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After I finished taking care of Gato I took a careful look around his room, if I was here I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. By the time I was done looting his room my wallet Gama-chan was full to the brim as well as a storage scroll I brought with me and almost everything of value in the room was gone.

After sending out a few more shadow clones to make sure my escape route was clear I body flickered away from the base as quickly as possible. I wanted to be back at Tazuna's home as soon as possible so no one suspected anything.

The next few days we continued training as normal, and eventually, the completion day of the bridge approached. Gato's minions had stopped harassing us in the last few days, and sensei was suspicious that something was wrong. There was no way that Gato would let the bridge be completed peacefully. When the news broke out that Gato had been assassinated it helps quell his suspicions about the safety of the bridge. But he still gave me a suspicious look when he found out about Gato's death,  I just subtly denied his wordless accusation with a small shrug of my shoulders shrug.

Finally, the day the bridge was completed was here and they ended up naming it the great wave bridge. While they didn't name it after me this time I was still happy for the wave country, they could start flourishing from trade once again.

The name of the bridge also made me realize that I shouldn't rely too heavily on my previous knowledge of the Naruto world. The bridge was an example that I had already started changing the future, and this was just the beginning.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It took us about a week to travel back to Konoha, and we didn't waste that time. I recommended to sensei that we should start training our chakra by water walking in addition to tree climbing and he agreed. I didn't want just my self to improve during this journey I wanted the team to get stronger too, especially with the Chunin exams right around the corner.

When we made it back home I decided that I would take a well-deserved break from training for a few days. Ever since I had woken up in Naruto's body it had been constant training, fighting, and missions; after all of these hectic past few weeks, I was really worn out.

When I reached back home I passed out in my bed from all the mental and physical stress and didn't wake up until mid-afternoon the next morning. After I woke up I resolved myself to do something I hated with a passion. Cleaning. Naruto's apartment was really a pig's sty and I had left it until now, but no more laziness.

I picked up all the random clothes lying around the floor. Of course, it was just a bunch of pairs of orange jumpsuits. I took out the trash, broomed the room, and made my bed. After a few hours, the apartment finally looked habitable.

But the work wasn't finished yet I went over to the fridge and threw away all the food that was in it. Most of it was just ramen, but with the other stuff, I didn't want to risk it. Naruto had drunk expired milk and he had diarrhea for days, there was no way I would go through that too.

The next thing I did was go out and refill my supplies. While fighting I had lost one of my chakra blades and also a couple of smoke bombs. I also bought more exploding tags to make up for the ones I lost against sensei. After taking care of the necessities I could finally enjoy myself and have some fun.

The first thing I did was go and do some clothes shopping. With all the money that I had made doing missions and from what I stole from Gato I could afford to be a little extravagant. I went and bought a couple of sets of the standard konoha ninja outfit, which were the black pants, black undershirt, and the green jacket. I also bought a couple of the black jackets that naruto wore after the war when he wasn't Hokage yet. I think that's the only thing that actually goes along well with the orange pants.

After I was done with the clothes shopping I wandered around the market going from store to store occasionally buying something I like. To end my day off I went to Ichiraku Ramen and ate my favorite ramen which is the type with miso broth and extra pork.

After the Ramen I took a slow but peaceful walk back to my now clean apartment, feeling more at ease than I had the day before.