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"Y y you how dare you hurt Zabuza-san," Haku said as he collapsed on the floor next to Zabuza's body. Of course, sensei didn't miss this little act and he was already ready to battle again. But I didn't how long he would be able to hold out, he had used the Sharingan for a long time during his battle with Zabuza.

"It's too late for him kid, I understand how you feel but he's already dead. Just walk away slowly from the body. We don't want to hurt you," sensei said solemnly. It was easy for all of us to see that Haku cared for Zabuza and even if he was aligned with the demon sensei wouldn't want to fight a kid who was around the same age as us.

" You could never understand how I feel, without him I am nothing," Haku stood up next to Zabuza's body and stared at me and sensei with eyes full of grief and anger. But other than that there was nothing more there, it was as if he lived only to serve Zabuza.

With a flash, Haki disappeared from where he was standing and I could feel him charging at me with killing intent. This is when my training became useful, I focused my chakra to my feet and used it to body flicker away from where I had previously been standing. I managed to dodge the attack but had to skid to stop my momentum while body flickering away, my chakra control wasn't good enough to control the technique perfectly.

Even though he missed the attack Haku immediately turned around and started doing hand signs.

"You got unlucky that we are fighting right by a lake," he said as he somehow did the hand signs with only one hand. "Flying water needles of death!"

I watched as hundreds of needles floated around me in a circle. I knew the perfect way to counter the technique and Sasuke had made it look easy when he originally used it on the bridge. Right, when Haku released the technique I would have to divert chakra to my legs jumping out of harm's way. But the timing had to be perfect if I did it too early before he fired the needles I would be vulnerable mid-air, if I did it too late I would get turned into a pincushion.

I looked at the needles surrounding me and right when I saw one of them moved I used my chakra to push myself off the ground and used a smoke bomb to cover where I would land.

When I landed I winched and looked at my left calf, two needles had managed to hit me when I dodged away, Sasuke really was a monster how much talent did he have to pull that off perfectly. But just when I thought I was safe I felt an attack coming, I instinctively jumped to the left being forced out of my cover of smoke. I looked back at where I had just been standing a second ago, 2 needles were stuck on the ground. I shivered as I realized what would've happened if I didn't dodge in time.

"It looks like you can actually keep up with my speed," said Haku as he formed another hand sign. I watched in horror as I saw the water that was on the clearing due to Kakashi and Zabuza's fight rose up and surrounded me forming a dome of ice mirrors.

"Naruto get out now!!" I heard sensei shout from behind me. I knew that as long as I bought some time sensei would step in to deal with Haku. But right now he was still recovering from the overuse of the Sharingan, and while it wouldn't be as bad to the point where he would be bedridden like he originally was, because he hadn't been trapped in the water prison this time. It would still take him a bit to recover.

I heard Sasuke running towards the mirrors and knew what he was trying to do.

"Sasuke stop don't come inside, I have a plan trust me!" I shouted at him. I didn't want to also force him into danger if I could by the time to let sensei recover his Sharingan and Chakra by my self.

I used shadow clone jutsu to summon as many clones as I could to shield myself from Haku's needles. I watched as he Haku flashed around the ice mirrors making light work of my clones. I even tried to break one of his mirrors with a wind enhanced chakra blade, but all it did was leave a small crack. As expected of a kekkei Genkai.

Finally, after a few minutes, my Chakra had run out and I couldn't summon any more shadow clones to block the needles. I watched helplessly as Haku flashed from one mirror to another throwing the needles and blinding speed and there was no way I could dodge this time.