Sigulf could felt her energy spiked a little.

“Oh my, how cautious of you. Ufufufu…”

“So, does this special event include me?” Alba pointed at herself.

“Of course, Miss Hunter. More than welcome. You’re among the best-achieving rookies, and I’ve heard about your efforts to solidify yourself as the number 1 freshmen—“

“So you can make me stronger than Siggy!?”

“If you put considerable effort, that is.” Victoria laughed.

Alba’s eyes sparkled and she pointed dramatically at Sigulf.

“You hear that!? I’ll definitely surpass you!”

“Like I’m gonna sit back and let that happen…!” Sigulf retorted.

“Yes, that’s the youthful spirit I want to see.” Victoria smiled.

“Uu… My boy is having fun without me…” Vigdis lamented.


“And that’s why you should properly do your program.” Melanie patted her shoulder. “So you can practice again with Sigulf. Or to pick a fight with the Principal, I don’t know.”

“I knooow!”


Vigdis hopped and hugged Sigulf tightly to her chest.

“Wait for me! I’ll recover soon so we can spar properly!”

“H, huh!? O, oh, sure. I’m looking forward to it…”

She then released the still flustered boy to address the other woman.

“And you! One day we’ll settle this for real!”

“Of course. May you have a speedy recovery.”

Victoria watched with a smile as Vigdis turned away and went to Eliot’s place.

“Oh, are you done?” he asked. “Then we can begin your rehab now.”

“…uwaa, how cold. You could’ve at least supported me.” Vigdis protested.

“Seriously. This why you weren’t popular with the ladies.” Melanie agreed.


The three then proceeds with their own schedule.

“Alright, should we begin as well?” Victoria asked. “Scouting Team, would you mind to join us too?”

“Eh? Ah, um, thanks for the offer, Ma’am, but we’re cool.” Laine responded.

“Oh, is that so?”

“Uh, yeah. We’d prefer doing it at our own pace.”

“If you say so…”

“Still, I’m a bit surprised you two showed up.” Sigulf commented. “What happened?”

“Well, I have nothing better to do, so I just tagged along with Lindy here.” She motioned. “He said he wanted to fight with you.”


“F, fight with Sigulf…!?” Chelsea exclaimed with a blush, earning a sigh from Celina.

“Err, like a duel?” Sigulf tried to steer the conversation back.

Lindorm shook his head.

“A simple sparring for now. Let’s save the einvigi for later, brother.” He explained.

“Ah, I see.”

“Uh-huh. He brought it up since the midterm’s announcement.” Laine added.

“Oh, midterms. Speaking of which, how did you two do?”

“We did well.” She replied while giving him the peace sign. “Yaaay.”

‘…how could she look so expressionless despite being happy?’

“Well, they are the Scouting Team for a reason.” Chelsea clarified. “…though, I wish Laine would be a bit more motivated in everything else.”

“Ugh… You don’t have to say that, Vice-Prez…”

“So are you saying that you are feeling lethargic?” Victoria slightly tilted her head. “In that case—“

“A, ah, like we said, we’re fine.” Laine quickly refused. “Let’s go, Lindy.”

“Mm. Excuse us.” Lindorm slightly bowed.

The pair immediately began their warm-up session.

“Ah, even though they have no need to be so reserved…” she chuckled before putting her attention back at Sigulf’s group. “So, shall we? I won’t be so lenient, though.”

“Yes, Ma’am. We’ll be in your care.”

“Good answer. Well then…”

The air around Victoria suddenly changed, and for some reason, Sigulf felt like his life was in danger if he screwed up.

“Enough dawdling around!” she shouted. “Burn away your energy and give me 500 swings!”

“R, right!”

“Hrimgard! Hunter! This is no time to daydream! Your forms were awful! Start over!”

“I, I’m sorry…!”

‘Eh!? What is this!?’ Sigulf thought. ‘She’s like a different person, even though she barely did anything!?’

