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After my day of relaxation, it was time to get back to training. I felt like I had gotten far enough ahead in my chakra control where I could start working more on my elemental chakra. I went to the market in the morning to buy a chakra induction paper to test my elemental affinity. I knew that it would be wind because I was in Naruto's body but I ever since I had seen them use it in the manga I had wanted to experience it.

After I bought the paper I went back to my clearing in the forest where I had been training. When I got there I took out the paper and sent a little bit of my chakra through it. The paper split in two and I stood there feeling a little silly for expecting anything else to happen when I already knew Naruto's chakra affinity.

But right when I was about to throw the two pieces of paper away they burst into flames in my hands. I quickly let go of the paper and fell back on my butt from the surprise. I watched in awe as the flames slowly died out and the two pieces of paper turned to ash.

But how was that even possible? People are supposed to have only one elemental affinity. Even if someone can use multiple chakra elements effectively that only comes from years of training, no one can have more than one natural affinity.

As I sat there on the floor of the clearing in disbelief thinking about what had just happened, an idea hit me. Maybe when I had woken up as Naruto it was not only my memories that had been transported from my previous world but also my soul. If that was the case then it made sense for me to have 2 elemental affinities.

'Hehehe' I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the discovery. If someone walked into the clearing right now they would definitely think that I had gone crazy.

As much as I would like to start practicing my newly discovered element, I had to go and meet the team. Sensei said he an announcement to make and I'm pretty sure I know what it is.

As I reached the place sensei had told us to wait I noticed that he still wasn't here yet. Dammit how late can someone be, I came 2 hours after he told us too and he still hadn't shown up.

"You finally showed up Naruto! I started to think that you weren't going to come." Sakura shouted when she saw me walking towards her and Sasuke.

"Of course I would come. I'm just not stupid to show up on time when sensei seems to get "lost" for hours every time we meet," I replied with a smirk on my face.

I felt Sasuke start glaring at me, probably. wondering why he hadn't thought of that too.

"Wow, Naruto you actually used your brain for once! If I had thought of that then I would have had to finish drying my hair," said Sakura while try to fix her hair. Also, what did she mean for once? Didn't she see my fight with Haku, I feel like I underestimated how much of an idiot Naruto had been before I woke up in his body.

With my good mood of finding my new element slightly ruined, we waited for another 20 minutes before sensei finally showed up using his iconic I got lost excuse to explain why he was late.

"I know this is sudden but I decided to sign you three up for the upcoming Chunin exams. Here are your applications," sensei said while handing us 3 pieces of paper.

"But remember this is just a recommendation and if you want to take the exam is up to each of you. If you decide you do want to take it, show up at the Kokages's building in room 301 by 4 pm. Don't be late," he said while body flickering away.

"Haha, finally we have a chance to fight more strong ninjas now. You guys better not hold me back," I said with a grin before I used body flicker to go back to training. I added the last part to give Sasuke a little push, he hadn't fought Haku like he was originally supposed to so he still hadn't awakened the Sharingan. He would definitely get it during the exams thought, maybe even tomorrow if we have the same encounter with Lee as in the original storyline.

I spent the rest of the day working on my wind chakra and strengthening it when I used it with my chakra blades. I didn't practice with my fire chakra because I simply didn't know how to use it. For the wind chakra, I remembered how Asuma sensei used it with his chakra blades so I had copied that. But for fire, I didn't even know any Jutsu signs for fire jutsu so I would have to work on it in the future.

After I was done with my training I went back home excited for the next day when the chunin exams would officially start.