Victoria nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s more like it. And now, I too…”

She began throwing punches and kicks, joining the students in their warm-up.

‘Ooh, such a nice form!’

Her strikes were so blindingly fast; it’s as if they could easily cut through the air. Yet instead of flurries of them, Victoria seemed to prefer single, powerful and precise attacks.

‘Her position as the Headmistress is well-warranted…!’

“Hrimgard! Focus and start over!”

“!? Y, yes, I’m sorry…!”



A short break after warm-up. Sigulf was talking with the others when Victoria approached him.

“Sigulf, do you have a moment?”

He could feel that Celina and Vigdis tensed up, and it almost made him chuckle.

“Oh, um, sure. What is it?”

“Would you mind showing me a powerful swing?”


Sigulf was slightly confused but did so nonetheless.

“Hmm… Just as I thought.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Mm, a tiny bit, on your posture. Here, let me help you.”

“E, eh?”

Victoria went to Sigulf’s back and gently guided his hand. Of course, Celina and Vigdis didn’t miss the sight.

‘Whoa whoa whoa whoa…!’

“It should be a bit more like this, here…” she said almost whispering. “Good, now try to keep this position and give it a swing.”

Victoria then lets Sigulf go and stepped back.

“L, like this?”

“Yes. It looks and flows better.”

“I, I see…”

‘I can’t be too happy here…!’


Not willing to stand by idly, Celina braced herself and approached them.

“Excuse me.” She said, raising her hand.

“Oh, Miss President. What is it?”

“It’s about his attacking posture…”


Celina did the same and held Sigulf’s arms slightly tighter, directing them.

‘Uwhoa…! And she smells so nice…!’

“I think it should be a bit more like this…” she said in a lower voice. “Now, give it a try.”

“R, right…!”

Sigulf did as instructed and Celina smiled.

“Mm, looking good.”

“Yeah, it felt precise.”

“Oh my…” Victoria gasped.


Vigdis refused to be outdone, so she made her way to Sigulf.

“No, no, that won’t do!” she said.


“Hmm? Why’s that?”

“Sigulf’s fast enough, and he’s still growing to be even faster, so what he needs is obviously raw power!”


Vihdis didn’t give them a chance to argue as she immediately took Sigulf’s arms, yet it was still gentle enough to comfort him.


“Here, you do it like this…”

“R, right…”

“And…” Vigdis slowly backed off. “Now!”


Sigulf did a vertical cut as per Vigdis’ pointers.

“There! That’s my boy!”

“Yeah, I can feel the force.”


Vigdis grinned triumphantly, but Victoria didn’t waver and kept her confident smile. Celina, on the other hand, chose to sigh.

“You two…”

“Hey, that looks fun!” Chelsea suddenly said. “Mind if we join?”

“We?” Alba asked. “Ah well.”

“What? What is it now?” Sigulf looked unsure.

“No need to be shy! Big Sis will help you with practice! So about your posture… Maybe it should be more like… This?”

“Oh, okay…?”

“Hm…? Wait a minute, shouldn’t it be more like—“

“…oi, I know you’re just messing with me.”

“Tch, so you found out.”

“Hey, Alba, that’s not nice!” Chelsea reprimanded, albeit while laughing.

The rest of them watched from a distance.

“He’ll end up hated by his male classmates, won’t he?” Eliot scratched his head.

“I wonder…” Melanie touched her cheek. “Maybe you can try to learn something from him, instead? By being cuter, I mean.”

“…how? And what for?”

“Oh you, being so dishonest~”

“Uhh, I know I’ve heard things, but…” Laine commented. “His situation reminds me so much of Amakawa… Amakawa 2.0? What’s the difference?”

Lindorm tilted his head.

“Brother Sigulf seemed to be enjoying himself.”

“Ah, right, I kinda can see and understand that…”

It was a while before the students could prepare for their sparring.